Chef Huey Has Some Nice Things To Say


Hello from Seattle Joey…

Just found your site Today after reading about the 20lb lobster caught recently by "Jacob across the street" 🙂

I have spent a couple hours on your site and have had lots of laughs… Thanksgiving video, dodgeball, your Sista Felicia’s Aranici recipe!

All are fantastic… The Humor is great and on the Fav Posts. I almost pissed my pants with the "Elephant in the Room" Camel Toe one…

Oh shit is that good… I have passed that one on to my good buddies and all have hailed me to find the funny of the week…

Keep up the good work…

Your newest fan from the West Coast "Seattle"



a.k.a Chef Huey…

Have you read through the Fav posts available at the top of the blog on the tab labeled aptly enough- “Fav Posts”

You can see it here-

It’s a collection of some of my favs and what Chef Huey was referring to in his email.

If you have a friend that doesn’t know about GMG please send the link along so they can get a feel for the fun we have around here.

Thanks, Joey



Today we finished up our time in Kafue National Park with an early morning exploration of the Kafue River.  We then flew back to Livingstone airport and took a minibus to Hwange National Park, Zibabwe’s largest, by way of Victoria Falls. (More later).

Among the highlights at Huange was being surrounded by a herd of elephants who stuck their trunks and tusks inside our vehicle, tried to devour our two-way radio antenna and who were generally rambunctious. In hindsight, great fun.

Life’s a Beach

announcement_marion hall 2013 copy

Saturday, July 13 – Friday, July 26th Manchester watercolor artist, Marion Hall, will be exhibiting her beautiful beach and seaside watercolor paintings at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 3. 

There will be an Opening Reception on Sunday, July 14th from 2-5:00pm. 

E.J. Lefavour

Getting Ready for the Gloucester Garden Tour

Jay Ramsey Farm Creek © Kim Smith 2013

Jay Ramsey (right) and crew Mauricio (left) and Mike (center)

On Tuesday, Jay Ramsey and his hard-working and dedicated crew from Farm Creek Landscaping, Mike and Mauricio, spent the morning whipping the HarborWalk Gardens into shape for Saturday’s Gloucester Garden Tour. I will be giving guided tours of the butterfly gardens at the HarborWalk on Saturday at 1:00 and at 2:00. The tours will begin under the Tulip Trees in St. Peter’s Square.

Purple Prairie Clover Dalea purpurea © Kim Smith 2013 copy

Purple Prairie Clover (Dalea purpurea)

One of  the more fanciful North American wildflowers that you’ll see on the tour is the Purple Prairie Clover (Dalea purpurea), which is just beginning its florescence; typically July through August. With elegant, thread-like ferny foliage and charming one-inch flowerheads, this member of the Legume Family (Fabaceae) also adds nitrogen to the soil. The seeds of Dalea purpurea are enjoyed by many songbirds and the nectar-rich rose-purple and gold flowers are attractive to myriad species of butterflies and bees. Purple Prairie Clover grows well in average garden loom, as well as sandy soil, and it is often used for erosion control. Dalea purpurea grows a deep taproot and, once established, it is nearly impervious to drought.

Visit the Gloucester Garden Tour website for information on ticket sales.

Coneflower and Bee -2 © Kim Smith 2013Echinacea and Bee at the HarborWalk

Don’t even think about the weather — just get out and have fun tonight!

HarborLoopCrowdJust because you can get the weather on your phone doesn’t mean the prediction has gotten any better.  As of right now, tonight’s Harbor Loop Concert is cancelled due to bad weather.  It was raining when we talked to Bradley Royds about this, but the sun is coming out now.  You just never know what’s going to happen, so be sure to check the local live music listings for last minute changes.

Gloucester weather may be unpredictable, but here’s a prediction you can count on: You can go out tonight — every night — and have a great time without even knowing what the weather will be.  This is the advantage of living in a town with a vibrant music, entertainment & cultural scene —  something Patty Hecht pointed out at last night’s Downtown Visioning Meeting at City Hall (see Joey’s interview with Patty @ 191 Main St. here).

So don’t fret about it.  Just go downtown.  If the weather cooperates, you can sit, eat and be entertained outside.  If not, you can stroll around in the rain (kinda fun in the summer) and pop in and out of all the restaurants offering music until the wee hours of tomorrow morning (see schedule here).   And don’t forget to be grateful that you live here.

Writings by Frank L. Cox – Portuguese in Gloucester 1870 – 1938


During a visit to Main Street Arts and Antiques at 124 Main Street, David the proprietor, and also a GMG Contributor, showed me some old writings by his father Frank.

These writings were for the United States WPA (Work Project  Administration) around 1938

Frank Cox Writer 001David thought that I may be interested in the writings, since it was about the Portuguese. I was born in the Azores and grew up here in Gloucester. I was very much interested. We both came to the conclusion, that we should capture these writings and share with others. Well we started by scanning the pages and creating a PDF document; however the old type written pages did not scan well, it was very difficult to read. Fred Buck from Cape Ann Museum encouraged us to have it transcribed.

One day I was talking to an old friend Joyce (Mitchell) Lacerda about the writings, and if she knew anyone who could transcribe the writings, she then offered to do it..

We added some photos and maps, and did some formatting for easy reading, but did NOT change Frank’s style or wording.

The final draft was printed, we than gave some copies to Cape Ann Museum.

We even sold a few to people that were interested, for about $20, which is basically our cost.  I believe David still has a few in his shop.

Frank also wrote about the “Finns in Gloucester”, which we are currently compiling.

Great news! Ricky “King” Russell is jumping’ into the pool with us. Along with Cheryl Arena and Ed Scheer. Don’t miss it! Tonight at The Rhumb Line 8:30pm


Dave says,

It was a much needed week off. Finally had time for some maintenance and a new sleeve job.Had my brakes removed, too. Now we’re back with a great lineup for the rest of the summer.
So, let’s welcome back Ms. Cheryl Arena, that shit-kickin’ former Texass gal with the big harp and the bigger repertoire. She’s comin’ so look out. Try not to spill your drink while she regales you with her own upbeat blend of the finest toons that money can’t buy. Furthermore, Mr. Edd Scheer, that baddie of the eggbeaters will be providing the 60 cycle hum that’ll  thrill you to the bottom of your big toe. We’re gonna make him sing a lot, keep him on his other toes. As of yet, the dragnet hasn’t picked up a suitable suspect for the guitar chair, but rest assured, he’ll be a homunculus where it counts.  Bring your glutes, and  a couple Ace bandages. Remember: we hit at 8:30. Thursday 7.11.2013

Cheryl Arena

ricky king russell

courtesy photos


Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732


EJ Curated Our Show At Castle Manor Inn Which Opens Tuesday

Looking forward to Tuesday Night’s Show Opening At Castle Manor Inn.  I have a few pieces as well as many of your GMG favorites.  EJ will no doubt chime in with more of the deets

Hi Joey,

Attached are some photos of your exhibit at Castle Manor.  The opening reception will be Tuesday, July 23 from 5-7:00.

Joey C exhibit copy

Here’s some of the video I shot just as the new owners took over-

Click below for the video tour-


also here for their website-


click to play the video


View albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView album

The Dress Code – the 2nd-hand store series continues!

Continuing my series on second-hand stores in the Gloucester-Rockport area, today we make a virtual visit to The Dress Code! (159 Main St.)

_The Dress Code façadeThe Dress Code is a consignment store that specializes in women’s clothing and accessories, although they also have some men’s clothing and other items.  Very often they welcome visitors with a rack of clothes outside the front door:

_The Dress Code 3 dollar rackI have been in here a few times looking for men’s clothes (including the first tie I’ve worn in 20 years), and the staff has always been welcoming and helpful. Here are some photos of the inside of the store:

They are open Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM, and Sunday 12PM-5PM.

Next up in the series: The Eco Boutique!

Matthew Green

Local Twitterati Report 7/11/13

Yacht STONEFACE Photos From Anthony Marks

Hi Joey
I was out driving around the water front last night and came upon
this Yacht docked at Cruise Port Gloucester. The yacht is STONEFACE
from Ft. Lauderdale Fla.
Best  Anthony Marks

It also has it’s own webpage with all the stats on Super Yacht Times-


Community Stuff 7/11/13

Support our local veteran’s homecoming as you spend an evening dockside with the Cape Ann Big Band. Friday, July 19th in the Gloucester House’s CafĂ© Seven Seas. Doors at 6:30, Concert at 7:00. Tickets are $15 each and proceeds benefit the Major Fred W. Ritvo Veteran’s Center and their efforts to aid today’s veterans. To purchase tickets, please call Connie Condon at 978-283-4098 or The Gloucester House at 978-283-1812


Generous Gardeners have been weeding at the public gardens along Stacy Blvd.
known as the Perennial Garden Series.

GGT gardens 1
They are getting these gardens in shape for the Gloucester Garden Tour this
Saturday, July 13, 2013 from 10:00 to 4:00.
Support this community service event by buying a ticket to view six private
gardens in the West Gloucester and Biskie Head Point area along with the
public gardens near Stage Fort Park.
All the profits will benefit the Butterfly Gardens along the new HarborWalk
and the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial and Gardens.
Buy tickets online at or this Saturday at the tent located at exit 12 off 128 (Grand Banks Parking
Many thanks to all the wonderful local sponsors and dedicated gardeners that
have helped make a difference in this community.
Anyone interested in helping maintain the Perennial Garden Series can meet
us this Thursday near the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial on Stacy Blvd from
9:00am to 11:00am. Bring gloves and hand tools or use our extras.
Hope to see many of you for the tour on Saturday. The weather forecast looks


garden 3


Hey Joey,

Might you remind people about my fundraising Comedy, Live Music, Silent Auction Night this Thursday, July 11th, starting at 6pm. Located at Mile Marker One – Cape Ann’s Marina Resort.

Attached is flyer.  Hope to see you and all the GMG fans.

Thanks again,