Possibly My Favorite Thank You Note Ever

Dear Joey–

Thank you SO much for dropping off my bitchin’ GMG ballcap at xyz Essex Ave–very sorry to have missed you, and I do hope my ferocious beastie (a brown cocker who, had I left the inner door unlocked, would have met you with a toy in his mouth and a "Follow me! I’ll show ya where she keeps the silver!" wiggle) didn’t take years off your life with his horrible snarling and barking (he didn’t make a peep, did he?!?). Ever since I saw your post that they were in, I’d been meaning to get my lazy ass out of bed to come visit at the dock and pick it up before work, but you, bless you, beat me to the punch. Thank you.

And thank you also for all the hard work and good humor you put into running a blog that is thought-provoking, informative, intriguing and always entertaining– I don’t subscribe to the local paper (I know I am evil in this) so you keep me from being completely clueless about what’s up in our amazing corner of the world. And, you consistently make me giggle– fuck those fuckers who can’t take a little salty language, talk of poon tang, or earnest debates about the best way to cover the noxious effluvia resulting from bodily functions– I’m always amazed at the holier than thou crowd who try to tell you what to do on your blog. Screw ’em all!!

Keep on rockin’, mister. One of these days I’ll get my aforementioned lazy ass to the dock to meet you face to face and grab a lobstah, till then, I am

Yours in Scatological Solidarity,

Elizabeth Manning Weilbacher

aka, "Bess Manning"

Kenny MacCarthy Captures Gloucester Slackliners

Kenny writes-

Hey J. Thanks for the hat. LOVE it. Are you ordering more? I’ll take at least 5 if you are.
Saw these 2 guys slacklining the other night. Good video:

Check Out Kenny’s Real estate Listings-


More FOB’s Send In Their Pics Rockin’ The Cap

Skyler Loves Her New GMG Cap


Studs Just Gotta Be Studs- It’s In Their DNA

2013-07-25 11.08.18

Tristan Hoare (stage name from his days performing as a Chippendales dancer) represents!


John De Vries is A Happy Man


Send in your GMG Swag photos and Represent with the rest of the GMG FOBs!

What’s that you don’t have one yet??? Then order one up and get on the team.

To order GMG Dry Fit Short and Long Sleeve Shirts, Super Crazy Soft Feminine Cut V Neck or Scoop Neck T Shirts- http://gmg.storenvy.com/

If you don’t see a shirt in a style/size/color  combination you like, you can send in a request and I’ll do my best to make it happen-


Now that is a nice looking Sail Boat

As I was driving on Friday saw this beauty of a sail boat in the harbor. Went over to Niles and took a picture and the name on the boat is “The Salute”. It is 183.8 feet and can accommodate 10 guest. You can find more information from the this link, http://www.superyachts.com/luxury-yacht-for-sale/salute-1160/
July 26, 2013 nice

Get Creative – Have a Ball!

beaux arts ball 2013

August 3rd, 6-10:00 pm – Don’t miss it!  The 2013 Rocky Neck Beaux Arts Ball.  Dig out some old threads and make them into something new.  Turn your recyclables into a trendy fashion statement.  You’re not expected to look like the model here – go for something uniquely you.  See you there.

E.J. Lefavour

Big Mike’s Bikes and the Six Peas

Over the wrestling mats in Junior High there was a sign: Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Those are the peas I’m talking about. But really not preparation but maintenance. For some reason, all my lab instruments I have on strict maintenance schedules but stuff I own I just use it until it breaks.

Like this Gary Fisher Utopia I used as part of my commute back in 1996:beforeGaryFisher1996Beat the hell out of the poor thing and it never got a lick of tender loving care. Lived outside on the back of my 4Runner for the first five years, you can see how the bike rack tore the paint off the top tube. As a hybrid street bike it was awesome for about two of those years hopping curbs but then things started going south. 24 gears down to 7, back brake was dicey so instead of a little maintenance after five years beating on it I bought a new bike and let a friend borrow this one. Then in 2008 it made the move to Rockport and got thrown into the corner of the shop looking pretty sad. Cables split and rusted, the movable parts did not move but the parts that weren’t supposed to move did.

But I always remembered my old Gary Fisher fondly. I loved the “arc” handle bar and short wheelbase. So I collected up the pieces and dropped them off at Big Mike’s Bikes. Mike wasn’t there but I left a note: Option A: the bike is trashed, can you make it a one speed? Option B: the full monty, fix everything. Got a phone call back and the full monty was the smart course, 160 bucks and replace a whole bunch of doo-dads. (I lost the receipt but it was one long list which included what sounded like very important pieces like bearings and races.)

The price seemed way too reasonable so I greenlit the full monty. And now it looks like:GaryFisher1996UtopiaI’ve been riding it a week and I still think, “holy cow, this bike never shifted like this.” For Cape Ann, large set in front and the back 8 gears just slide one right into each other as you go up and down the 23 hills of Cape Ann. I jumped on this morning thinking I would just bop over to Granite Pier but then I was going past the Rockport High School and the next thing I knew I was going past Good Harbor Beach and on to Eastern Point Light House. A stop at Joey’s and since I could not smell the fragrance of Toby Chowder I was up to Fred Bodin’s for water (but not open yet), down Maplewood, up Cherry Hill (outta the saddle on that hill), past O’Malley Middle and Goose Cove Nursery and over to Halibut Point before my needle was on empty.

Back to the 6 peas. Preparation is maintenance. Change the oil and the grease and mechanical things last longer. Or you can do what I do at least for bikes, beat the crap out of them and drive them into the ground, leave them in the corner 5 years then go bring the pile of parts over to Big Mike’s Bikes. But I might change my ways and actually bring my other bikes in for a tune-up. Whorled peas may follow.

Big Mike’s Bikes is easy to find. Big Mike’s right next to Big Macs.

ps. The Rubber Duck does this type of stuff incognito. I don’t want the special Rubber Duck treatment. I only put the Duck on the dash at the Rockport dump so I can get free parking.

pps. for the excruciatingly bored on this foggy foggy Cape Ann night the rough out path on google is 23.2 miles. The awesome thing about Cape Ann is you can add and subtract dozens of miles by including or skipping over points and coves. Same as in a kayak you could take the straight razor point to point 20 miles and add ten miles easy.

A track: http://goo.gl/maps/PNaty

Pat Ciaramitaro

Last day of shooting Felicia’s cook book, with Pat Ciaramitaro ~ Loving Mom, wife, grandmother, mother-in-law, sister, friend, and she works full time! Pat is deeply devoted to her family and is truly a beautiful woman in every way.

Eight-month-old Dante was also there with his mom, Vanessa Linquata, who was the hair stylist for the shoot.

Pat Ciaramitaro and dante ©Kim Smith 2013 copy

Leslie Heffron at The Bookstore of Gloucester Aug. 1-31

Hi Joey – I’m having a show at The Bookstore of Gloucester from Aug. 1-31. 

Leslie Heffron


Recent Paintings, Drawings, Silkscreens, and Mixed Media Sculpture

at The Bookstore of Gloucester

61 Main Street

Hours: 9 AM-9 PM Mon. – Sat., 12 PM-9 PM Sun.Lifeguard Chair

2013 37th Magnolia Library Annual 5K & 1K Fun Run August 24

37th Magnolia Library Annual 5K & 1K Fun Run is Moving to Saturday Morning, August 24.  This year’s race marks the official kick off to the Magnolia Library Center’s 125th anniversary celebration.



Spread the Word! PANCAKE BREAKFAST The Library is opening the gates starting at 8:45am; right after the fun run on Saturday August 24. Yet another reason to run watch or volunteer. $5 for adults and $2 for kids.

This certified 5k course is lined with spectators, loops around the shore, and is chock full of gorgeous ocean views (and breezes!) Historically 200-400 runners participate and 50 volunteers run the show. Post-race celebrations include an awards ceremony, refreshments, and this year the Magnolia Library Center’s 125th anniversary celebration. ALL proceeds benefit the Magnolia Library Center, a non-profit community organization dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents by providing educational and cultural experiences through programming and events.

For more information email or call:
Amy Greaves (617) 283 2363
Follow us on Facebook & Twitter



$20 pre-entry fee
$15 under 14 years old
$3 Fun Run (pre or post entry fee)
Pre-entries accepted on-line through August 22nd or postmarked by August 17, 2013
(post entry fee: $25; checks, cash accepted day of race)


Key search word: MAGNOLIA

36th Annual Magnolia Art Show participating artists