K.I.S.S. at the Book Store and Yoga Joy

Although KISS on the Neck is no more, the K.I.S.S. Tote lives on! 
richard ross 

Richard Ross, the former owner of KISS on the Neck and Cape Ann’s # 1 “Joggler,” continues to manage Kindly Inspiring Sustainable Solutions from his new home in Washington, DC. The social enterprise is still recycling used rice bags from the streets of Senegal while training and employing former child beggars! The regular tote’s can be found at the Book Store on Main Street and this summer, for the first time, Richard and his team are launching K.I.S.S. Yoga! 
Paula Passanissi, who recently opened Yoga Joy, on Main street has started to carry them! Besides contributing to the K.I.S.S cause, we are very grateful she’s brought the joy of  Forest Yoga to the island–both at her studio and on Good Harbor Beach. 
To learn more about Yoga Joy, follow her on Facebook

To be reminded of the K.I.S.S. story, please watch


3 thoughts on “K.I.S.S. at the Book Store and Yoga Joy

  1. EJ Thanks!! A gift that keeps on giving…Rice items and yep the hemp clothes and rope this way all very popular and traditional they make sandals out of the rice stalks too, gourds for water,

    Asked Mom about Rockport some she said she remembered in 40’s a destroyer hit reef ran aground and could see it sticking up with large hole…She did not recall what happened salvaged or sunk? Also talked about Rockport being a dry town (Bar’s-alcohol establishments) when I lived that way think the closest one was in Lanesville (Kips) across from Fred Sarris store, or Gloucester, good harbor beach area (?). She could not remember the name but said there were some women who lead a group of woman and smashed the bottles of liquor. I heard stories – legends that lanes cove was a drop-off point for liquor also, guess more than granite was transiting in those days or shall we say hidden within the stone, or other ships of its days?

    I remember my teacher Ms Ginns (hope I spelled it right) from elementary school lanesville old wooden school house with boiler coal feed, she lived on Squam hill Rockport and my mom said I gave her the wrong name when she asked me my name as a child first day of class for desk assignments. I was a big fan of Davey Crockett (Fess Parker) King of the wild frontier yep had a replica fur hat also tail and all fake of course…Told her I was Davey Crockett Moore she said no your David “Dave” Moore. Bless her she was a great teacher and took care of us all she is heaven still teaching 🙂 Dave & KIm:-)


  2. Thanks EJ – Say hi to your mom and wishing her all the best also! Either name is just fine memories are always fune even if Ricky Nelson said in Garden party song (if memories were all I had a I rather drive a truck)…Think I can do both 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


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