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Sista Felicia’s Dream Team-The Making of a Dream Cookbook

Siasta Felicia writes-

James, Cathy, and Toni
I couldn’t ask for a better team of people to work with….we have been working side by side, round the clock, making sure every last detail is perfect,…I’m so blessed to be surrounded by these amazingly talented, caring, fun and creative people…..Each have made this process an experience I will never forget. after a crazy month of deadlines, photo shoots, photo retakes, cooking, and endless editing we are still having fun, joking with one another…at 2 am for the past two nights… you know your apart of a very unique group who all thrive on being creative happy to be working in the field they most love ! This has been an incredible experience.

best team in town (3)best team in town (4)best team in town (6)

Revere Beach is Boston Stong

The first sandcastle (of over a dozen) is in process, as seen here last night, on Revere Beach. The National Sand Sculpting Festival runs Friday – Sunday July 19-21.

Photo © Kathy Chapman 2013


Live Blogging: The Hat of the Century

“Howdy Patna!” Yep, the hats are in, and on a scale of 1-10.. Ummm a 15! It’s simply the best quality eva! And if ya missed out, you will be kicking yourself in da keister when you start seeing them around town! Tell ya what, I’ll Roshambue ya for my all black one!

Blackburn Challenge this Saturday July 20, 2013

Blackburn ChallengeWatch hundreds of human powered watercraft start at Gloucester High School, down the Annisquam River then continue all the way around Cape Ann finishing into a 15 knot headwind before turning at the Dogbar Breakwater  then on to the Greasy Pole Finish line. Everyone is practicing:


That was just a piece of seaweed on my paddle right?. Accelerando to molto allegro.

Details at Cape Ann Rowing Club website click here. And a map here.

Sunday’s FREE Bandstand Concert Tops Off Perfect Gloucester Weekend

It’s a weekend of community entertainment starting tonight at Harbor Loop; then tomorrow’s Cape Ann Big Band benefit for returning veterans at Gloucester House, Saturday’s Block Party and Sunday’s Bandstand Concert at Stage Fort Park featuring Overdrive.  These Bandstand concerts are a perfect example of how to bring a celebrated, centuries old New England tradition into the 21st century.  Bravo David Benjamin!


WINDHOVER ANNOUNCES QUARRY DANCE 2 at Valley Pit quarry in Lanesville (Gloucester), Mass. on July 26th and July 27th, 2013

This just in from Ina Hahn & Lisa Hahn, Windhover Performing Arts Center in Rockport

quarrydance“Quarry Dance 1”…performed by the Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre at Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, Mass. during the summer of 2012 was so successful that Windhover Performing Arts Center (located in Rockport, Mass)  has invited choreographer, Dušan Týnek  and his New York based modern dance company to develop a second installment , “Quarry Dance 2.”

Group photo of the dance company performing

Group photo of the dance company performing

This site-specific dance will be performed at privately owned Valley Pit Quarry, located at 7 Leverett Street in Lanesville (Gloucester) on Friday, July 26 and Saturday, July 27, 2013 at 5:30p.m. and is open to the public free of charge. Contributions are welcome. Parking is available at the Lanesville Congregational Church at 1120 Washington Street across from Leverett Street on both days. Parking is also available at the Lanesville Community Center at 8 Vulcan Street on Friday, July 26thonly.  Street parking is allowed on Emerald Street, as well as on one side of Washington Street. The performance will last about one hour.

Valley Pit Quarry has a unique history because its former owner, Sylvester Ahola, a Lanesville native, was one of the most talented and famous musicians of the 1920’s and 30’s, playing lead trumpet with over a dozen big bands and making over 2,000 records. After retirement in 1940’s, he hosted many sailing parties at the quarry as a way of celebrating these man-made wonders.

Today, almost 100 years later, Dušan Týnek takes on the challenge by creating a new dance that will reflect upon this special place and generate a new and fresh narrative. The dance will move naturally through the environment using perspective and the unique architecture created by the granite ledges, overhangs, cracks, cliffs and terraces. And the dancers will also be in contact with the water, using its sounds as an additional dimension to the dance. The entire quarry and its surroundings will become a stage.

The Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre is a dynamic, contemporary dance company based in Brooklyn, NY. Recently named one of the top 5 New York City dance companies of the year by the New York Times, they have toured throughout the U.S, Europe and Russia and have recently completed a series of successful performances at Baruch College in New York City. In September, they are scheduled to perform at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary.  “ Terrific…striking…a high level of invention… Mr. Týnek is an undoubted talent.”  NYTimes

Chairs will be provided for the audience, but people are welcome to bring their own chairs too, and people are encouraged to bring their own water and/or soft drinks.

Windhover is grateful to Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation for their support and the funding which has made this event possible.  We also wish to thank the Rockport and Gloucester Cultural Councils and The Donor Advised Fund of the Boston Foundation for their important contributions, as well as our many friends and supporters. We could not have achieved this without all of you.

Ina Hahn & Lisa Hahn, Windhover Performing Arts Center in Rockport, Mass. 01966


The first event of “The Harbor Loop Concert Series” July 14, 2013. Bands were The Dejas and Digney Fignus.


The Dejas


Digney Fignus


click here to view photos and/or slide show : )

The Great Gloucester Steak Bomb Challenge

Directed by Joey Ciaramitaro, with thanks to judges Ed Collard, Chris DeWolfe, Craig Kimberley, and Brian O’Connor. Special thanks to Alicia and Chris at Mamie’s Kitchen for hosting the challenge. Thanks to Bex and Toby for all their help with keeping the competition organized.

The top four Steak Bomb challengers, voted for by the Good Morning Gloucester community, are: Cape Ann Brewing, Captain Hooks, Destino’s, and Leonardo’s.

Music ~

James Bond Theme (Dr. No)

Peter Gunn Theme

Mambo Italiano Dean Martin

Produced by Kim Smith for Good Morning Gloucester

Judges Ed Collard, Chris DeWolfe, Brian O’Connor and Craig Kimberley took their judging duty very seriously.  The one part I would say would not be a fair comparison is Cape Ann brewing based on price since their price includes fries, slaw and a pickle.  However even if you threw the value category out Cape Ann Brewing would have come in last.

Captain Hooks wins People Choice with far and away most number of nominations.

Overall Best Gloucester Steak Bomb Challenge winner Based on Value, Taste, Packaging,  Lack of Sogginess and Equal Distribution of Meat is Destinos.

Once again it was noted by all four judges that each one of these subs was a winner.  To be nominated out of all the incredible sub shops in Gloucester is in itself a testament to how great each one of these Steak Bombs are and Cape Ann Brewing, Captain Hooks, Leonardos and Destinos all deserve accolades

Thanks To Mamie’s Kitchen for providing a neutral stage for judging.  Thanks to our sub picker uppers.  thanks to Kim Smith for filming (look for her awesome video Thursday).

You’d be happy to patronize any of these fine eateries.  Today at Mamie’s Kitchen Chris will be serving up his killer Cheese Steak Sub in honor of yesterday’s competition.

Gloucester Football Team will be sponsoring their 2nd Annual Mattress Fundraiser


The Gloucester Football Team will be sponsoring their 2nd Annual Mattress Fundraiser on July 20th at the GHS Field House.  All proceeds will go towards offsetting USER FEES for our Student Athletes. 

I was wondering if you could post the flyer in your paper or on your respective websites in order to promote the event?  Any help would be appreciated, we are trying to eliminate USER FEES completely. 

Thank you again for all your support and let me know if you have any questions.

Tony Zerilli

Gloucester Football


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