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The Downtown Gloucester Block Party – This Saturday – Dine, Dance, Shop!


The sixth annual Gloucester Block Party Series kicks off this Saturday, July 20 at 6 pm on Main Street. Restaurants will expand to serve outside and stores will have extended hours. There will be live entertainment on several performance stages all evening and activities for children in the Kids’ Town section.

The Rose Baker Senior Center joins the festivities this year with a chorus coached by musician and author Jorgelina Zeoli. The group will perform at 7 pm on the Applied Materials (formerly Sovereign) Stage. The new Hometown Realtors Marketplace central area features sponsor and local business information tables, games and contests.

Performers A Little Bit Country, Honky Tonk Women of Gloucester, Lauriellen and the Boys, Inge Berg, Not that Blonde, T Max, the Alex Razden Polygroove Orchestra, Cape Ann Dance, Joe and Renee, Dr. Bones Circus of Marvels, Fraternal Combustion Engine, The Electric Ear with special guest Flag Worship will appear on three stages renamed for major sponsors: Bank Gloucester, Whitmarsh Lock & Safe and Applied Materials. Appearing at 8 pm at the Dog Bar is Ned and the Big Babies. Street performers and a surprise or two are anticipated.

Ryan and Woods Distillers will sponsor a Block Party Cocktail contest. Bartenders will use R and W products to create a signature Block Party drink. Restaurant customers may sample and vote for their favorite at the Ryan and Woods Distillery information table.

Visit for details, performer and sponsor lists, directions, videos and to reach organizers. Future Block Parties will take place again August 17 and September 21.

Cape Ann Rowing Club Blackburn Challenge this Saturday!!!

How did this sneak up on Rubber Duck? Timer says 4 days left to train! Time to get serious and kick the chipmunk family out of the scuppers and get paddling. Back by popular demand, the Rubber Duck Tracker (click). If you click now you might catch the daily training run to Stone’s Pub for the mandatory three Fishermans IPA’s as Rubber Duck figures out how this new software works and not have it drain the iPhone battery. Save the link to your smartphone and get out there and watch the race. Rubber Duck tracker goes live at 8AM Saturday. Major hint: to actually watch the race think of this dot as the end of the flotilla of 2oo plus boats. Anyone actually winning their division will be an hour or two in front of Rubber Duck. RD likes to make sure everyone makes it to the Greasy Pole finish line and the Cape Ann Rowing Club promises there will be cold beer for RD on tap at Pavillion Beach.

This will be the fourth year in a row for Rubber Duck. Here is a photo taken by Donna Ardizzoni hanging from a rope off the A. Piatt Andrew Bridge as RD paddles by last year. I almost fell in when I heard my name floating down from high above the Annisquam River.


Visit the amazing Cape Ann Rowing Club (click here) and view the 2013 registrants for the race. Check it out and sign up for next year’s race. The majority of paddlers or rowers are super serious athletes who probably ran a marathon the day before but no one will make fun of you (at least to your face) if all you want to do is finish the challenge. You get a marvelous perspective of every nook and cranny of the shoreline of the most beautiful island in the world.

Daisy and I Have a Mug Up

Written by Guest Author JoeAnn Hart ~ First Published on April 13, at Coffee with Canine.

Who is in the photo?

This is a photo of me and my dog Daisy. I’m JoeAnn Hart, author of the novels Addled and Float, both of which have all sorts of animals in them, including dogs. We live in Gloucester, Massachusetts, although Daisy is from West Virginia, where she was picked up off the streets when she was around nine months old. I adopted her from Save A Dog in Sudbury, Ma. in 2010, so she’s still young. She’s a messy Cock-a-poo, with a miniature poodle dad, and a Cocker Spaniel grandmother, who slept around, so Daisy’s mom was only half Cocker Spaniel. We only know this because my sister is a vet and had Daisy’s DNA tested.

What’s the occasion for Coffee with a Canine?

I had to drop my husband’s car off to be repaired, and in exchange, he bought me a coffee at Lone Gull. Daisy came along for the ride. She loves the car and all the smells on Main Street, but she has to wear a harness when she goes anywhere with me. Her head is smaller than her neck, so a collar is just a place to hang her license.

What’s brewing?

I’m having a large light roast with milk. Hot, because it’s not ice coffee season quite yet.

Any treats for you or Daisy on this occasion?

I was tempted, because I love Lone Gull’s almond cookies, but resisted. No goodies for either of us. Daisy loves sweets but she puts on weight too easily to indulge her. She finds ways to indulge herself as it is. We think she was raised in a dumpster in the back of a bakery, because she cannot resist frosting. At Christmas we found her on the dining room table with her face in the whipped cream and gingerbread, but that was nothing compared to last summer, when the day after my son’s wedding we found her with all fours in the leftover cake. She is a very well-behaved dog except for this one strange obsession.

How did Daisy get her name? Any nicknames?

Daisy was the name that came with her from Save A Dog. For weeks we played around with other names and none of them fit quite as well. So Daisy she stayed. Sometimes we call her Sausage because of that weight issue. We don’t consider that an insult, and neither does she. It is simply her shape.

How were you and Daisy united?

I had lost my standard poodle, Annie, in 2009. She was 16 years old when she died and I was just too heartbroken to get another right away. When I was ready in the fall of 2010, I started looking at shelters across New England. I knew I wanted a rescue, but I needed a hair breed or mix because of allergies, and I wanted a medium-sized dog this time. It turns out that most dogs at shelters tend to be either very small or very large. I spent a lot of time searching near and far, but every time a candidate popped up, it was already taken by the time I contacted them. In December I decided to wait until late winter, when, unfortunately, many puppies given as Christmas presents are surrendered for adoption. Then, three days before Christmas, I got an email saying Daisy had just arrived at Save A Dog. I drove down there and I fell in love. She was exactly the dog I was looking for. We took her home the day before Christmas. 

Who are your dog’s best pet-pals?

She loves other dogs. She adores Gussie, my daughter’s Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, but Gussie doesn’t even look at her when she visits so we can’t call her a pal. Daisy was an only dog until this summer, when my husband got a Golden Doodle puppy, Happy. It was then we realized that Daisy loved dogs, not puppies. Happy hung on her ear all day, like a large fuzzy earring. Now Happy is older and calmer, not an annoying puppy, so they are best friends. They especially like to chase squirrels around the yard together.

What is Daisy’s best quality?

Daisy has amazingly soulful eyes. She always looks as if she’s in deep sympathy with my feelings. Then again, she looks as if she is in deep sympathy with everyone’s feelings.

If Daisy could change one thing about New Englanders, what would it be?

Daisy wishes New Englanders would make more cakes with frosting and leave them unattended. She has very powerful little thighs, so leaving them on tables is just fine with her. She’ll get there.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life in which Daisy could speak, which actors should do her voice?

Jennifer Aniston. Daisy is that sweet.

If Daisy could answer only one question in English, what would you ask her?

I’d ask her what her life was like before we met. What was she doing wandering the streets of West Virginia? I know there are a lot of puppy mills there, so I sometimes think she was tossed in a dumpster when she didn’t turn out to be a perfect Cock-a-Poo. A dumpster behind a bakery.

Another local rising star releases a HOT EP

You might recognize him as Chelsea Berry’s guitarist (see these videos) or Gary Backstrom’s drummer (see this video).  Mike Doyle is a virtuoso on both.  I once asked him which he prefered: drums or guitar.  “Do you have kids?” he replied.  “Yup,” I answered.  “Which one do you like better?”

Well Mike has a new EP and it’s certainly worth getting.  See what he has to say about it:

“The Storm Colors EP” is a 3-track EP of original music, performed by Michael Thomas Doyle and Mike Moschetto at the Office Recording in North Andover. Michael, a multi-instrumentalist, captures an ethereal, but punchy and catchy atmosphere in his debut EP. With the help of Mike Moschetto, engineering and producing the EP, Michael showcases his songwriting and arrangement abilities, as well as his virtuosity in this short-but-sweet recording. “The Storm Colors EP” is available at for digital download.

Man at the Wheel

Another shot from my photo walk with the photography workshop.  How do you take an interesting photo of something like this memorial that’s so iconic that it’s hard to be original?   It’s not easy, especially on a day with relatively boring light. I tried to make this more interesting with the processing (mostly adjusting contrast in the foreground and adding texture to the clouds to the sky), although the angle is totally conventional.

Matthew Green


Yappy Hour at Dog Bar

Yappy Hour  at DogBar from 2-4pm on Saturday, July 20, the same day as the Block Party. yappyhour

All proceeds will be divided between the Dog Park and Cape Animal Aid. Tickets are $20 per dog with up to 2 owners, and we will have goodie bags for dogs as well as prizes for best-dressed, best-behaved and most-talented (i.e. best trick) dog.  The K-9 police guys will be there and there will be a photographer doing family/dog photos.  Free appetizers for people (inside the restaurant where no dogs are allowed) and a cash bar inside the parking lot. Plenty of water for the doggies, each of whom will go home with a goodie bag.  Sponsors are Animal Krackers, Petco, Quinn’s Canine Bakery, K-9 Cuts, TD Bank and Seaport Vet. For tickets, go to or call  917-523-9163.  

Joe Lucido Celebrates his 50th Year as a Gloucester Barber

This year my father, Joe Lucido, is celebrating his 50th (yes, that’s right, 50th) year as a barber in the City of Gloucester!!! He got his start at McLean’s Barber Shop on Main Street, which is now home to Lone Gull Coffee Shop.  He opened his own shop in 1976 on Washington Street next to your grandfather’s old store, Pat’s Center Grocery (named after your mother, of course!). He has been in his current location on Washington Street since 1985.

I would like to compile all of his customer’s favorite memories or stories of my dad as a barber and surprise him with a book. If your loyal readers could send me their favorite memory (or memories) it would be greatly appreciated.  Stories and memories can be sent to

Thanks so much for your help.


Community Stuff 7/16/13

Tenth Annual Seacoast Seven Road Race Registration

FOS 2013 Race Registration Form

Harmonic Icons

1Ruth Mordecai Construction#2(Basket Series) Albert Alcalay approaching stormJuni Van Dyke untitled

Our intention at Flatrocks Gallery is to spotlight Cape Ann’s creative heritage. This month with our latest exhibition we present three prominent artists who express our intent through their art and their lives. 

Albert Alcalay, Ruth Mordecai, and Juni Van Dyke have created distinct styles that engage and challenge. Relying on vibrant color, intriguing surfaces, and compositional grace, their unique and idiomatic works evoke vivid associations in the viewer.

All three have lived and worked on Cape Ann. And all three have made significant contributions in their professional lives – Alcalay as an inspirational teacher at Harvard, Mordecai as Director of the Goetemann Artist in Residency Program for the Rocky Neck Cultural Center and Van Dyke with her tireless work as Art Director at the Rose Baker Senior Center in Gloucester. 

We are proud and excited to present these three artists in our latest show . We invite you to visit and see for yourself why we have named it HARMONIC ICONS.

July 10 – July 28 

opening reception July 20, 6-8pm

Flatrocks Gallery 77 Langsford St Gloucester, MA

978-879-4683 Wed.-Sun. 12-5