“Happy” Video for For All the GMG Puppy-Dog-Animal Lovers !

In honor of National Puppy Day which, depending on what publication you read, was either the 21st of March or is upcoming tomorrow, on the 23rd of March ~

National Puppy Day is an unofficial holiday created to encourage the adoption of 10,000 puppies.

And yes, the lyrics have been rewritten just for puppy love!

Pharrell’s original “Happy,” posted on GMG in February:

Happy Friday!

13 thoughts on ““Happy” Video for For All the GMG Puppy-Dog-Animal Lovers !

  1. You see it’s all perspective.

    You see cute cuddly animals that wanna be your best friend.

    I see blood thirsty, drooling, getting hair all over your car, smelly beasts that don’t allow you to stay out of the house for an entire day because you gotta get back there to let it out to poop.

    Savages I tell you. Straight up blood thirsty savages.



    1. LOL–it occurred to me after posting that this video is the opposite of the crazy pack-of-dogs Greek countryside video that you posted several days ago.

      Honestly though, on occasion, I have felt the way you have about being frightened of dogs. Once a pack surrounded my daughter and I on the beach, when she was only four, and another time when a neighbor’s Akita attacked our dog, and continued to do so while he was in my arms.

      The root of the problem is ignorant owners who don’t bother to learn how to control their pets.


  2. Kim very nice here is another -Well another old classic song put to pictures 🙂 Dave
    How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?


  3. My Boston Blackie is like a kid to me, now that they are on there own. March 24 should be Old Dog Day as it is my birthday and “blackie” and I are sharing a aged T-Bone Steak And fixings. He is my pal.


    1. Happy Birthday Joe! I’m sure you and Blackie will enjoy that T-bone steak! Puppies and dogs become beloved members of our families and are wonderful additions when raising a family, even more so when the kids leave the nest.


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