GloucesterCast With Guest Ken Hecht and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 3/22/14


GloucesterCast With Guest Ken Hecht and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 3/22/14

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Topics Include: Moving From A Bedroom Community To Gloucester, Investing In Gloucester, The Decision To Purchase And Redevelop Gloucester Safe Deposit Trust Co On The Corner Of Duncan and Main Street, Trident Gallery and Matthew Swift, Blue River Diamonds, Paying Homage To The History Of The Building, Working With City Of Gloucester Building Departments, The Professionalism of Local Building Inspectors, Steve Noble, Chris Palazolla, Why It Makes Sense To Hire Local Contractors, Charlie Mahoney, Joe Guzzo, Bill Sandborn, Passports Popovers, Alchemy Duck Poutinne, Minglewood Tavern, Stones Pub, Gloucester’s Renaissance, Rockport Downtown Association Coming Along, Ken’s Coffee, The Social Aspect Of Local Coffee Shops, Ken’s Theory On Why Gloucester’s Community Is So Close


Video- Redevelopment On Main Street- Ken Hecht Shows 191 Main Street First Floor Progress

Video- 191 Main Street Gloucester Renovation- Second Floor Apartments With Patty Hecht

191 Main Street Redevelopment With Ken Hecht Part III

Trident Gallery Under Construction At 189 Main St- A Video Conversation With Dr Matthew Swift

The Best Song You Could Ever Download for Free- The Earl Foote Band’s Gloucester Til The End

Earl Let me use the music for the intro on the podcast and it’s always been the official song of GMG but since GMG Contributor Mike Lindberg put the incredible music video to it ages ago on the blog and so many new people have come aboard, many probably don’t know about it.

So a long overdue re thanking of Earl and Arch for letting me use the musing for the GloucesterCast.  It’s an incredible song that brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it.

Download Gloucester Til the End Free Here At Gimme Sound


For The Chief ~ We’ll Make a Puppy-lover Out of Him Yet!

AdoPt a PupPy!

You HAVE to see the Puppy-Pinwheel in this video!!!

The World’s Most Patient Cat!

Puppy Christmas

In case you didn’t get enough of the Scotty pinwheel, here is the clip in its entirety ~


JIM DOWD to Lead Discussion at The Writer’s Book Club Event at Duckworth’s!

Chris Anderson writes that he has sent the announcement earlier than usual because he wants to let GMG readers know that this event is going to sell out quickly!


Here’s your chance to tell the Government what you think of them spying on you

Normally I write about music in this blog.  But this is a blog — and the fact that you’re reading this post has most likely just been logged into an N.S.A. database, along with lots of other info about what you’ve been doing just now, including where you are, every email you’ve just sent and read, what other websites, photos and blogs you’ve just visited, all the texts and phone calls you’ve made today, and so on and so on . . .  Does this make you a tad uneasy?  It should.  So here’s a chance to do something about it.  Perhaps I’m being optimistic (I’ve been accused of that before)  but I’ll bet Congress and the White House are a little worried about what we all think of their rampant invasion of our privacy.  That’s why they’re asking us what we think — and it’s why they’re trying to deflect our fear of them and point that fear toward technology itself.  Watch this video of former Clinton Chief of Staff, John Podesta as he tries to do just that:

Don’t let them get away with it.  Go here and fill out the survey.  Be sure to put something in their comment field labeled, “Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your thoughts on this issue?”  Be bold and don’t worry; it won’t increase the government’s surveillance of your actions.  There’s really nothing more they can do that isn’t already being done.  Here’s an excerpt of what I put in:

I found Councelor Podesta’s remarks a clever, but thinly veiled attempt to shift focus from our government’s vast and terrifying overreach to fear of technology in general.  Technology isn’t the problem.  The problem, revealed by Edward Snowden (whom I firmly believe will go down in history as one of America’s greatest modern heroes — on par with Martin Luther King) is that our leaders, including President Obama, have flouted the Constitution they swore to uphold and continue to conduct an insidious invasion of our privacy in the name of security. 
This situation seems upside down to me.  We let large companies collect vast amounts of data on us in return for the convenience of making phone calls, searching the Internet, communicating via email, text, etc. What we need is a government who protects our privacy by ensuring those companies keep that data secret and secure and don’t misuse it. Instead, what we’ve got is a government who secretly demands that those companies turn our private data over to them and then forbids those companies from telling us they’ve done so.

FOB Linda Colman… Finally

Hi Joey!! 

Linda Colman here, your loyal FOB from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Hi Joey!!!

I am about to make a HUGE change in my life!  After having called Michigan “home” for all the 64 years of my life, I’m pulling up roots and moving to Massachusetts at the end of April.
I have been invited to stay with fellow FOB Jane Gibbs and her significant other, my brother Bill, in their home in Newburyport. 

I’m significantly downsizing by giving things away, selling furniture at a couple of consignment shops, donating useful items, and I’ve shipped 16 boxes of stuff I can’t live without to my new home in Newburyport!

I look forward to seeing you, Paulie Walnuts, EJ, Ed, Paul Morrison and the rest of the GMG crowd at mug ups, Nights on the Neck, block parties, and all the other great activities in Gloucester.


Wow!!  This is a big step for me and I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!! Linda Colman

God’s Country

Does it get any better than where we live?  I think not.  Since our two sons were born, we’ve been “Sunday Drivers.”  Tease me if you’d like, but I swear that half of their early language came from trips “around the Cape.”  From such a young age, they would both ask to drive through downtown Rockport, around Halibut Point, through Lanesville, all through downtown Gloucester, past all of the whale watch boats and as much of the fishing fleet as possible,  to Harbor Loop and the Coast Guard Station, to the State Fish Pier and the Grand Isle, through Rocky Neck, past Niles Beach, down to Eastern Point, around the back shore, past Good Harbor Beach, Long Beach, Cape Hedge Beach, and back home.  Along the way, during the 6 years that we’ve been doing this, literally thousands of lessons have been learned.  They learned about tides, lighthouses, the various types of boats in our fleet, the statues (they’ve been particularly fascinated by Joan of Arc), the bell buoys, the entrance buoys, the Independence (which no longer docks behind the Cruiseport and which they sorely miss), the schooners, the boat builders, conservation land, breakwaters, and so, so much more.

I LOVE that my boys love this area.  I am in awe of how much they know and how well they can communicate it all to the people that we meet along the way.  I am so grateful to the fishermen who have invited them aboard their boats, to the Coast Guard members who have given them spontaneous private tours, and police officers and harbor masters who have stopped to say “hello” and answered my boys’ questions (so, so many questions) as if they were the most important questions in the world.  I love that their favorite foods are mussels and sushi and I love that there is nowhere they’d rather be on a warm afternoon than on a boat or sitting at Capt. Carlos, The Seaport Grille, Mile Marker 21, on Rocky Neck, Latitude’s, or Cape Ann Brewery having a snack and rating the boats from their favorite to their least favorite.  I love that Finn looks into the dishwasher and says, “that spinny thing looks like a Furuno” and Thatcher likes to shout, “The sign says NO WAKE, you farmer!”   (Maybe not so polite, but an important lesson none-the-less).

So, yesterday, with hockey having recently ended, we found ourselves with nothing to do.  We enjoyed a yummy breakfast at Flav’s Red Skiff…where the boys love to sit at the counter and talk to Judy.  While waiting for breakfast they studied a map of Cape Ann and found all of their favorite haunts.  After we ate, we drove to Gloucester, parked at St. Peter’s Square and walked to Harbor Loop and back.  Certainly not a long walk, by any stretch of the imagination.  But, somehow, even on this cool, barely spring day, we turned it into almost a 3-hour tour.  At the fine age of 6, Thatcher is still an emerging reader, and my favorite type of torture is making him read boat names.  He pretends to complain when I don’t let him give up, but there’s nothing he’d rather be reading.  Today we read the names of at least 30 boats.  We learned about, Salt, the humpback whale (and practiced some more reading).  Finn reminded me all about lines of latitude and longitude while looking at boats behind Latitude 43. We read about Fitz Hugh Lane and got inspired by stepping into his sandals.  We read many of the signs along the way on the HarborWalk.  We read about the various types of boats in Gloucester’s Coast Guard fleet.  Thatcher taught some tourists about how you can tell what the length of a Coast Guard boat is…..and then taught them about the history of Thacher’s Island when they learned his name is Thatcher.  Finn explained that he wanted to climb up the orca whale’s back and grab onto its dorsal fin…but that he wasn’t going to try to touch the pectoral fins.  They both discussed north, south, east, and west while checking out the new compass rose.  And they taught another lovely couple all about how they haul their own lobster traps, what the “rules” are, and how you tell males from females, and what would be considered a “short”, an “egger”, or a “cull.”

On the walk back to the car it started to rain and we ducked into Turtle Alley for a much deserved Aloha Turtle and piece of rock candy.  Finn told me that he can’t wait for “that day when we eat hotdogs, hold the snakes, and do an art project”….by that he meant the Schooner Festival celebration at the Maritime Center.  Thatcher chimed in and said that he loves the day when “we ride the little train, listen to the music, get our faces painted, and eat fried dough”….by that he meant the Sidewalk Bizarre.  Spring is finally here….summer’s a coming.  Cape Ann is amazing…and life is good.

Makes me want to channel a little Billy Joel.

Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts

PrintThe past few weeks have been filled with dozens of blessings 

ella 2

A priceless moment, my cousin Nicole captured during our last novena of the season. Friends and family gathered one last time to sing my Uncle Mike Militello’s favorite St. Joseph song Dell’Aurora.  I can only imagine how proud he must have been looking down on us that night as Ella sat on my lap to follow along and sing his song.

From Left: My daughter Amanda Mohan, Mother Pat Ciaramitaro, Sista Felicia with Ella Tucker, Great Granddaughter of my Uncle Mike & Aunt Vancie Militello


In an earlier post this month I stated hosting a St. Joseph altar in your home is a huge responsibility, commitment and undertaken. The devotion to honor St. Joseph with nightly novenas and several open house family feasts in a 9 day period takes precise planning and lots of help. This year my husband Barry and I were successfully able to pull off all of the above because of the help and generosity of our amazing family and friends. Barry and I were overwhelmed by the love and support surrounding our home this past month. Words simply cannot express how truly grateful we are for the blessings we have received during this year’s Feast of St. Joseph. This year friends, family and many new comers found their way over to our home to honor St. Joseph in prayer night after night. Each person, young and old that stepped through our doors, pitched in to help in some way.  Some set up nightly coffee time, cleaned cooked, baked, arranged flowers, shopped for supplies, donated produce, food, and supplies needed to keep our deep rooted tradition alive, thriving, and running smoothly. Last year we brought back this family tradition my Uncle Mike and Aunt Vincie Militello began and hosted for over 55 years.  After a 20 year absence of this annual tradition taken place in our personal family, we are honored to be the ones chosen to light the candles on the altar once again and follow in their footsteps, for many years to come.

st joseph 2014 272

 We would like to thank the following people for their endless acts of kindness that deeply touched our hearts and made our second year as a host family to the Feast Of St. Joseph one to remember.

Our children BJ & Amanda Mohan, my mother Pat Ciaramitaro, my brother Joey Ciaramitaro and our nieces Eloise & Madeline Ciaramitaro.  Aunts, Gina Ciaramitaro, Eleanor Curcuru, and Leanne Ciaramitaro, Cousins, Joey Marcantonio,  Marissa Marcantonio, Eleanor Militello Tucker, Christine Militello Curcuru, Nicole Tucker, Ella Tucker Lucille Militello. Friends Steve & Dee Noble and their 3 children Zachary, Lainie, Skyler, Andrea Randazza Carlson, Rosalie Orlando-Foti, Bianca Foti, Mo Klop, Andrea Butler, Christie Guarrasi DaSilva, Nicole Curcuru, Grace Pallazola, Sefatia Giambanco Romeo Thaken, Maria Cannavo, Patrina LoContro, Giovanna Margiotta, Bridgette Mathews, Abby Mathews, Maryjane Sanfilippo Carollo, Alicia Cox , Eric Lorden,  Philip Perry, Rick Moore, Donna Ardizzoni, Rosemarie Calomo Vizena, Cape Ann Fruit Company, Sheree Zizik Cruiseport Gloucester, Frank Ciolino and family, Grace Giambanco Numerosi, Rosaria Giambanco-Floyd, Graig & Hannah Kimberley, James Eves,Jennifer Scala, Connie Russo Orlando, Mrs. Mary Russo

Stranger in a Strange Land

Poor Merri is beside herself. She's on a perch outside the cage, in our dining room hutch,  Our fragile little parakeet is away from her family and famlliar surroundings. Are the oyster knives to carve her upon the serving platter? What’s going on here and what do her body languarge and expression say?
Poor Merri is beside herself. She’s on a perch outside the cage, in our dining room hutch, Our fragile little parakeet is away from her family and famlliar surroundings. Are the oyster knives to carve her up on the serving platter? What’s going on here and what do her body languarge and expression say?

Noel Gallagher Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

“And all the roads we have to walk are winding.”

Noel Gallagher (1967-    ) “Wonderwall” (1995)


A Manchester native, Gallagher started in rock as a roadie and technician for the band

Inspiral Carpets, but quickly joined Oasis, originally formed by his brother Liam, as guitarist and songwriter. Leaders of the Britpop movement, which was a less dour alternative to the grunge and metal also popular at the time, the career of the band was marked by the battle between the brothers, and their extreme lifestyle. They enjoyed a marked degree of commercial and artistic success with several top selling records, but the turbulence, and a public fight, led to Noel Gallagher leaving the band in 2009.

Gregory R Bover

Community Stuff 3/23/14


Volunteer Opportunities & Farm Shares Available this Season


Moraine Farm, a property of The Trustees of Reservations, begins its fourth season as a community farm. Located in North Beverly, just minutes off 128 at exit 20, the farm provides local residents, area school children, and local food pantries with seasonal farm-fresh produce and provides community members of all ages meaningful volunteer opportunities.

With seedlings already sprouting in the greenhouse, Moraine Farm Manager Gretta Anderson looks forward to another successful growing season – and hopes to top last season’s $12,000 worth of organically-grown produce donated to Beverly Bootstraps. The farm will also continue to provide Beverly and Salem public schools with seasonal fresh produce.

Farm Shares, also known as Community Supported Agriculture or CSA shares, are available for the 2014 growing season. Members purchase a “share” of the upcoming season’s harvest. From early May to the end of October, members come to the farm to pick up their share of the harvest, explore the pick-your-own garden, and enjoy the historic Olmsted designed landscape.

A member of the community farm since 2012, Paula V. notes, “Good produce is not my only benefit from Moraine. I’m volunteering on the farm a couple of days each week, for just a few hours each day, and this new experience is such a pleasure! I get to do work of value, and I’m meeting wonderful people.”

Volunteers are an integral part of the Moraine Farm landscape – making it truly a community farm. The volunteer opportunities are plentiful, whether you are looking to roll up your sleeves and dig in or want to help support the farm’s Food for All program. Currently, volunteers are needed to help remove invasive plants from the property, spruce up the antique red barn and plant seeds in the greenhouse. When the season is underway, the farm will need volunteers to help deliver produce to the Beverly High School, Bentley school in Salem and Beverly Bootstraps Mobile Markets.

Sign on today to be a part of the Moraine Farm community! To Purchase your Farm Share and to learn more about the farm visit or email Farm Manager Gretta Anderson,  For a complete list of volunteer opportunities visit

brochure interior updated 2014

Hello Kim and Joey,

I hope you can post this on Good Morning Gloucester.  We all need to think Spring and flowers.  I have attached the brochure and hopefully you can post that with the announcement. 

The Gardeners of Cape Ann are halfway to reaching the “Plant Grant” goal of raising $90,000 to refurbish, replant, and beautify Grant Circle this Spring. Whether you live, visit, work, garden, or simply want to assist with this grassroots volunteer initiative to improve the “gateway” to Cape Ann, we welcome your support.

Please “DIG DEEP” NOW to insure the success of this project.  Meeting our fundraising goal will allow planting to begin by late May.  Let us band together to create a meaningful legacy to ensure Grant Circle becomes an enduring source of beauty and pride for our entire community.  Tax-deductible donations can be sent to: Plant Grant, PO Box 712, Rockport, MA 01966. Visit our website: and “LIKE” us on our Facebook page: Plant Grant Circle. Thank you!

Susan Kelly

Spring 2014 SEED SWAP Event

Join Backyard Growers and Burnham’s Field Community Garden for our first annual SEED SWAP event! Come for new seeds, bring your own from last year to trade with friends and neighbors, and get some support perusing this year’s seed catalogues and dreaming of the harvest you will reap from your vegetable garden.

We’ll also be offering a couple demonstrations: seed starting basics and how to make a plastic bottle sub-irrigation system.

WHO: Past and present Backyard Growers participants and mentors, Burnham’s Field gardeners, and the great community of Gloucester gardeners!

WHERE: City Hall Auditorium

WHEN: Tuesday, April 1 from 6:30-8 PM

BRING: Seeds to swap!

RSVP on Facebook:
Backyard Growers and the general community
Burnham’s Field gardeners (only!)

Questions? Email Lara or Courtney