Sista Felicia Thanks Her Team Who She Never Could Have Created Such A Beautiful No-Compromises Cookbook


She writes-

The push to finish the cookbook the past several months has been an experience I will never forget. Months ago I began assembling a team of local creative people, to help me physically bring to life my vision for my cookbook “Gifts of Gold.” Each team member is truly amazingly talented in their field, passionate about what they do, generously giving of time and resources. Working together countless hours, to make important deadlines necessary to keep the project on schedule was always done with laughter and professionalism. Everyone had the same goal, and determination to do whatever it would take to get, to have, or provide whatever was needed when we needed it. I am so very proud to live in our community surrounded by so many creative, passionate, and fun people. What “Team Sista” pulled off the past few months is simply incredibly, even more incredible is that it was all done local and on this beautiful Island of Cape Ann we all call home.
If you need any of the following services, don’t walk, run and experience firsthand how incredible they are to do business with.  My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the following people and Businesses. Please help me support them as they supported me.

James and Anna Eves at Cape Ann Giclee.  If you need photo editing of any kind I personally grantee they are the best of the best, dig out your old photos and get them to James.

Cathy Kelly graphic designer gifted in so many creative levels, if you need help with design for any type of publication she is awesome to work with. 

Rick Moore and Donna Ardizzoni at Circle Consultanting Group provide incredible computer services, they are the best computer problem solves.

Craig Kimberly the best videographer on planet earth his eye behind the camera is like no other!

Hannah Kimberly a gifted writer, proofreader and professional educator.

Cape Ann Museum houses so many treasure from Gloucester’s history its truly a magical place and destination must for everyone. 

Ryan Wood Distilleries, their Folly Cove Rum is delicious visit them and take a tour! 

Gail McCarthy and the Gloucester Daily Times.

Charlie Carroll Photography, his still life photos are stunning. 

Kim Smith photography, “The Butterfly Lady” you simply must see her documentary.

Audrey’s flower shop Heather, David and Dee always creating beautiful arrangements for all types of occasions. 

Gallo productions, for start of the art, top quality, video production needs.

Cruiseport Gloucester, another Gem in our city, beautiful location for celebrations. For all your beauty needs visit Soft Touch Salon, Envouge Salon, Elite Nails and Vanesssa Linquata. Kahn Studio on Rocky Neck, always a fun art gallery to visit!
Thank you for all you support
Sista Felicia

To order yours and support her effort-

Michael Chamness (Wings and WavesT) Blackburn Challenge Photos

Hey Joey.
Gloucester photographer, Michael Chamness (Wings and WavesT) just uploaded
some amazing photos from the Blackburn Challenge. Check these out! If you
like them, please share them with GMG followers.

These are raw, unedited photos showing the ‘true grit’ that goes into this
‘marathon’ rowing/paddling event- 20+ miles circumnavigating Cape Ann. Like
Blackburn himself, these racers are determined to reach their personal goals
with courage, determination, stamina and the support of fellow
rowers/paddles and spectators. What a great local event with participants
from near and far (one paddler flew in from Hawaii!)
The finish line offered a ‘rainbow’ of boats on Pavilion beach as rowers
celebrated after finishing to delicious BBQ from Red Bones of Somerville,
Ipswich Beer, and rockin’ music from Orville Giddings. Despite some dramatic
and threatening lightening flashes streaking against a black sky, the
weather held out so the race could finish with a flare! Looking forward to
next year’s Blackburn Challenge! For photos from Wings and Waves For details about the Blackburn Challenge
log onto-
Thanks Joe!

Fred Bodin’s GMG Birthday Mug Up

fred birthday mug up 
This Sunday, July 28th at 9:30am, Fred will be hosting  Mug Up at his gallery, Bodin Historic Photo at 82 Main Street.  Come help celebrate Fred’s birthday (inquiring minds want to know which one it is – anyone care to guess?), and bring along some food or beverage to share if you like, but it’s not required. We’ll be gnawing on deviled eggs, monkey bread, and Fred will be serving coffee and juice.  Meet the GMG crew: Family, authors, and photographers of Good Morning Gloucester.  Birthday presents are fine as long as they are edible and we’ll all share them.  So come on down to Main Street when the parking is free and Fred is one year older.  It’ll be fun, because we don’t just have a party — we ARE the party.  All are welcome!
E.J. Lefavour

Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

“I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn’t it.”

Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx (1890-1977)


Groucho’s comedy career spanned vaudeville, radio, film and later television. He made 26 movies, half of them with his brothers, Harpo, Chico, Gummo, and Zeppo. His solo career included the radio and television show “You Bet Your Life” which ran for 11 years in the 40’s and 50’s. Self-deprecating and self-taught, he was a voracious reader who said his greatest achievement was to have one of his books listed as a cultural treasure by the Library of Congress. Another favorite quote among his many witticisms is “Outside of a dog, man’s best friend is a book. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

Greg Bover

Who Remembers Itchy Bones?

or Mopey Joe, or Joe Gorilla, or Billy Ape, or Joe Curley, or Joe Flattop, or Satchmo, or Harpo, or Charlie Skunk or Sleepie?

These are just a few of the nicknames of some Italian Gloucester men. 

Do you know why Italian men have such unique nicknames?  I didn’t until Joseph de Lina Novella “Joe Curley” stopped into the gallery and explained it to me.   When the first male child is born in an Italian family, he is named after the father’s father (his grandfather).  If a girl, she is named after the mother’s mother (her grandmother).  The second born is named after the mother’s father, or mother if a girl.  The 3rd is named again after the father’s father, or mother.  The 4th after the mother’s father, or mother, and on and on for as many children as come into the family.  If a large family, say with 6 boys, you would have 3 sons named Joseph (if that was their grandfather’s name) and as many as 6, if the mother’s father’s name was also Joseph.  Hence the need for creative nicknames to be able to identify which one you were talking about, referring to or calling.

joe curley

Thanks Joe, nice to meet you and interesting bit of information.

E.J. Lefavour

Man Pleads Guilty in Paul Frontiero’s Murder Trial

Nashua, NH –Matthew Packer pleaded guilty last week to fatally stabbing Gloucester son EMT Paul Frontiero.

Paul was murdered while coming to the aid of his friends Jill Arnold and Kathryn Libby who were being brutally attacked by Packer. To read more about the heartbreaking story: Fatal Stabbing and Guilty Plea.

Charged with murder in the first degree, Packer was originally planning to plead guilty by reason of insanity. Instead he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and will serve a minimum of thirty years. The prosecution is asking for sixty to life. Sentencing will take place on August 21, 2013.

Mercifully for the Frontiero Family there won’t be a long drawn out trial. The Frontieros are very relieved that sentencing will take place soon. Now comes the healing. Our prayers and thoughts are with Paul and Cathy and sons Salvatore, James, and Christopher over the loss of their beloved son, brother, and hero Paul Frontiero III.


See Paul’s Beautiful Memorial Page on Facebook


Paul Frontiero III

GMG Hat Represents! at the NEHSA Summer Sports Clinic

Lowell Peabody submits-


I spent 4 days in New Hampshire with New England Handicapped Sports Association, a great bunch of Veterans and all the volunteers which made the event run smoothly.  The Vets were amazing in their intensity, encouragement and support for each other  …and partying!  Emotions run high for team wins but also for individual accomplishments regardless of finishing order.  It’s a wonderful fellowship that draws more veterans each year for competition in kayaking, bicycling, shooting, waterskiing, geo-caching and fly fishing. I was asked to help photograph the event and I was blown away with all I saw, heard and learned.  Given the chance I will be back in a heartbeat!  The GMG Baseball hat was a hit and there may be a few new subscribers!



Editor’s note: When I posted this yesterday I forgot to take my watermark off which my blogging software does automatically for me.  Al these photos were taken by Catherine Ryan-

Hi Joey

Phil Cusumano, artist/captain, and volunteer juror for the 2013 HarborWalk Public Art Challenge administered by the Committee for the arts, stopped by to inspect the public art in process on Parsons Street. The artist, James Owen Calderwood, was being filmed for an interview by Lisa Smith for Cape Ann TV. Dale Brown of the Committee for the Arts was there, too.




Jason Burroughs who is teaching with TAG is volunteering some hours yesterday and today for James’ project.


Though difficult for painting, the off and on rain does provide opportunities for visiting. Last week there were business meetings, here with Sarah Garcia Harbor Planning Director.


Today looking out from City Hall, peering past the high school kids cleaning, the bank, Parsons, and on to the harbor.


James visiting the Hive.


While there, we were privileged to witness GREAT news hot off the press and an intensity enough to match their vibrant space! TAG team members wrote and were awarded a $10,000 grant. Congratulations all!




Pictured are David Brooks(TAG Director) Emma Johnson(Forest Foundation Intern), Alex Barrett(Forest Foundation Intern) , Satomi Nishimiya, Rachel McClenagan, Rebecca Siswick Graham (Tag Open Studio Manager), Chrid Boudrow(TAG Assistant Director) , Lauren Horne, and Greer Viau. Also Not pictured is Katie Flores (Forest Foundation Intern) not pictured. 

They were heading over to the Farmer’s Market and David promises to send in names and more information. They were also tracking down Mary Ann to share the news; she was at Maritime Gloucester with the Art Haven campers partnership week.

Next time we’ll head down Parsons over to see the permanent public art installation at Maritime Gloucester museum. The twelve foot diameter compass rose is being installed on city property where the HarborWalk crosses onto Maritime Gloucester. Two artists installing new public art downtown and connections—very exciting news.

Donna and Kathy documenting the compass rose on GMG:

Calling Yard Sale Fanatics

pete yardsale

Pete Chamberlain is holding a yard sale at 101 East Main Street – going on now.   See Pete pictured here with satisfied customer, 97 year old DJ.   Sale on until everything is gone.  You might remember Pete as a guest artist at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery the first season. 

E.J. Lefavour


This just in from Ina Hahn & Lisa Hahn, Windhover Performing Arts Center in Rockport:

Due to the rain we are adding a performance TODAY at 11AM and we will still have the 5:30 performance.  We hope to see everyone today!

quarrydance“Quarry Dance 1”…performed by the Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre at Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, Mass. during the summer of 2012 was so successful that Windhover Performing Arts Center (located in Rockport, Mass)  has invited choreographer, Dušan Týnek  and his New York based modern dance company to develop a second installment , “Quarry Dance 2.”

Group photo of the dance company performing
Group photo of the dance company performing

This site-specific dance will be performed at privately owned Valley Pit Quarry, located at 7 Leverett Street in Lanesville (Gloucester) on Friday, July 26 and Saturday, July 27, 2013 at 5:30p.m. and is open to the public free of charge. Contributions are welcome. Parking is available at the Lanesville Congregational Church at 1120 Washington Street across from Leverett Street on both days. Parking is also available at the Lanesville Community Center at 8 Vulcan Street on Friday, July 26thonly.  Street parking is allowed on Emerald Street, as well as on one side of Washington Street. The performance will last about one hour.

Valley Pit Quarry has a unique history because its former owner, Sylvester Ahola, a Lanesville native, was one of the most talented and famous musicians of the 1920’s and 30’s, playing lead trumpet with over a dozen big bands and making over 2,000 records. After retirement in 1940’s, he hosted many sailing parties at the quarry as a way of celebrating these man-made wonders.

Today, almost 100 years later, Dušan Týnek takes on the challenge by creating a new dance that will reflect upon this special place and generate a new and fresh narrative. The dance will move naturally through the environment using perspective and the unique architecture created by the granite ledges, overhangs, cracks, cliffs and terraces. And the dancers will also be in contact with the water, using its sounds as an additional dimension to the dance. The entire quarry and its surroundings will become a stage.

The Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre is a dynamic, contemporary dance company based in Brooklyn, NY. Recently named one of the top 5 New York City dance companies of the year by the New York Times, they have toured throughout the U.S, Europe and Russia and have recently completed a series of successful performances at Baruch College in New York City. In September, they are scheduled to perform at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary.  “ Terrific…striking…a high level of invention… Mr. Týnek is an undoubted talent.”  NYTimes

Chairs will be provided for the audience, but people are welcome to bring their own chairs too, and people are encouraged to bring their own water and/or soft drinks.

Windhover is grateful to Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation for their support and the funding which has made this event possible.  We also wish to thank the Rockport and Gloucester Cultural Councils and The Donor Advised Fund of the Boston Foundation for their important contributions, as well as our many friends and supporters. We could not have achieved this without all of you.

Ina Hahn & Lisa Hahn, Windhover Performing Arts Center in Rockport, Mass. 01966


Lecture series at Temple Ahavat Achim

Last weekend, Temple Ahavat Achim offered a weekend of talks by Rabbi Arthur Green about his book, “Radical Judaism”, which addresses questions like, “Is there only one God or is there only God? How do we articulate a religious vision that embraces evolution as sacred and that approaches Scripture with historical honesty?”

The event was open to the public, so I signed up, and found it very interesting. Here are a few photos:

Temple Ahavat Achim’s Rabbi Steven Lewis (right) introduces Rabbi Arthur Green (left)
Rabbi Green during the lecture to a nearly full house

Questions and answers after the last lecture

From the Temple’s newsletter: “Professor and Rabbi Arthur Green is the Rector of the Hebrew College Rabbinical School. He is one of the preeminent scholars of Kabbalah and Hasidism, and one of the most important Jewish theologians of our day. He is both a spiritual seeker and a critical scholar.

In his book Radical Judaism he argues that a neo-mystical perspective can help us to rethink such concepts as God, the origins and meaning of existence, human nature and revelation to construct a new Judaism for the 21st century.”

The Temple is planning to continue inviting high-calibre speakers to foment education and dialog on current topics of cultural and religious significance to the Jewish community and to the Gloucester community as a whole.

Matthew Green

The LilyLady of Lanesville from Fred Bodin

Fred Bodin

I knew Bobbie Brooks 30+ years ago when she had an antique shop in Lanesville. Now she’s doing amazing work as a professional garden designer, plus growing  and creating hybrids of her own daylilies. Her fields are expansive, covering over one acre, but you’d never know it driving down Rt. 127. She has 800 varieties of hybrid daylilies, the "summer jewels of the garden." I learned much about daylillies in my short time shooting in Bobbie’s one acre garden.

Bobbie demonstrates how hybrids are made. What she likes about this daylily is it’s teeth, or jagged edges.

Bobbie is a hand’s on gardener. She’s a successful garden designer, which is her main business, but she’s also passionate about dayilies. Who else on God’s earth would grow 800 varieties of a plant, and it’s not her major source of income. It must be LOVE.

Fred’s first Birthday present, a potted Sugar Plum daylily, was an unexpected gift from Bobbie Brooks.

I’ll have it displayed at Fred’s Birthday and GMG mug up on Sunday, July 28th, at 9:30am to 11am or later. It’s at my gallery, 82 Main Street in Gloucester. All are welcome.

On your way back home after my event, go see Bobbie – she’ll be open until 2pm Sunday. Go Bobbie! Trust me, I know a good egg when I see one, and it’s her.

Bobbie Brooks 73 Langsford St Lanesville / Rt 127 978 283 4480

Community Photos 7/27/13

Tony Hilliard submits-


   Thanks again for the hat I Freakin love it! Took this one down the Boulevard Tuesday night of my "Pot of Gold"


We have spent the week enjoying the area once again.  It truly is an exceptional place to live.  Heading back to our inn on the Delaware River in Milford, NJ in the morning, but wanted to share some iPhone 5 pictures from our determination to
find joy in spite of the rain.
1.  My son wrote:  O say can you see the calming, linear continuity–between the angle of the flag and that of the sails–in my mom’s photo, snapped today in Massachusetts?

2.  Speaking of lines!


3.  Checking for the last morsel of food!


Linda rae castagna

4.  Seemed strange to see scuba divers on such a rainy day until I thought that one through.

5.  Always love the color in the kayaks, and the sailboat holds such a graceful presence for the eyes.

6.  Practice makes perfect!

7.  Sailing the greasy pole.

8.  A lonely day on Niles.

Thank you for the daily updates on a town we have grown to love, though from a distance most of the time.  Linda rae

Community Stuff 7/27/13

Reid R. Sacco lost his two-year fight with sarcoma in 2005 at the age of 20.  Reid learned first-hand of the tragic disparities faced by adolescents and young adults (AYA’s) diagnosed with cancer, particularly in the areas of age-appropriate care, access to clinical trials and survival rates.   Reid inspired many during his cancer journey with his courage, perseverance, selflessness and contagious optimism and laughter.   An avid sailor, Reid looked at his cancer journey like a voyage at sea and was unwilling to let the relentless storm of treatments and setbacks keep him from enjoying every minute of his life that he loved with family and friends.

Reid’s Ride began by Reid parents, family and friends, is the main fund-raising event for the Reid Sacco Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Fund.  That fund is dedicated to supporting clinical and scientific research into finding better treatments — and someday a cure — for the cancers that strike adolescents and young adults.  It is acknowledged by the medical community worldwide that this population of cancer victims has not benefitted from the advances in cancer treatment and survival rates as have other age groups.  It is a gap into which Reid and young adult cancer patients like him found themselves, willing to fight but without an army of options to help.

Most recently, the proceeds from Reid’s Ride have enabled Tufts Medical Center to launch the Reid R. Sacco AYA Program, including the Reid R. Sacco Adolescent & Young Adult Clinic for Cancer and Blood Diseases, located at the Tufts Cancer Center in Boston.

"Life is like sailing.  Change can come upon you suddenly.  But just because you sometimes have to alter your course, it doesn’t mean you have to stop sailing." – Reid R. Sacco, 2003

Dream Repeater: Toys Falling
IlaSahai Prouty and company

Flatrocks Gallery is pleased to present Dream Repeater: Toys Falling, a group show curated by IlaSahai Prouty. The opening reception is Saturday, August 3, from 7-9 pm. It will be followed by an evening of  poetry and stories on Saturday August 10th at 7pm.


In her on-going project Dream Repeater, Prouty creates artworks in various media based on bits of collected dream narratives. For this show, she has invited other artists to join her.

Prouty’s work deals with the ways repetition can intensify and expand meaning. “I’m exploring how a short snippet of a dream, essentially a short story, can grow to become something larger and more mythic.”


Last summer, Prouty’s Dream Repeater work, “Goldilocks, Save the World,” was installed at the Cape Ann Museum’s White Ellery House. This year, she returns to her home town to present a collection of works based on a dream called Toys Falling. “I have been working with these dreams myself, and I wanted to expand the project – to see where others might take the dreams, and how they look through other peoples eyes.”


Each artist in this show agreed to create work in response to the dream text. The show will include sculpture, painting, encaustic, illustration, mixed media, poetry, video, printmaking, quilting, and story telling.


Participating Artists are: IlaSahai Prouty, Caroline Bagenal, Rocky Delforge, Adriane Herman, Bo Hyung Lee, Vicki Paret, Doris Prouty, Hans Pundt, Sarah Slifer Swift, Stephanie Williams, Heather Atwood, Emily Wheeler, Tim Averill, and Peter Hickman.


IlaSahai Prouty grew up in Lanesville, Massachusetts. She is a former chair of the Art Department at the Waring School in Beverly, Mass., and considers herself an artist with Cape Ann roots. She has an MFA from the California College of Art in San Francisco, California., and is currently Resident Artist at the Penland School of Crafts in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Prouty is also an Assistant Professor at nearby Appalachian State University.
Flatrocks Gallery is located at 77 Langsford Street/Route 127 in Gloucester, MA. Hours are 12-5pm, Thursday through Sunday, and by appointment. The gallery is focused on continuing the long tradition of artists in Lanesville, and is committed to offering works of art to the community that challenge and engage.

Choreographer/Dancer : Sarah Slifer Swiftsarasliffer

                           Mixed Media Sculpture:Hans Pundt

hans clock

Franklin Desk

Community Stuff 7/27/13


The Friends of Seacoast Annual Seacoast Seven Road Race was a huge success.  Runners from all of the state ran the 7K race throughout the beautiful scenic trail in Gloucester.

We are grateful to Patrick Thorpe, President of Bank Gloucester our generous race sponsor for their continued support of this annual race which is one of our major fund raisers.

Lahey Health, Addison Gilbert Hospital, Rockport Mortgage, and Good Morning Gloucester for sponsoring the tee shirts given to the runners and volunteers.
Hospice of North Shore and Greater Boston for sponsoring the registration table.

Carroll K Steele Insurance, Lyons Ambulance, Beauport Ambulance, Granite Savings Bank, Cape Ann Savings Bank, Rockport National Bank, Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center,, Merritt Capital Management and Liquor Locker for sponsoring the beverage table.

Ben’s Wallpaper, Cape Ann Medical Center, Georges Coffee Shop for sponsoring Mile Markers

Stop and Shop, Jim’s Bagel & Bake Shop, Market Basket, and Shaw’s for providing bagels, water, bananas, and power bars for the runners after the race.

Gloucester Rental Center for providing the tent. Al Carrasco, David Harrison DMD, Goodwin’s Party Shop and Lone Gull Coffee House for their generous donations towards the race.

Thank you Nick Curcuru and Christine Parisi and David Cox for your coverage of the race and Mike Page of North Shore Timing who timed the runners. Larry Ryan for his design of the race tee shirts. Lyons Ambulance for sending an EMT team to insure the safety of the runnes.

The success of every organization is dependent on the people who give selfishly of their time and money. The Friends of Seacoast are fortunate to have so many of these people insuring that the residents stay connected to the community. Their efforts provide the entertainment on a daily basis.  Harbor rides, dining at area restaurant, dinner shows at Seacoast, gifts at Mother’s and Father’s Day along with Christmas, and many more events that would not be possible without the Friends of Seacoast. It all starts with our capable Activities Director Alison Cox, our Administrator Stephen Doyle and our Friends of Seacoast members, JD Mac Eachern our Race Director, Maryanne Amero, Angela Ciaramitaro, Joey Ciaramitaro, Pat Ciaramitaro, Lisa Leahy, Karen Mc Cann, Rosalee Nicastro, Buzz Mc Eachern, Sam Santuccio, Grace Simpson, and Joanne Waalewyn.

A special thanks to all the volunteers who helped on the day of the race, Joan and Fred Bishop, David Amero, Brian Carey, Mark Leahy, John Lattof, Josh Arnold, Donna Lupo, Vinny Woodhams, Faye Quinlan, Fire Chief Eric Smith, Meg Mc Cann, Marc Grenier, Alison Mc Namara, Allie Rose Nicastro, Paul Muniz, Meghan Muniz, James C. Greely III. The Gloucester Police Dept. Lt. John Mc Carthy, Sgt Dave Quinn, and Officer Brian Crowley.

Tom Lattof, Chairman
Friends of Seacoast