Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon With The Story On The Mother of Grace Club

Virginia Frontiero McKinnon submits-

Hi Joey, Your readers may enjoy my story on the Mother of Grace Club.

Notice in the pictures on the right your great-grandmother, Eleanora Gagliano, is carrying the banner. True faith and dedication from women. On Sunday night even

Senator Bruce Tarr and Mayor Caroline Kirk usually join us for the evening procession.

Love your blog, Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon

Mother of Grace Club

Picture Mother of Gace Club New
Frances Aiello, “Zia Francisca” came to visit my mother, Mary Frontiero, one afternoon, shortly after World War 2 began. She was frantic. “Mary,” she stated, “What can we do? My son and relatives have been called away to fight in the war. I am so worried.” My mother had three brothers and many relatives in military service. After much discussion they agreed. “We can pray.” She invited people to her home to pray the rosary. Soon her home was not large enough for the large crowds of people attending. She went to Mayor Weston U. Friend. “There is an abandoned little building on 48 Washington Street,” she stated. “We need a place to pray for the safe return of our loved ones.” 5,675 men and women served in the military from Gloucester, 22% of the total population. 40% of the male population, probably more than any other city large or small in the country. 114 were killed in action. After much persuasion Mayor Friend agreed to give her a 100 year lease on the building on August 15, 1944 for one dollar, but no money would be available for repairs. This building had been used by the city as “The Continuation School” Students not interested in furthering their education were sent there after grammar school. The boys learned basic skills of carpentry, electoral repairs and plumbing. The girls learned homemaking skills. The club was chartered May 26, 1953 as the Mother of Grace Society.
This dedicated little group of mostly Italian women had bake sales, pizza sales, raffles, and recruited more members. Working diligently, one project at a time. Soon they raised enough money for a new foundation, roof, bathroom, windows, siding, wiring and plumbing. One of the foundling members, Dominia Cianciola, ordered a statue of Our Blessed Mother of Grace from Italy, donating this in honor of her son, serving in the Navy in Pacific Theater. Sewing committees decorated the altar with beautiful ornate trimmings, curtains for the windows and a beautiful banner. Soon the members had a very comfortable, spiritual place to pray. Daily they gathered praying the rosary fervently for the safe return of their loved ones. Their motto was and always will be: “Pray for Peace“. When you sing you pray twice, Very beautiful Italian hymns were sung, Everyone of the members loved ones came safely home from the war. They were all spared, I believe from the power of prayer. After the War the club celebrated a fiesta in thanksgiving to our Blessed Mother of Grace for her prayerful intercession in the miracle of all the members loved ones in
the military service, returning safely from the war.
Mother of Grace Club Page 2
At our first fiesta program I introduced Mayor Friend and Pastor Maurice O’Brien, who commended the ladies on their extraordinary accomplishments, their faith and dedication. On September 8th our Blessed Mother’s birthday, the day begins with a mass at Holy Family Parish, St. Ann’s Church followed by a Continental breakfast upstairs in the club house. In the afternoon the Benediction ceremony is celebrated by the Holy Family Parish, St. Ann’s pastor. A religious procession follows with a marching band, the statue of Our Blessed Mother of Grace carried by four men, children and club members chanting “Viva Beda Madre di Gracia” in celebration. The procession stops at the WW2 Ward 2 Memorial on Middle Street, the last one in city, formally maintained by the club. A child dressed in Army and one in Navy uniform shoot off toy guns and the band plays taps for the fallen soldiers. The procession continues down Western Ave. Rogers St, Main Street, Washington Street and back to the clubhouse . Many spectators pin money on the banners, as donations to the club. Many dedicated volunteers help, Joe Novello provides the electrical work, setting up all the lights for the fiesta. I formed a Junior Mother of Grace Club. We marched in parades in our uniforms and also did fund raising. Frances Aiello also organized many bus trips. We went on pilgrimages to Canada and New York visiting beautiful churches.

The Mother of Grace Fiesta’s are still being celebrated today. A nine day novena always proceeds the event. Daily rosary at the club house in the afternoon and a group of Italian ladies pray the rosary again in the evening. The program has grown to a four day event. Rosary in the afternoon and musical entertainment in the evening. The program ends with a raffle and a candle light procession, where Our Lady in marched again up to the Legion and back to Her place on the club altar. Also novenas are celebrated in the month of May. Gus MacIntosh, in memory of his grandmother, Rose Ciulla, continues to help Katie Fontana, the dedicated club president, who is fulfilling her promise to her mother, Jenny Giacalone, the former club guardian, to never abandon the Mother of Grace Club and their devotion and gratitude to our Blessed Mother for her intercession to her beloved son, Jesus, to bring Peace to Our World. Many new members were enrolled his year as the club continues to be stronger than ever, praying for world peace.
Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon September 2013

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Mother of Grace Club, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

While the Saint Joseph’s novenas pray for the safety of our fishermen, the Mother of Grace Club prays for peace.


8 thoughts on “Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon With The Story On The Mother of Grace Club

  1. Joey:
    Congratuilations and a huge thank you to Virginia Frontiero McKinnon for her historical review of the Mother of Grace Club.
    Many Gloucesterites and visitors to our city do nnot know of this little club’s meaningfuil past. This tearful reminder by Virginia is the kind of stuff I witnessed and grew up with. This is Gloucdster to me!
    The Italian Portugues American communities were major contributors to Gloucester’s WW II economic lifeblood. they were prominent, spiritual standard bearers for our WW II servicemen and our “wartime” working fishermen.
    The Mother of Grace Club is the very fabric of Gloucester.
    Ron Gilson


  2. Thank you Virginia for sharing about the history of the Mother of Grace Club. I was very moved by your story and it made me cry, for the passion, love, faithfulness, and dedication of the women, and for the boys and men for whom they were praying. It is tremendous that you and your fellow members have kept the tradition alive, and that the club is stronger than ever. Peace has a whole new meaning to me, thanks to your story.


  3. Virginia, you’re amazing, the family historian and you remember everything! The photos along with the article were just the way it was, I marched in the procession as a child and my son marched when he was very young,, in fact, my sister Ro and I were the Angels, (bottom right hand side) in your photo collection. Thank you.. .


    1. Thank you, Terry and everyone for your kind words. .
      I feel my mother’s spirit in the club. The beautiful angels!! I am sure Ro is still watching from heaven and is still our angel. My children all marched in the procession too.
      So many happy memories. Love, Virginia.


  4. What a beautiful story and the pictures are amazing, thanks so much for sharing, one of the best things about Gloucester is that traditions like this are still alive and thriving, makes me teary and proud to live here.


  5. Virginia,
    I’m proud to be one of your classmates from GHS 1947! Your story about the founding and history of the Mother of Grace Club is well written and answered a lot of questions in my mind.
    Thank you! I hope you’re writing your autobiography. You’ve done so much with your life.
    Gloucester should be as proud of you as I am! Keep on with your writing!

    All the best to you,
    Marion O’Connell Frost


  6. What a great place for sure and history behind one dollar brought allot of prayers this brought back a memory from My great grandmother in Bayview Ms Chester MacNeil – she told us children and mom repeated to us – said many folks in Cape Ann took care of the Coast Guard and National Guard troops that walked or had outposts- bunker’s along the coast line during the U-boat era WW-II – Coffee –breakfast and a warm place to sit and warm up.


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