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Vote For Your Choice For New Dri- Fit GMG Shirts

All I wear down the dock from Spring To Fall are Dry fit moisture wicking short and long sleeve shirts.  High quality, moisture and odor control for comfort.

Cotton T-Shirts are only comfy under the most perfect of conditions.  Dry-Fit shirts regulate body temperature and keep you a bajillion percent more comfortable on those hot days.

But they’re not just for hot days.  I wear my long sleeve dry fit shirts as a base layer under a cotton sweatshirt and its perfect for those cool days when you’re working hard.  Nothing worse than a cool day when you work up a sweat and then if you don’t have a dry-fit base layer that moisture just gets trapped in your cotton sweatshirt and then  once you stop working you get a horrible chill.  A dry Fit base layer regulated your body temp throughout cool and hot –sweaty/not sweaty work days.

So I ordered up three different brands because all I’m ordering is top of the line stuff that I would wear personally.  I’m crazy fussy about the gear I wear and if the GMG logo is going on something I’m just flat out insisting on the best.  Bottom line-End of story.  You can rest assured that if I’m ordering it it’s gonna be quality.


So I got three different brands in. One just flat out sucked but the other two were sweet.

The part I’m stuck on is guessing if people would rather have long sleeve or short sleeve and if I should go with white or navy shirts.

Ed says that the people that want to be comfortable in the summer would want to get whit short sleeve for maximum cooling and comfort.

I get that but I like the lining properties of the long sleeve as a base layer for fall winter and spring.  When you work the dry fit base layer also allows for movement between the dry fit base layer and whatever you have on top of it.  it’s not restrictive when you have an active job to do or have an active lifestyle.

DSC09881Black or White or Navy With a Light Blue GMG Homie Logo Left Chest Pocket.

Shirt Features:

  • Roomy, athletic cut and controls sweat like a champ.
  • Removable tag for comfort
  • Double-needle sleeves and hem

If there is a certain style Shirt You Really Think We Should Think About Getting Leave Your Comment Below.

I’ve also been considering a fitted cotton t shirt for women.  I’ve seen some really nice ones that are way more flattering than the Haynes ones I normally buy.  Let me know if this is something you guys (meaning women) want.

Also the Hats Should Be In By The End Of July and I’ll Be Shipping Them Out To You ASAP unless you would like to pick it up.

Rockport Farmers Market

Some photos from the Rockport Farmers Market, held on Saturdays from
9am-1pm at Harvey Park, Rockport.


Angela Cook submits these photos from the Rockport Farmer’s Market-



Snapshots from Guest Contributor, Daughter Liv

Liv photo

Liv was at the MLB All Star Gala last night and shares these snapshots from her phone. She reports “…4,000 people on the Intrepid and adjacent pier…these are pix of the pier. It was so beautiful, very cool place for a party!!! The Roots played and there was even a full firework display on the Hudson.”


Thanks for sharing Liv and looks like so much fun. I love the Roots and imagine it must have been gorgeous on the Hudson at sunset!!

Still time to save money on Rockport Music’s 13-14 season

You’ve heard of season tickets, right?  Over the past few years, theatres and music venues have improved on that concept, offering something they call Flex Subscriptions, which are better than season tickets:

  • You get the best seats.
  • You don’t have to buy a ticket to every concert in the season in order to save money.
  • You can cherry pick the concerts you want to see by selecting from all concerts presented during the entire season.
  • You can exchange one concert for another after you purchase tickets.

As you might expect, Cape Ann’s #1 award-winning music venue, Shalin Liu Performance Center offers Flex Subscriptions, which are now on sale for their 2013-2014 season.  And they’ve added an additional benefit — you don’t pay any processing fee for additional concerts you add to your Flex Subscription.  Plus, at Rockport Music, all you have to do is buy tickets to 4 different concerts to save 10% (see details here).  If you’ve been following our early warning posts, you’ll know that Rockport Music concerts usually sell out.  So check out their season below and go buy your tickets now.  Then you can relax!


Twinkies are Back!


“After months of uncertainty and the patience-testing absence of America’s iconic cylindrical treat on supermarket shelves, it’s finally official — the Twinkie has returned! According to the Chicago Tribune, Twinkies, as well as a few other Hostess cake favorites, are rolling out nationwide today for the first time since Hostess shuttered and caused an eight-month-long Twinkie lull. While the snacks have in fact made it back to shelves, fans should take note that the new Twinkie owners, Apollo Global Management and C. Dean Metropoulos and Company (which bought Hostess cakes, including Ho Hos and Ding Dongs, for $400 million), have changed the recipe. The new cakes now have a longer shelf life. Instead of 26 days of freshness, the altered variety will last for 45. There’s no word yet on whether or not the recipe change has affected that classic Twinkie taste. ”

Will you buy the new Twinkies?



Blackburn Open Studios Sat 7/20 & Sun 7/21

Blackburn Open Studios

Save the Date! This Saturday and Sunday from 12-6 we will be hosting open studios in the Blackburn building, 2 Main Street, Gloucester. Stop on by, say hi, browse our work and have some snacks!

Come through the parking lot to the entrance at the back/side of the building and take the elevator up toe the third floor.

I will have my vintage shop, Madcap Style, open so come and visit me on the 3rd floor! I will be adding lots of new summer clothes and accessories too.

Here’s the event on Facebook:

I hope to see you there!


Cape Ann Residents Celebrate Natti Woodland Conservation Initiative

Cape Ann residents, municipal leaders, and conservation partners joined together to celebrate the permanent protection of the Natti Woodland, a 20-acre parcel located in the North Gloucester Woods. A dedication event was held on Thursday, July 11, and included remarks, a ribbon cutting, light refreshments, and a guided walk in the woods. Speakers included Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk, representatives from Essex County Greenbelt, New England Forestry Foundation, and the Natti family.

The Natti Woodland is named after Erik and Theresa Natti, who sold the land for conservation to Essex County Greenbelt and New England Forestry Foundation in December 2012. The initiative will further Gloucester’s priority conservation plans for the North Gloucester Woods and the Dogtown area. The parcel provides a key link in a proposed network of municipal and privately held conservation properties in Dogtown and is rich in biodiversity and cultural history. The land also contributes to the watershed for Gloucester’s public water supply.

“Today is a celebration of the community’s commitment to conservation. We come together as a community, with a promise to future generations,” stated Mayor Carolyn Kirk under a canopy of trees and amidst a gathering of 70 people.

It’s wonderful to know this property is protected forever,” commented Erik Natti. The conserved land has been an integral part of the Natti’s family life, and a place where they, their sons and extended family spent so much of their time growing up.

Essex County Greenbelt and New England Forestry Foundation will jointly own and manage the Natti Woodland, which is adjacent to the Foundation’s Norton Memorial Forest with 121 acres. Trails throughout the properties and are well suited for hiking and mountain-biking and are open the public. Outdoor recreationists may also wander past “Dragon Rock,” the namesake for Theresa Natti’s favorite forest destination — a large boulder resembling a dragon’s head. The Woodland addition will provide enhanced access to the properties, with a small parking area and a designated trailhead, as well.

The Natti Woodland initiative demonstrates a successful collaborative effort among the conservation organizations and the Natti family. By working together, the partners provide a true forest legacy to the Cape Ann community for generations to come.


Mayor Carolyn Kirk cuts the ribbon to dedicate the Natti Woodland, a 20-acre newly-conserved parcel of land in the North Gloucester Woods. Mayor Kirk is pictured with Bob Perschel of the New England Forestry Foundation and Ed Becker of Essex County Greenbelt on the right, and members of the Natti family on the left. (Photo courtesy of Essex County Greenbelt.)

Just Talked To A Fisherman Who Told Me There Was Only One Boat’s Landings On The Gloucester Auction Today

2013-07-15 06.11.37-1

That just completely blows my mind. There’s no Saturday or Sunday Auctions so that means that from Friday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning there was only one trip?

Are you fucking kidding me?

When we were handling fish just 10 years ago Monday morning was a shit show with us wondering how the hell we were going to get the three days of fish all into Boston for market. Monday mornings If be loading our huge box truck to the gills making two-three trips into town delivering the weekends fish.

And that was only our joint.  There was Mortillaros, John B Wright, Old Port Seafood,Ocean Crest, Three Lantern and Pigeon Cove handling 20-30 boats each as well.

And its reduced to this?
A Monday in July with flat ass seas to fish in and only one landing on the Auction for 3 whole days?????


Its over.

Stick a fork in it.

For comparison’s sake-

Gloucester MA Fish Landings August 20, 1917- Over 5 Million Pounds. Aug 21, 2012 Gloucester MA 97,300 Pounds. Less Than 2% of the landings in 1917 were landed in 2012

Posted on September 9, 2012 by Joey C

Community Stuff 7/15/13


The Schooner ARDELLE is pleased to join Maritime Gloucester’s
ever-popular Coastal Explorers summer program! During this children’s
program, mornings will be spent conducting explorations of Gloucester
Harbor aboard the Schooner ARDELLE, while afternoons will be hosted in
Maritime Gloucester’s labs and Aquarium.  The cost of this five-day
program is $500, and $450 for Maritime Gloucester members. Space is
limited, register today!
Coastal Explorers (Ages 9-12)
July 22-26, 8:30-3:00
Full info/registration:
Coastal Explorers II (Ages 13-16)
July 29-August 2, 8:30-3:00
Full info/registration:
Students will discover the science of Gloucester’s marine life through
various hands-on activities.  Plankton tows will be conducted off the
Ardelle, which will be looked at in our video microscope lab.  From
high-speed copepods to larval sea worms, you never know what kinds of
microscopic life will be found!  While exploring the harbor, we’ll
keep our eyes open for unusual seabirds and look at the seafloor using
underwater cameras.  In our Aquarium, students will learn all about
the habitats and adaptations of Gloucester’s various fishes,
invertebrates and seaweed.  Stingray-like skates, unusual lobsters,
and American eels can be found in habitat tanks, while sea stars,
crabs, and mollusks can be held in our Touch Tanks.  In our classroom,
we’ll further explore sea creatures by viewing amazing dry specimens
of coral, whales’ teeth, giant lobster claws, and large seashells.
In addition to marine biology, students will learn all about
Gloucester’s maritime heritage.  The Schooner Ardelle is a traditional
wooden vessel, and kids will learn all about its construction from its
builder Captain Harold Burnham of the Essex Shipbuilding Museum.  From
raising the schooner’s sails to learning the basics of charts and
navigation, many aspects of seafaring will be explored.  The tradition
of lobstering will be also be a focus, as the Ardelle also functions
as a lobstering boat.  By experiencing our new giant-sized
walk-through lobster trap, studnets will discover how lobsters are
caught.  In our galleries, we’ll learn about shipwrecks, sail power,
and offshore sea life including whales.  Additional projects,
experiments, and explorations will be offered throughout the week as


Call for Submissions:
?Getting Around in Essex County: Chebacco Boats and Beyond?
To help mark the fifteenth birthday of our Chebacco Boat replica 
"Lewis. H. Story", the Essex Shipbuilding Museum is calling for 
submissions of artwork, writing,and memorabilia having to do with 
getting around in our beautiful county. We will be assembling an 
exhibit in late July in a gallery adjoining the Orientation Center at 
the Museum. This exhibit is supported by a Partnership Grant from the 
Essex National Heritage Commission. For more information email:  or call: 978-768-6441. Please 
use "Summer Exhibit" in your subject line.


Thanks, Joey, for mentioning the Gloucester Garden Tour today.  I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.  Thank you Harvard Club of the North Shore and The Gloucester Garden Club for the lovely gardens displayed today,  and to Kim Smith for designing the beautiful Butterfly gardens around the Harbor Walk.  Attached a couple of photos.

Sandy Chadwick

DSCF1087DSCF1139Along the Harbor Walk