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The Demolition of a Rockport Landmark

Fred Bodin Submits-

This iconic smokestack is being slowly taken down, in anticipation of a
housing development planned for the site. It’s scary to see how high up these workers are as they attack the masonry. The "Tool" closed in 1987 after almost a century of manufacturing drop-forged metal tools. Sailors will miss the navigational marker, but now we have GPS and cell phones. The black ring marked the very top of the tower. In the foreground is Pigeon Cove Harbor.

These workers have been working hard with powerful and noisy equipment, and this is how far they got. Implosion is not an option because of nearby homes, boats, cars, and its proximity to Route 127, the major and only road that circumnavigates this island of Cape Ann.

I’ll report on this project as things change, including the mandated public access to the shoreline and water.


Catching Memories


When I was about this young boy’s age I regularly went fishing with my father in the Rondout Creek in Ulster County N.Y. where he was raised.  During those outings we spoke little, but communicated a great deal. He taught me patience and the practice of meditation as it applied to repeated casts into the mesmerizing swirls, pools and eddies of the creek. He taught me that subtlety and finesse caught more fish than brute force and that the joy was in the journey, not the destination.

I never became a great fisherman, but the memories I caught on those excursions – hiking through the woods to the creek, baiting up, watching how Dad expertly cast his line and landed his fish, and walking home quietly through the fields as the setting summer sun cast a magical glow  – these prizes I caught, and they are displayed forever on the mantel of my heart.

Cape Ann Views and North Shore Gardens by Audi Souza

announcement_audi souza final

There will be an exciting exhibit of Audi Souza’s acrylic paintings at Khan Studio, 77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 3 from July 27 – August 9 with an Opening Reception on Saturday, August 3 from 6-8:00pm.  Come over to Audi’s opening before steppin’ out to the Beaux Arts Ball.

E.J. Lefavour

News from Downtown Workplan

Catherine Ryan Submits

News from Downtown Workplan

Hi Joey,

There has been a lot of interest in the Downtown Work Plan. There were 90+ people on site at City Hall for the City’s presentation with Utile, and good discussion. Cape Ann TV was filming. Ahead of time, individuals and organizations sent in a range of comments and concerns via email or testimonials. For example here was one (and a repeat one at that) muni wifi rant plea from Joey:

And have a read through the excellent detailed memo from the Downtown Development Commission.

No doubt the robust feedback was helped immeasurably by local media announcements. Thank you, GMG!

So, please come to the next meetings, and/or send along questions or comments to Tom

Tom Daniel, Community Development Director, writes:

“As promised, we have posted the presentation to the City’s website. You may find it link to the presentation here: It is a large file and may take a couple of minutes to load. We will post future presentations to the website as well.”

Here are the dates for the next two public meetings to be held in the Kyrouz Auditorium of City Hall, from 6-8pm:

Tuesday, August 20

Tuesday, September 17

For More info:


c/o City Clerk’s Office, 9 Dale Avenue, Gloucester, MA   01930

July 9, 2013

Mr. Drew Kane, AICP
50 Summer Street
Boston, MA   02110

Dear Drew:

Last evening, the Downtown Development Commission discussed what it would like to see changed, added to or modified in the downtown in anticipation of the upcoming visioning meetings.  I encouraged all members to attend but we also felt that we wanted to send you something in writing listing our thoughts.

The following are the items brought up by the Commission:

Parking Garage  Many meetings were held about this idea a number of years ago.  The idea was to build a deck on top of the current parking lot by the police station.  DPW Director Mike Hale was involved in discussions and probably still has this information.

Development of I4C2  It is the hope of the DDC that this can be developed in some way that would benefit downtown and not just be kept as a parking lot.

Empire Building  The continued blight of this building is a concern.

Police Station/Central Fire/YMCA  Members hoped that there would soon be a plan for the fate of these buildings.

Police Station Steps  The terrible condition of these steps roped off with police tape is not an attractive picture.  The DDC wondered if there was a short-term solution since any garage or selling of the police station would be long term.

Ornamental Lights/Brick Sidewalks  The only sections of Main Street without this streetscape are the middle sections, which were last renovated in the 1970’s.  Members would like to see this area tied into the look of the East End and West End.

Trees  The trees on Main Street have probably never been pruned.  Many hold both decorative old lights that no longer work and some have an abbreviated version of new lights.  We feel that there should be some work done on these trees.

West End Ornamental Lights  These lights were installed many years ago and the DDC thinks they have never been cleaned.  This is one of the reasons they appear to be so dark.  The DDC would like to see them cleaned and repainted, if necessary.

Benches  There are now a variety of styles of benches downtown.  We would like to work towards the replacement of the benches, many of which are wood and splintered, to have one consistent look.

Trash Barrels  The DDC bought a number of black trash barrels for downtown and they are showing their age.  We would like to re-examine the type of barrels and work on eventually replacing them.  Apparently a couple of them were done in by snowplows this past winter.

Preserve America Signs  The Commission would like to continue this signage program.  We also think there needs to be some type of protocol in place when one is damaged or disappears as has happened.

Gilham & Gander Study  The DDC would like this study reintroduced as it had many worthwhile aspects.

Stacy Boulevard  The conditions of the railings are in terrible shape and are to the point of being dangerous.  Hundreds of people walk this area daily.  We understand that this would be a long term and expensive project but it needs to be stated.  Having new grass and a working sprinkler system on the Boulevard is a step in the right direction as it is a gateway into Gloucester for so many.   

Drew, hope these are helpful.  Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday night.


Suzanne Silveira

cc:  Tom Daniel

Here’s your chance to be in a live studio TV audience without even crossing the bridge

Next Monday 7/29, we’re filming two Local Music Seen with Allen Estes shows for Cape Ann TV at their studio at 38 Blackburn Center (see map).  Filming will begin around 2:30pm.  Allen’s guests will be Joe Thomas & Memory Lane of Giuseppe’s, who hosted the very popular Noise Magazine Singer Songwriter Shuffle.  There will be a break after filming Joe & Memory and then we’ll begin filming a show with very talented, young singer/songwriter Alexandra Valenti as Allen’s Guest.  Here’s Alexandra at the Singer Songwriter Shuffle.

People are welcome to attend as guests.  If you’d like to attend, please be there by 2:30pm. And please be patient as we have to test sound and lights and often we have to move stuff around and mess with various gadgets to get things just right.

If you’d like to be notified, by email, of all future Local Music Seen with Allen Estes tapings (along with other concert info before the public knows) you can join our gimmeLIVE Concert Club here.

2013 Fiesta Fun Video: Crazy Hat Ladies & Greasy Pole Champs from Lisa Smith

Here’s an entertaining video by Cape Ann TV’s Lisa Smith that captures all sorts of 2013 Fiesta fun with profiles of the Hat Ladies and Greasy Pole Champs, plus a special appearance by Gloucester City Councilor Sefatia Romeo Theken .  ENJOY!

Mari Martin joins The Blues Party at The Rhumb Line Tonight 8:30 -11:30 – 7.25.2013

dave-lookin-at-yaDave says,

We’re gonna throw everything we got including the kitchen sink into the musical cauldron. And floating up to the top will be that Rockport Rascal and Blues Behemoth, the one and only Ms. Mari Martin. It’s always a pleasure to hear this nightingale sing. She can adjust her uvula in many ways to make your hippocampus explode on cue. My pants will be held up by a strong belt of vodka. Your earrings may melt. Every tune is scientifically designed for  shaking one’s tootsies. Need I say more?

mari martin3

   Adding creme filling to the proceedings will be that unflappable glitar whiz, Mr. Bob Enik. This guy scares me: you can’t lose him…..

He’s bringing his buddy, the keyboard millipede Mr. Jim Gambino, from the crime family.You better like him, or else. Also, Mr. Roger Brocklebank, the heartbeat of Madhouse® and fine drum instructor, will her beating time along with myself, on base. Don’t forget your Serutan®!

Show cancelled ~Jake Pardee and Mamadou This Thursday @ The Harbor Loop Concert Series 2013. Show starts at 6:30

Tonight’s show has been cancelled due to bad weather 

hl2k13_copy (1)

I bet Jake Pardee will be all electric

DSC08724Photo by j.i.silva

(photo by Mamadou Diop)photo by Mamadou

A Huge Thank You To Our Buddy EJ and The Castle Manor Inn

EJ put on a spectacular show at Castle Manor Inn, curating the East Meets West show showcasing 8 of of fellow East Gloucester artists traversing the Great City and showcasing in West Gloucester’s castle Manor Inn.

First off the castle Manor Inn might be my first choice for a summer soirée out on that back covered deck.  the views, the set-up, the food- all spectacular.  Joey C A+ recommendation.

But on top of that I can’t thank our buddy EJ for all the hard work she put in curating this show.

I don’t sing her praises nearly enough.  But she really is one very special lady for all she does not only for herself but for everyone around her.

Thanks Laura Baker from Castle Manor and Thanks EJ

You rock!

Killer Beer Battered Fish Tacos at The Castle Manor Inn


Sail GHS Summer Sailing Clinics

Hi Joey,

I’m sure you have seen the kids on the Sail GHS Team out in the harbor having a great time racing in all weather throughout the year.  During the summer months, they are offering Summer Sailing Clinics in their

new, C 420 sailboats and even in their newly acquired LaserLevel II Sailing Coach, Guy Fiero is at the helm and with assistance from his very, dedicated team of volunteers.  This is the biggest bargain for sailing on Cape Ann at  ONLY $85 per week, Monday through Friday 8 – 11:30am.  Five days a week and still time in the afternoon to hit the beach!  Kids with some sailing experience ages 10 and up are welcome.  Classes meet at Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center and there is no need to pre-register!  Just bring yourself, your friends, and your life jackets if you have them.  Sailors should arrive promptly at 8:00 am as space is limited.  Discounts available. 

All proceeds from this ongoing fundraiser go to Sail GHS, a non-profit organization to help defray operating costs and provide the youth of Cape Ann and beyond with this wonderful sailing opportunity!

Please contact or Guy Fiero at 978-290-7894 with any questions.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Becca Campbell


Please join us for a fantastic evening of friends, fine wine tasting and fromage eating!

Friday August 2nd 7:30 – 10pm @ Savour 76 Prospect St. Gloucester, MA. 

                                      This evening will support The Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation and do what Glen would want most – BRING FRIENDS TOGETHER!

Glen Doherty was one of the four Americans killed in a terror attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 12, 2012.  The Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation is our way to honor Glen’s life and his beliefs.

Ticket price is $40 (space is limited)

To purchase tickets please call Kathleen at Savour 978-282-1455 ASAP.

For those of you who cannot attend that evening please know that 10% of all food sales @ Savour’s Gloucester location for the day will benefit GDMF.

Additional questions please contact Tonya or 907-382-4553

From Paul Boudreau Of Gran Prix Gloucester

As we prepare for this Saturday’s on-site P&D Committee meeting, I wanted to present our closing statement from the report we submitted to P&D back in January.

The following text was provided to me by Mountain Bike Advocate and Hall of Fame Inductee Peter Webber of Colorado. Please share with your readers because I believe it accurately summarizes the question the City of Gloucester needs to answer. 

"When considering any park activity, there are certainly impacts that happen, but the question is, are those impacts acceptable, and are they reasonable and appropriate in relation to the big picture of the specific park and the Park Department’s mission and management policies. One reason the park exists is for recreation.There is an impact of providing recreation. It is appropriate.

"Recreational activities have an impact on the facility.This is clearly true of field sports like football and soccer, and even golf, which are played upon unsustainable grass fields which require weekly, or even daily, maintenance as long as they exist. Playgrounds, sand boxes, flower beds, swim beaches, and trails require repair and maintenance as long as they exist. An extreme example is swimming pools, which require maintenance literally 24/7.These maintenance and repair needs are clearly acceptable to the government and public – even though they cost a huge amount month after month.We understand it is necessary, and worth it.Then why is temporary impact to Stage Fort Park not reasonable and acceptable once a year? Who bears the maintenance costs for the sports fields?The participants or event organizers? For the above cases, no. In the case of cyclocross, the event organizers have taken ownership of the repairs to the park."

We respectfully ask that the City Council please let the tradition of world class cyclocross continue in Stage Fort Park.

Best Regards,

Paul Boudreau

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