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Coffins Beach Shipwreck Follow Up From Jim Salem and second Update From Victor T. Mastone

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Hi Joey,

Great meeting you at the Gloucester Farmer’s Market. It was fun to see the nice photos you took and posted of my daughter working there!

I took a few more photos of the old shipwreck that you can see at low tide along the middle of Coffin’s Beach.  I’ve attached the best one here.  It would be fun to hear people’s thoughts around the age and provenance of the craft. Enjoy!


It’s about 30′ long by 10′ wide.

if anyone has anything to add to the story please add your info in the comments to this post

Second Update 7/18/14
Victor T. Mastone

Captain Joey,

We haven’t spoken in a while. Your always a good source of information and as I promised in the past, I just wanted to let you know that our program has started investigating the unidentified shipwreck which recently became exposed on Coffins Beach. We were out there yesterday and spoke with a few local residents. They had never seen the wreck before and several lived there for about 40 years. Our files list a few wrecks in the area, but those vessels were much larger than this shipwreck. The exposed portion of the wreck is about 34 feet long, though probing suggests it is about 40 feet long; width is roughly 14 feet max. Metal fittings were not evident. If you have heard of anything about the wreck. I’d like to hear from you. otherwise, I’ll keep you posted on what we find out.

Most people don’t get to see real shipwreck too often. So, it is an interesting opportunity to visit this window to our maritime past. While there is really nothing to take, most people do not realize that the site is protected by state law. It is my hope people respect the site and completely refrain from removing any of it or otherwise disturb or damage the site when they visit.

Speak with you soon.

Best regards,


Victor T. Mastone
Director and Chief Archaeologist
Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources
251 Causeway Street, Suite 800
Boston, MA 02114


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