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Pre-Ordering GMG Dry-Fit Style Short & Long Sleeve Shirts Now Online

I’m Told The Shirts Are Going To Printer In Two Weeks Time.  Same Three Color Logo As The GMG Caps.  Left Front Chest Logo

The pictures you see on the Pre-order website show the multiple sized paper cut-out logos laid out on top of one of the black shirts we used to determine which size we were gonna go with.  We ended up going with the smallest understated and classy size logo size.

I only ordered a couple of each size in Large and XL. If you pre-order your size/color combo I can get those to the printer in time for the first shipment.

To Pre-Order Click Here



No compromise quality and design.

All I wear down the dock from Spring To Fall are Dry fit moisture wicking short and long sleeve shirts.  High quality, moisture and odor control for comfort.

Cotton T-Shirts are only comfy under the most perfect of conditions.  Dry-Fit shirts regulate body temperature and keep you a bajillion percent more comfortable on those hot days.

But they’re not just for hot days.  I wear my long sleeve dry fit shirts as a base layer under a cotton sweatshirt and its perfect for those cool days when you’re working hard.  Nothing worse than a cool day when you work up a sweat and then if you don’t have a dry-fit base layer that moisture just gets trapped in your cotton sweatshirt and then  once you stop working you get a horrible chill.  A dry Fit base layer regulated your body temp throughout cool and hot –sweaty/not sweaty work days.

So I ordered up three different brands because all I’m ordering is top of the line stuff that I would wear personally.  I’m crazy fussy about the gear I wear and if the GMG logo is going on something I’m just flat out insisting on the best.  Bottom line-End of story.  You can rest assured that if I’m ordering it it’s gonna be quality and these are QUALITY.

Chickity Check It! Trash Paddler’s account of The 2013 Blackburn Challenge

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Sizzling Blackburn Challenge 2013

The sun had just climbed above the horizon (at left) as I paddled down the Annisquam River to Gloucester High School where rowers and paddlers would register for this year’s Blackburn Challenge.  The event is named for Gloucester fisherman, Howard Blackburn, and it commemorates his desperate mid-winter rowing of a banks dory 60 miles to refuge back in 1883.  Howard Blackburn’s principal adversary was bitter cold temperatures that took a costly toll on his fingers and toes.  Nonetheless, he toughed it out and prevailed.  Participants in yesterday’s event faced the opposite extreme….HEAT!…and plenty of it!!!  The questions going through my pre-event mind were "is it prudent to wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) while exerting in this kind of heat?" and "do I have enough drinking water onboard?"  My answers: PFD would be strapped to my deck and 100 ounces of water proved adequate.
As participating boats congregated near the starting line, a bit of a traffic jam occurred when human powered boats of all types were passing under a raised drawbridge (most probably a "don’t do")…

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Bob Lukach Represents!

Hey Joey! The GMG mesh hat is so cool (literally). I love it. Thanks again. And thanks for reserving one of the stonewashed hat for me also.  Just email when they come in and I’ll pick it up at the dock.

Keep up the tremendous work you do with the GMG blog. It’s what we all need in these crazy times now.

Best to you and your family!

Bob Lukach

Seabrook, NH2013-07-20 10.08.54

July Block Party

Although I wished I could have stayed longer, the brief hour that I was there at the Block Party last night was so much fun. A cooling and most welcome breeze arrived just as the party began and everyone was there to have a fabulous time. Many thanks to the “Block Heads” who bring us this wonderful event–times 3! Don’t miss the next two upcoming Block Parties, August 17th and September 21st.

Kirk Family Gloucester block party ©Kim Smith 2013Kirk Family and Friends at Jalepenos

Gloucester block party  ©Kim Smith 2013Alex Becket of Dr. Bones’ Circus of Marvels

Alicia ©Kim Smith 2013 copyAlicia at her studio open house yesterday; also open Sunday from noon to 6:00

Ryan Family Gloucester block party ©Kim Smith 2013Ryan Family

Madeline and Eloise Gloucester block party ©Kim Smith 2013Eloise and Madeline

Skyler Corbett and Mom ©Kim Smith 2013Skyler Corbett and her Mom, intent on choosing a design at Toodeloos

Skyler Corbett ©Kim Smith 2013Face painting with Susan at Toodeloos

Phoenix Gloucester block party Phoenix ©Kim Smith 2013Phoenix

Melissa Cox Gloucester block party ©Kim Smith 2013Melissa Cox, with her usual sense of humor

Wonderful evening at the Main Street Block Party from Frank McCall

Hi Joey,

Thanks to GMG, Tricia and I heard about the Main Street Block Party. We arrived with our niece and nephew about 8:30pm. As we approached Main Street, I snapped the attached photo of the new public artwork project on Parsons Street with City Hall in the background. A GMG article stated the artist is James Owen Calderwood. It was a wonderful point of entry onto Main Street which was alive with entertainment, shopping, and dining. We enjoyed appetizers and a drink at LA TRATTORIA & PIZZERIA of the WEST END and then purchased a beautiful piece of artwork (stained glass by local artist Donna Amero) at Local Colors Artists’ Cooperative.  Thanks for all the great info on Good Morning Gloucester! Looking forward to picking up my stonewashed GMG Cap next week!

Best regards,

Frank McCall


Editor Note:

Here’s a link to the artist-

Community Stuff 7/21/13


What:        The Annisquam Village Players presents CHICAGO
        Adapted from the original by :
        John Kander & Fred Ebb (Music; Book/Lyrics)
        Bob Fosse (Co-Author, Original Director, and Choreographer)

        A true New York City institution, CHICAGO has everything that makes         Broadway great: a universal tale of fame, fortune and all that jazz; and
        one show-stopping song after another.  No wonder CHICAGO has been         honored with 6 Tony Awards®, 2 Olivier Awards®, and a Grammy®.

When:        Tuesday August 6 – Sunday August 11 . 2013
        All performances @ 7:30pm

Where:    Annisquam Village Hall
        36 Leonard Street, off of Route 127 North
        Annisquam village in Gloucester MA 01930

Ticket Info:    Reserved Seating $32.
        General Admission $16.

        General Admission and Reserved Seating tickets can be ordered online.
        Go to and click on Tickets.

        General Admission tickets (but not reserved seating tickets) may be         purchased after July 22nd at the following locations:
        Annisquam Exchange, 32 Leonard Street, Annisquam 978-281-0358
        The Bookstore, 61 Main Street, Gloucester 978-281-1548
        Lula’s Pantry, 5 Dock Square, Rockport 978-546-0010


The Annisquam Village Hall is air-conditioned and handicap accessible.

Refreshments served at intermission.