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Get Our Kids off the Land and Back on the Water!

Get Our Kids off the Land and Back on the Water!

old photo

The 2013 Gloucester Schooner Festival — with a record breaking 20 boats sailing this year — celebrates and honors our maritime history. At the same time, the Festival works to ensure the future of that heritage by supporting youth programs that put kids on Cape Ann waters. In 2012, the Committee provided two grants of $1,500 each to the GHS Sailing Program and The Gloucester Museum School/Project Adventure to support their on-the-water programs. Leading up to this year’s 2013 Festival, the Committee is raising funds, beyond the costs of producing the Gloucester Schooner Festival weekend, to continue such support and is seeking applications from interested organizations and groups.(We are still accepting contributions and sponsorships from businesses and individuals to make this happen.)

To apply for 2013 funds, organizations or groups are asked to complete an application and submit it by August 1, 2013 to the Gloucester Schooner Committee, c/o Maritime Gloucester, 23 Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA 01930. A copy of the application can be found at

Fish On! Mark Destino and “Friend” Laura from Cleveland Represent! At Bodin Historic Photo

Fred Bodin writes-

Fish On!

This is Laura, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, and first time visitor to Gloucester, hosted by colleague and friend Mark Destino ( They both work at Cleveland’s Ronald MacDonald House. She and Mark went out on his Uncle Jimmy’s (Destino) boat "Tuna & Egg" (named after a popular sandwich from Destino’s Subs in Gloucester). Her first lifetime cast into salt water resulted in a trophy striper measuring 34". She yelled: "Fish On!" I say: "Sign her up!" I’m thinkin’ she’s now a Glosta’ girl.


Mark Destino and friend Laura from Cleveland. Mark and I go way back – it’s always great to see him, and was also nice to meet Laura. He calls me "Uncle Fred." I call Mark a lucky man



Typically we went on two game drives a day, one starting about 6:30 AM and the other in the afternoon until dusk. We never knew what to expect.

On this day we saw ostriches, impalas, a hyena, some of the 400+ species of birds, wildebeests consorting with zebras (wildebeests have poor eyesight and rely on other species to warn them of danger) and LIONS!

We tracked and found a pride of four lions. After a few minutes a young male who was not part of the group wandered by. The four observed him closely, but the newcomer appeared not to notice them and walked off into the bush.

Help Needed Returning 5 Painted Turtles to Langsford Pond

Eastern Painted Turtle ©Kim Smith 2013GMG received the following call for help from Diane Lapin this morning. If anyone living on Langsford Pond can help Diane, please leave a comment in the comment section and I will email you Diane’s phone number. Thank you!!!


Kim Smith’s post on the Eastern Painted Turtle is quite timely.  I have a request for help from GMG.Last fall, while renovating an area of lawn that I had torn up in the spring, but never got to finishing, we accidently dug up a clutch (??) of baby painted turtles, destroying their nest.

Long story … they have been cared for a wild life rehabilitator in New Hampshire and are now ready to be released.

My neighborhood is heavily wooded and fairly large, but Langsford Pond is the pond the mother came from.  It is through the woods behind my house and difficult to traverse from here.

The 5 surviving turtles are ready to be released and I need access to the pond (near a reedy part for their protection) for their release.  Chris, the wildlife rehabilitator from NH will  be releasing them.

I know a lot of people in our ‘hood read your blog, so perhaps someone will have and be able to provide that access to us to return the babies home?
The release will be on Friday or Saturday of this week (still awaiting finalization).
As per law, the turtles must be returned to Mass and to the body of water they came from.

Perhaps a helpful GMG reader can help us secure a accessible location with lots of reeds to return the little one’s back to their home?

Warm regards,
Diane M. Lapine

Great Summer Music Outside This Week

TONIGHT, Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just Like Newman 6:00 pm JUST LIKE NEWMAN

Summer Concert Series – till 8pm
Beach Street, Manchester, MA 01944

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA 01930
Full Circle 7:30 pm FULL CIRCLE
Harbor Loop Concert Series
Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA 01930

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Summer Concert Series – till 8pm
32 Beach St, Rockport, MA 01966

7:00 pm  COMPAQ BIG BAND – Jazz
Stage Fort Park Concert Series
Hough Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930
Check online for the latest updates

Check online for the latest updates

Main Street Canal

Submitted by Fred Bodin:

We didn’t get a tornado, as predicted, but we did get heavy rain. It flooded Main Street in downtown Gloucester, and I called it the “Main Street Canal.”

Main St

Riding along the banks of the Main Street Canal

Main st 1

The storms were moving at 30 mph, and conditions for funnel clouds were popping up here and there. One was sighted in Danvers. Locals and visitors on the street were notified on their phones about the threat. Some tourists asked me what to do. I told them to find a brick building that has a bar and a wine cellar. But really, we know Jack about tornados (or even have shelters), and we tend to be cavalier about devastating hurricanes. Blizzards – Light the candles, crank up the wood stove, open the wine, and belay the shoveling until it stops. Snow storms in New England we know, I’ll take them any day over tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

6pm tomorrow night City Hall focus on downtown



the game’s afoot: fun with urban planning

Hi Joey,

Ok. So Downtown. I know, Joey, you want more block parties among other stuff! What else everyone?? What’s on the table for you? Cycling? Parking? Arts?  Jobs?

We really hope there will be a good turn-out for tomorrow’s 6PM public meeting at City Hall to discuss thoughts on downtown. All of downtown. It’ll be a good chance for everybody to knock about what they like downtown, what they think could be better, and to listen to others’ views.

Busy? The next 2 meetings will be on August 20 and September 17.

Hate to speak in public? That’s ok, too. If you have a comment, question, idea, impression…bring it, send it! Even if it’s a repeat (squeaky wheel…just sayin’) Everyone can email anytime and have voice.

Email Tom Daniel, Community Development:

No city plan is an ultimate fixed anchor.  At any window in time, planning involves simultaneous sweeping aerials along with pockets of hyper focus. Responsible cities explore multiple scenarios and need to be adaptable and resilient– and try. Cities by nature are in flux. Gloucester tries! It has heart.

We’re lucky that Gloucester has had years of a dedicated and talented community development department including folks like Tom Daniel—the current Community Development Director who is orchestrating these evenings– and former Community Development Directors Sarah Garcia (now Harbor Planning Director), Dale Brown, and others, along with responsive teams including Marie Demick, Gregg Cademartori, Matt Coogan, Steve Winslow and so many more. Thanks so much for doing this work.

More info?

GDT editorial today

Mayor’s column

Lenny Linquata’s letter

Yesterday’s clouds

Yesterday afternoon I drove from Rhode Island back up to Gloucester, and stopped several times to take photos of the clouds. In my photography workshop this afternoon at The Hive, I will be explaining (among other things) the techniques I used to bring out the contrast and detail in these photos.


Matthew Green

Community Photos 7/9/13

Len Burgess submits-

Mob scene Sunday afternoon escaping the heat

Passing Wingaersheek Beach Sunday while on the Essex Shipbuilding Museum’s schooner "L. H. Story" heading for Gloucester harbor. -Len Burgess


More from Len-

Rocky Neck–4th of July


Hi Joey & GMG:

Here are my submissions for this years St. Peters Fiesta. 

Have a great day.

Jay Smiledge- Cape Ann Imagery

Video- Unknown Sea Creatures Please Help ID

Daniel Rowe submits-

Hey Joey, I live in magnolia and frequent your blog.  Found a create washed up on south beach in Martha’s Vineyard with some strange looking creatures that appear to have made a home on the top of the lid.  Posted to Facebook to see if anybody could tell me what they were… No luck. Figured if anybody could identify them it would be you or one of the faithful GMG followers.  I would love to get some closure to this mystery.





Here’s the classic interview which sums up The bean’s personality to a T. Age 4

My Baby is no longer a baby

Posted on February 15, 2008 by Joey C

My Baby is no longer a baby, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

OK I’m really really having a tough time with this.

Since the Bean was a couple months old she slept and put herself to sleep with her two binkies. One orange, and one pink.

The Mrs and I have been lamenting the day that we would have to take the binkies away because we figured that Ellie would never get to sleep without them, and the horror show it would be trying to get her to sleep.

Out of the blue last night she tells her mom that she wants to give her binkies to the fishies and lobsters down at daddy’s wharf.

So she came down and tossed them to the fishies without even batting an eyelash. What was supposed to be this trying time of transition into being a little girl from a baby happened in the blink of an eye.

And I’m pretty sad about it.

It’s the last thing of her being a baby, and there’s no turning back.


Community Stuff 7/9/13

Marine ROV Session at Maritime Gloucester

MONDAY, JULY 15, 2013, 9:30 AM



July 15th – July, 19th, 9:30-3:30

Build your own underwater robot!

Maritime Gloucester will offer Project Sea Perch, a course in ROV(Remote Operated Vehicle) design and construction for middle school students. During the program students will have the opportunity to construct their own underwater robots, test them, and use them in scientific explorations of Gloucester Harbor. Students will keep their ROV’s at the close of the course.

About Sea Perch

The SeaPerch ROV is a basic underwater robot constructed with aPVC frame and three 12 volt thrusters, which is operated by a control box with forward, reverse and toggle switches. The unit is tethered to the controller by a 50 foot cable. Through the building process students will receive a solid introduction to the concepts and skills used in the field of robotics as well the design and construction of electrical and propulsion systems.

Register online or call Maritime Gloucester at  978-281-0470