Scout Vintage Finds

Continuing my series on second-hand stores in Gloucester after a brief hiatus, today we look at Scout Vintage Finds (186 East Main St., open Thurs-Sun 11am-6pm)!

_Scout façadeThis is a store I’d driven past many times, but never stopped to see. I’m glad I did now!  Karen King, the proprietor, sells a little bit of everything in the area of “vintage items”, but also specializes somewhat in vintage textiles, and millinery (making hats)!

_Scout owner Karen King

Here are photos of some of the things she sells, from vintage items and linens (and things made out of vintage linens) to hats that Karen has made:

Karen and her intern are also very nice folks, who gave me a glass of cold water (it was a hot and humid day when I visited) and chatted for a while, and told me of ANOTHER antique store I didn’t know about! (coming soon in this series).

So, just to review, here are the previous posts in this series on second-hand stores (thrift, consignment, antique, etc.) in alphabetical order:

  1. Bananas
  2. Bub’s Tool Consignment
  3. Cape Ann Thrift Shop
  4. Dogtown Book Shop
  5. The Dress Code
  6. The Eco Boutique
  7. Gabriel’s Antiques
  8. Junque & Disorderly
  9. Main Street Arts and Antiques
  10. Mystery Train Records
  11. The Past Present Shoppe
  12. Pearl’s
  13. St. John’s Thrift Shop
  14. Second Glance
  15. The Sequined Fan

We still have more to go (in no particular order):

  1. Annisquam Exchange
  2. St. Vincent de Paul Society
  3. Thrift Shop at the UU Society of Rockport
  4. Sea Again
  5. Mary Rose Vintage Design
  6. Kalypso’s Gifts and Antiques
  7. Vintage
  8. StudioVo

Look at that! Did you realize that we have 23 second-hand stores in Gloucester and Rockport? If I had known there were that many, I probably wouldn’t have committed to this long-running series, which is taking a lot of time to put together… but I think it’s worth it! I am hoping to put out a table with the names, addresses, hours, and web pages of all of the stores, and maybe a brief comment on what each one generally stocks.

Let me know if I’m missing anyone…

Matthew Green

14 thoughts on “Scout Vintage Finds

  1. Thank you, Matthew (and Joey C.) for the shoutout. Come back any time, for a chat, a nosh, or a quaff! Have a wonderful rest-of-the-summer, and happy vintage/antique hunting!


  2. I truly appreciate this series, love Scout Vintage Finds and have shopped at many of the places you listed, but others were new to me as well, so can’t wait to explore. Thanks for all you do.


    1. You’re welcome! Doing this series has been a real eye-opener for me too. I probably wouldn’t have started the series if I know how long it was going to take me… Each of these posts takes at over hour on average to prepare, including the research, the visit, talking to the people, taking and going through the photos, etc. But it’s been well worth it!


  3. Matthew, this is great. I did not know there were so many good places to get the good stuff.

    One you are missing is “The Ship’s Store” (pretty sure that is the name) on East Main Street. It is in my top three Gloucester second hand stops because they collect the stuff I love. I can always get an extra set of bocci balls (never can have too many), paisley vests, Hawaiian Shirts, Kimonas, dinner jackets, bicycles, and cowboy hats. Just watch your head (they will warn you.)


    1. I Googled “The Ship’s Store” and couldn’t find anything. Could you tell me more precisely where it’s located? Are you talking about Vintage 211, Bob and Dave’s place? If so, fear not – I just visited them and will have a post up in a couple of days!


  4. I work at Joelle Williams’ shop Sea Again in Rockport and you will have a great visit there as well. This Lanesville gal met a couple from Wales a few weeks ago. How cool is that?!


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