I See Moolongz

I see moolongz

I See Moolongz is an amazing new illustrated book for all ages about accessing our inner power that the universe just pushed into being, which I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get published.  Please check out my campaign, and the great Kickstarter video our Joey produced for it.  If you like the concept, please back it.  The Moolongz are waiting for everyone to say: “I See Moolongz”.  


E.J. Lefavour


3 thoughts on “I See Moolongz

  1. I really enjoyed this and the eyes of the drawing captivating and good job by the Capt Joe video…You know you may want to get with the folks that do the Star Trek visions be a good story and script it into a a movie even you have the characters here. The journey moonlongz the eyes capture their journey. Neat! 🙂 Dave 🙂 Kim


  2. Yes – and the 60’s star trek was one of my favorite shows wonder what the folks back then thought about such a forward show…I like a sponge always soaking things up along the path of life! 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


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