Blackburn Challenge This Saturday: July 19, 2014


You can still race. Registration closes at midnight tomorrow (Tuesday July 15). Do you want to challenge yourself to something not quite ordinary? Jump in a craft powered only by the paddle or oar in your hands and head north from Gloucester High School down the Annisquam then start turning right until you went all the way around and pulled into Gloucester Harbor and aim for the Birdseye plant and the Greasy Pole Finish?

You get a T-Shirt proclaiming your completion as well as pulled pork, beer and a band at Pavilion Beach.

Rubber Duck will be on the halfway-point boat anchored in Straitsmouth Gap to record your number as you go by. Yell the number out since she has very small eyes and no ears.

Sign up now. No walk-ons. Or come out to a viewing area anywhere on the Cape. The times are similar to a marathon. Fast boats make it in two to three hours whereas working dories take five to six hours. Cheer them on.

Here is a handy map. You can check out the list of boats already registers. 245 boats of all kinds, over 370 paddlers or rowers. Click link on this page to see current list of registrants.

photo from official website
The start which is just north of the MBTA Railroad Bridge on the Annisquam
The finish is the Greasy Pole after a circumnavigation of the entire island. WOOT!

4 thoughts on “Blackburn Challenge This Saturday: July 19, 2014

  1. Wow that’s alot of folks during this – things sure have picked up and at the halfway point now that’s a workout…bring in the rest of the way best of luck Paul there. Bet the coast guard and others will be along also? 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


  2. For safety’s sake there will be 13 Blackburn chase boats (orange flagged) in assigned positions, two Coast Guard boats mostly on the back shore where people poop out and also the Gloucester CERT boat (Community Emergency Response Team).

    Forecast is zero fog and very light winds. Low humidity and bright sun the biggest problems are dehydration and sun stroke. Lots of water, a hat, and SP50 should do the trick.


    1. Paul,

      You covered it all thanks for the update I could give it a try if I was that way but I am afraid may not have the energy or would I be in shape to make it. So be one of those who poop out or take forever to do the 22 miles…But never stop me from trying that’s have the fun 🙂 Dave


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