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GloucesterCast With Pete Lovasco and Marcy Sears Taped 7/6/14


GloucesterCast With Pete Lovasco and Marcy Sears Taped 7/6/14



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New Video: Kyle Barry ~ Saturday 2014 Greasy Pole Champion!

Congratulations to Kyle Barry, the 2014 Saturday Greasy Pole Champion! This was Kyle’s second win. He was also the 2013 Friday Champion.

The first clip is especially Felliniesque but then again, the entire time I am shooting the greasy pole I feel as though I am in the midst of a Fellini film. Friday’s and Sunday’s films are coming in the next few days, with some Very Fun Footage.

I Loved this song when first I heard it and thought it perfect for Greasy Pole Walkers. Written and performed by Fitz and The Tantrums, “The Walker,” (that is really the title of the song!) is from their second album, More Than Just a Dream.

Previous GMG Posts about Kyle Barry: Kyle Barry for the Win! Greasy Pole Kyle Barry for the WIN! Saint Peter's Fiesta ©Kim Smith 2014 -2 Additional music note ~ Fitz and The Tantrums will be performing at the House of Blues in Boston on November 15th.

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Tonight’s bandstand concert at S tagefort Park

A special gift left on my doorstep July 4th made my day!



During the GMG Horribles Parade Tailgate on Thursday evening I asked brothers Thatcher and Finn Schrafft if they had collected any Swedish Fish during the parade that they were willing to trade with me for some of my homemade pasta…. (knowing how much they loved my pasta this spring at St. Joseph) Both brothers rummaged through their bags of candy looking for a fish to share with me. After a minute of looking, Thatcher and Finn disappointedly reported they didn’t have any Swedish Fish to share, but instead offered me my second favorite candy, “Twizzlers!” The next day my husband St. Barry found special package and sweet note labelled ‘Felicia” in our mailbox. Thank you boys. You made my day! I’m looking forward to receiving your photos and recipe using the homemade pasta I delivered to you yesterday! Happy Cooking!


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