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"Viva San Pietro" From Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon

Hi Joey, Here is my Fiesta Story. The Heart of Fiesta: Prayer for our Fisherman.
My son, Hilary, actually had you  post my pictures before, but they are so beautiful,
I like to  look at them over again. Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon
PS. My Father’s side Frontiero Family is having an informal reunion at the
Cupboard on Stage Fort on Thursday, June 11 from 4-5 pm
My mother’s side the Piscitello’s are having a Grand Reunion on
Sunday, July 14th at Stage Fort Park. My mother  was the first born of 11 children.
I will send pictures and an account of the Grand Affair Piscitello Reunion..


“Viva San Pietro”              Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon 6/2013

Another Fiesta, another joy for Gloucester, starting with the nine day novena. I participated with my friends at American Legion Hall.
The ladies look forward to this annual event. Seeing old friends again. Rose Verga is the organizer of this pre-fiesta program. She reads a verse from the Bible, followed  with prayer to St. Peter for his intercession in keeping our fisherman safe, praying for our beautiful city of Gloucester and many prayers for healing, receiting each name of people in need of prayer.  We recite the rosary in Italian and sing our traditional Sicilian hymns .The service last for one hour. Renewing friendships over coffee and wonderful pastries each evening. On the ninth day, Tuesday evening our Pastor Father Kiley celebrated Mass. After mass our traditional  cassata cake was served. Our new St. Peter’s pins were distributed  Then the statue of St. Peter was taken down from the altar on the stage of the American Legion hall. We had a procession, chanting “Viva San Pietro,” all he way down  14 Beach Court  to Pavilion Beach.  After a dedication ceremony, the St. Peter‘s statue was taken back to the St. Peter’s Club on Roger St. On Friday evening the ladies  accompany the St. Peter statue in another procession  to St. Peter’s  place of honor on the altar in St. Peter’s Square.

So many memories and stories to tell of Fiesta’s in the past. I have seen 83 of the 86 fiesta’s, I remember seeing a group of fishermen wives and families seated in a circle on Commercial St., praying for nine days to St. Peter for his  intercession to bring their loved ones safely home from their fishing trips. proceeding St. Peter’s fiest day on June  29th. In later years beautiful ornate altar’s were erected on this spot. Every year an Italian man came from Boston with his sons and put the masterpieces altars together, mostly with paper, foil and pins. Each year the altar was different and took a month to erect. I have so many precious memories of 14 Beach Court, where my Dad lived before he married my mother. This was our family gathering place for Fiesta. My grandfather, Paul Frontiero and my Aunt Vincie made us all feel so special. Lots of cold drinks, cookies, sandwiches, everyone together having a good time. My dad had seven siblings, all had large families. I have lots of cousins. I loved watching the seine boat races on Pavilion Beach, the greasy pole, many contest for children, the procession on Sunday  and the fireworks on Sunday night.  Big set pieces fireworks on the beach followed by the American Flag display. Sometimes we would climb out my grandfather’s  bedroom window on to a little ledge for a bird’s eye view. Recently I looked up at that little ledge and wondered how all the kids were able to fit on that little ledge.

Uhmmmm, Tomorrow Is The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market–Must Attend IMO

Don’t be the dope that misses out.


Like ‘em

It’s one of those things.  You go and it’s beautiful weather, in a beautiful location, surrounded by a ton of super friendly people.  Maybe you buy a bunch of stuff, maybe you don’t but I guarantee that you’ll be glad you went.

You can’t help but enjoy the positivity and smiles all over that place.

Rumor Has It Sista Felicia’s Iced Tea Will Be Served.



St. Peters Fiesta 2013 Submissions (Part One) From Jay Smiledge

Hi Joey & GMG:

Here are my submissions for this years St. Peters Fiesta.

Have a great day.

Jay Smiledge

Cape Ann Imagery


P1060240 copy

This episode shows our departure from Santawani Camp in the Okavango Delta of Botswana, our flight in a 5 passenger puddle jumper to Kasane where we boarded a bus to the Zambezi River where we crossed over in a small boat to Zambia

We then boarded another bus which took us to the Livingstone Airport where another light plane was waiting to fly us to Kafue National Park and our tented camp that would be our home for the next three days.

After extricating ourselves from a mud hole during a game drive, we had the extraordinary experience of seeing four leopards in one place. A young male had killed a crown crane only to be confronted by a senior male. The youngster calmly dropped his prey which was quickly snatched up by the older cat who retired to the brush for a private dinner.

Twentythirteen at Rocky Neck

2013 exhibit



Stevie Black/ Marketing Director


The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck Presents An Exhibition entitled, “twentythirteen” Selections by Ms. Blythe Hazen, of Montserrat College of Art, on view through August 4, 2013 June 10, 2013 – Gloucester MA – Works by eighteen artists in a wide variety of media have been selected for the “twentythirteen” exhibition on view from July 11 through August 4 at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street, Gloucester. Hours are from 12–6 PM, Thursday through Sunday and the public is invited to a reception on Saturday, July 13 from 4-6 PM.

Juror Blyth Hazen, professor of art at Montserrat College of Art, selected the work for

“twentythirteen” from submissions to an open call for entries sent to artists from Boston to the North Shore. 18 works of art were selected from more than 130 submitted. Works on view are those by Beverly Arsem, David Barber, John Carney, Kathy Chapman, Anne Cowman, Nicole Dahlmer, Nina Fletcher, Margaret Furlong, Kim Gulino, Bob Hesse, Susan Johnson, Jane Keddy, Elynn Kroger, Katia Mason, David McCoy, Leila Namin, Lois Tarlow and Juni Van Dyke. Seven of the artists are from Gloucester, but most are new to the Cultural Center; some hail from as far away as Jamaica Plain, Newton and Worcester. Four artists will be honored with gift certificates, compliments of Blick Art Materials.

Professor Hazen was “drawn to work that articulated or played with space and the related qualities of light and scale.” She revealed in a juror’s statement, “While the works I selected for this exhibit are not particularly about seaside life, they are all in some way about how the ocean has impacted my awareness of space and place.”

She continued to observe, “I am attracted to the abstract space formed by the colors and grays in Beverly Arsem’s quilt and the macro-micro worlds of Lois Tarlow and Juni Van Dyke’s 2D compositions. I have a similar interest in Katia Mason’s paper constructions. There are atmospheric spatial plays in both Elynn Kroger’s abstract landscape and Bob Hesse created a fantastical space composited from images of real places. Lelia Namin’s woman knitting, invites a rather odd yet intriguing psychological space.”

“I selected three photographs, each with a different twist. Susan Johnson’s “Swampscott”, pops in and out of deep and flat space. Nicole Dahlmer’s photograph is of an object of unknown scale. Kathy Chapman’s “Essex Garden” is seen as if in compressed space/time. Kim Gulino and David Barber both present more humorous works that play with the notion of bodies in space. Jane Keddy’s painting of a shoreline hints of space by overlapping and downsizing distant objects but at the same time flattens space with solid color. Anne Cowman and Margaret Furlong’s simplified landscapes use color and light to make us feel the distant horizon or overpowering sky. Last but not least the sculptures of John Carney, David McCoy and Nina Fletcher, though made from very different materials cut through and carve out interesting places in actual spaces.”

The Rocky Neck Art Colony is honored to show such diverse work. Viewers will find sculpture and prints, quilts and photographs; the range of media make the show interesting in itself and well worth the trip to Rocky Neck this summer.



Sculptures, Prints, Quilts, & Photographs

Exhibit runs from July 11 – August 4, 2013

Thursdays – Sundays, 12–6 PM

Meet The Artists Reception

Saturday, July 13, 2013, 4–6 PM

The Cultural Center At Rocky Neck

6 Wonson Street, Gloucester MA 01930

Check here for Rocky Neck Art Colony exhibitions and special events.

About Rocky Neck Art Colony

The crown jewel of Gloucester’s harbor community, Rocky Neck is home to mostly year-round residents and has a thriving summertime population of artists, art galleries and restaurants, and the Rocky Neck Art Colony, one of the oldest working art colonies in the United States and a 501(c)3 arts organization since 1973. Rocky Neck recently became one of the first five “Designated Massachusetts Cultural Districts” in the state of Massachusetts; this designation denotes past traditions and contemporary vibrancy along with the area’s orientation towards a local creative economy. The mission of the Rocky Neck Art Colony is to nurture excellence in the visual arts and to celebrate the artistic culture of Rocky Neck and the entire Cultural District.

Local Cape Ann buses and seasonal trolleys serve the area and the Gloucester Harbor Water Shuttle makes it easy to visit East Gloucester by water.

Come Join Me for a Guided Tour of the Butterfly Gardens at the HarborWalk

Please come join me on Saturday, July 13th, at 1:00 and at 2:00, for guided tours of the butterfly gardens at the Gloucester HarborWalk. The guided tour is included in the cost of the ticket for the Gloucester Garden Tour. Please feel free to email me with any questions about the butterfly garden tour at the HarborWalk at

One of my favorites, and in bloom now at the HarborWalk Gardens, is the stunning North American native wildflower Culver’s Root or Veronicastrum virginicum. The plant typically grows to five feet and, when in flower, creates a lovely, airy candelabrum effect. Culver’s Root prefers full sun and moist well-drained soil. When I was there checking on the gardens several days ago all manner of bees and butterflies were nectaring from the diminutive florets of the spikey racemes of the Veronicastrum.

Veronicastrum virginicum Culver's Root ©Kim Smith 2013Veronicastrum virginicum and Cabbage White Butterfly, Gloucester HarborWalk Butterfly Garden

Monarch Butterfly Migration Through Gloucester Reader Question

GMG Reader Becky Edleman writes:

“Hello! I was emailing you to inquire about the monarch butterfly migration that comes through Gloucester. I recently moved to MA and was told that the butterflies migrate through that area, but have found little evidence as to when this usually occurs. After doing some googling I came across your website discussing the migrating monarchs many times. If you have any information for me as to when I should plan to come up and where to go I would really appreciate it! I love reading your articles and am eager to find out more about the migration pattern! Thank you!”

Monarch Awakening ç Kim Smith 2012

Hi Becky ~ Thanks for writing and wonderful to know you found us through a Google search! The Monarch Butterfly migration through our region is not an exact science. The “when” of the migration depends on may variables including the success of their breeding during July and August, air temperature, and wind flow. When I look back through my records, I would say, generally speaking, we have the greatest number of Monarchs migrating though Gloucester beginning around the second week of September through October 1st. The butterflies are are found in  gardens and wildflower fields and meadows throughout our region. You can often see clusters near the Eastern Point Lighthouse.

Do you have space for a garden? If so, and you would like to attract the migating Monarchs to your garden, plant nectar-rich flowers that are in bloom during their migration. Seaside Goldenrod, New England Aster, and Smooth  Aster are just three gorgeous Massachusetts native wildflowers that will attract the Monarchs to your garden.

I hope you’ll stop by the dock and get a GMG sticker when you are visiting!

Tonight’s Music Lineup – What a lineup!!

Check online for the latest updates

Check online for the latest updates

TONIGHT, Wednesday, July 10, 2013

John Rockwell 7:00 pm Listen to John Rockwell JOHN ROCKWELL

special guest David Brown
3 Duncan Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978.281.3997

7:00 pm Listen to Allen Estes ALLEN ESTES

with Dylan Estes
2 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-879-4622


with Dave Mattacks, Jesse Williams & Rusty Scott
285 Cabot St, Beverly, MA 01915

Phone: 978-921-2233

Fly Amero 8:00 pm Listen to Fly Amero FLY AMERO

dinner w/ Fly and a special guest Jon Butcher & Chris Pierce
40 Railroad Ave, Gloucester, MA

Phone: 978-283-9732

Spring Awakening 8:00 pm SPRING AWAKENING

Cape Ann Resident Discount- $20, Call 978-281-4433
267 East Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-281-4433

9:00 pm  CRAZY JAY

65 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-281-6565

dennis monagle 9:00 pm Listen to dennis monagle DENNIS MONAGLE

Monagle Sessions featuring Megan McKenzie, Ed Spargo and Jeff Buckridge
25 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-281-0223


Reggae on the High Sea – Saturday July 27th

flyer 2013 copy
Come one come all to the Reggae Bashment on The High Seas. Bring your friends for a beautiful night of dancing and socializing on the ocean. Music provided from renowned Reggae DJ’s Lion Pride Sound bringing you the best in Roots, Dancehall, Ska and Lovers Rock Reggae Music. This is not an event to be missed. Tickets are $20 and are available before hand or at the boat. Cruise leaves at 7PM SHARP from te 7 Seas Whale Watch at 63 Rogers ST in Gloucester MA

Check online for the latest updates

Check online for the latest updates

Attention: Cigar and Rum Sail Aboard The Lannon Postponed

Hi Joey,

Thursday night’s Cigar and Rum sail on the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon has been postponed out of respect for our fearless leader and his family. Joey’s father-in-law passed away. We extend him and his family our deepest sympathy.

We will reschedule the sail in August and will surely keep you posted.


Kay and Tom Ellis,
Bob Ryan
Paul Giacalone

Matthew Green Photo

St Peter’s Fiesta 5K Race – Runners Faces at End of Race

The faces of the 5K Race at the Race. (Exhausted, Happy, Tired, Jubilant, Challenged, Proud, ect ect ect)

Find yourself or your friends, in over 200 faces captured as they approached the Finish line.

THIS is the place to get your Frozen Yogurt- Café Bishco- and it isn’t even close!

2013-07-08 18.32.45

I’m an idiot (surely no surprise to anyone who reads here regularly)

All spring we’ve been heading to Pinkberry for our Frozen Yogurt and paying out the butt when all along under our noses Café Bishco has been serving better FROYO with MORE topping choices for WAY LESS MONEY.

People had mentioned it when we broke the news about Orange Leaf coming to town but I’m noot sure why it didn’t register (probably that whole Joey’s and idiot thing again)

But let me tell you this- my FROYO was at least double the size I get at Pinkberry for at least 30% less money.

And the laundry list of stuff they will put in there is wayyyyy longer than the list they have at Pinkberry.

Get your Froyo ass on down and see what I’m talking about.


Origami class for kids at Art Haven tomorrow, 3:30PM

Tomorrow there is an an origami class for kids scheduled at Art Haven, 3:30-5PM! But no one has registered yet, so the content and level of difficulty of the class is entirely flexible according to the needs and interests of those who sign up.

So, for example, if your child (or a child you know) has an origami book and has stopped using it because he/she is stuck on a difficult model or discouraged, register them for the class and bring them with the book in question! I will help them through whatever difficulty they may be facing, and we can fold some model(s) from the book with the other students.


A glimpse at part of my own origami library…

Or, we can do basic water-themed origami, learning things like how to make a paper cup that holds water, origami boats that float, and the (in)famous “water bomb” that you can full up and throw like a water balloon! And maybe jumping frogs, made out of business cards. They are fairly easy to make, and the best jumpers I know (better than the traditional jumping frog made from an ordinary square). And a fish or two…


The possibilities are endless! Contact Art Haven for details on pricing and registration, and if you do register and have a specific interest or need, let me know ahead of time so I can prepare if necessary (you can comment on this post).

Matthew Green

Pet of the Week- Moe


My name is Moe, I am a friendly five-month-old girl pup who is Hound/Australian cattle dog.   I have lots of energy and personality.

I love the outdoors and looking forward to finding a loving home – just like my Cape Ann Animal Aid family.   That is where I am right now.  The shelter is located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester.  Please check out our website at: and learn about our upcoming event.   Our third Christopher Cutler Rich Golf Tournament will be held on September 23at Bass Rocks Golf Club. Dog Day will be held Saturday, September 15 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Stage Fort Park.   We will continue to accept returnable bottles and cans on Sundays from 1-3 p.m. for our Transportation Fund.

Now back to me, I am very pretty with my lovely features and markings on my face.  If you would like to visit me, please stop on by. I like being in the kiddie pool, but I will get out as soon as I see you – or you are welcome to join me in the pool!


Can Someone Explain To Me in This Day and Age Why My Cell Phone Doesn’t Have Service In the Heart Of Main Street Gloucester


WE live in a vibrant active community full of creatives, businesspeople, fishermen, ect, ect, ect.

In my mind THERE’S NO EXCUSE to not have uninterrupted cell service all the way through Main St.

I have Sprint and there was a time when I rarely lost a call but it seems in the past couple months it’s gotten worse.

I believe they are taking comments on what you would like to see happen for downtown.

if you’re like me and think that in the year 2013 we might want to look at getting this shit corrected write in-

City officials will pull common themes from residents’ likes and grievances tonight, then engage in a discussion about those themes and solutions at another meeting Aug. 20, and develop the downtown’s plan for implementing improvements and stepping into the future at a Sept. 17 meeting.

For the life of me I don’t know why they don’t hide a cell service repeater up inside the City Hall Tower like I suggested years ago-

Attention Local Politicians- Here’s A No Brainer

Posted on September 29, 2009 by Joey C

Charge the Cell phone companies rent for the space and provide decent cell service in your most critical area of business –Down-Freakin-Town!

Grand Opening of Mary Rose Vintage Designs on Main Street


Hi Joey-

I think people may be interested in learning about a beautiful and interesting new shop named Mary Rose Vintage Design,located at 269 Main Street in Gloucester.

My son Evan ( his pictures) and I completely enjoyed ourselves at the grand opening this past Sunday.

Just step through the front door and you will instantly feel just how lovely the owner, Jackie Colussi (pictured here) is by the warmth and heart she has put into the design of her shop.

You will find that she certainly has a talent for finding unique objects with distinctive character.

Do yourself a favor and check it out!


Janet(Rice)and Evan(Shay)

image (5)image (6)image (7)

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