Origami Nazgul

Designed by Jason Ku, published in Origami Tanteidan Magazine #129. Folded by me from one 12″ uncut sheet of foil paper. Here’s a photo that gives you a better sense of the scale of the model:



This is a great model!  Jason Ku designs some amazing origami.  His lobster design is so awesome it’s almost NSFW, just because it might literally blow your mind, and your boss doesn’t want to have to call an ambulance when that happens. You can see it on his website. (Go ahead, I dare you! Scroll down on his page to see the detail on the bottom side of the lobster!)

Matthew Green

2 thoughts on “Origami Nazgul

  1. Stunning is the only word that comes to mind when looking at this ‘Nasgul’ (?). And I did go look at Jason Ku’s origami lobster, and you are right—it truly is mind-blowing! It is hard to imagine the painstaking process necessary to make such a complicated and tiny piece of perfect art. I would love to purchase one. Maybe you can make some and sell them someday in your Origami Museum/Workshop Gift Shop? Many many thanks for sharing!


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