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Listen To Me Right Now. Drop What You’re Doing. Run (Don’t Walk) To Madfish. Belly Up To The Sushi Bar And Say This Word:

The greatest sushi chef in the history of sushi chefs will understand that you want him to create the most interesting, tasty, orgasmic presentation of sushi you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.

Listen to me.

I’m not joking.

This is not hyperbole.


I have no idea how Jordan ended up at Madfish but every time he absolutely decimates my already high expectations.


Do it. Don’t question it. DONT order the safe tuna roll or California roll.


You’re Welcome.




P1050804 This installment takes us from Kasane in northeast Botswana to Santawani Camp in the Okavango Delta near Botswana’s border with Namibia.

We flew in two light aircraft and, although I thought the planes were pretty close to each other, the flight was beautiful but uneventful until the pilot was forced to abort the landing attempt just as we touched down because of impalas on the runway.  The second attempt was successful.

The game drives were spectacular, including a leopard stalking some zebra. He finally gave up because an  injured paw slowed him down.

Representing at Khan Studio before Joey’s Giclees

ride on transportation

Sarah Rasmussen and Mark Miller of Ride on Transportation, a livery service on East Main Street, represent in front of Joey’s awesome giclees.  Sarah and Mark have been operating Ride on Transportation for three years.  They take people to the airport, medical appointments, shopping, etc.  If you have a livery need, call them at 978-879-9973.

E.J. Lefavour

Thanks So Much to Kate and Our Friends at Wolf Hill!!!

Black Swallowtail Butterfly Male ©Kim Smith 2013

Newly Emerged Male Black Swallowtail Butterfly

Thanks to Kate and the team at Wolf Hill for giving me a second Black Swallowtail caterpillar of the season. And, as I was getting ready to discard the parsley plant from the first caterpillar they had found at the garden center earlier in May, I discovered yet a third caterpillar.

Chrysalis #2 eclosed yesterday in the early morning hours. The butterfly in the photo above is newly emerged, so much so that you can see its abdomen is still swollen with fluids as it is expelling a drop. After first drying his wings on the zinnias, he flew off in search of nectar and a mate. I just can’t thank you enough Kate, and everyone at Wolf Hill who is taking an interest in the caterpillars!

Black Swallowtail Butterfly Zinnia Male ©Kim Smith 2013.Male Black Swallowtail Butterfly and Zinnia

Bradley Royds ♪♫♪ Solo Acoustic @ Giuseppe’s 7-10 ♪♫♪ 7.7.2013

br giuseppes sun


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Giuseppe’s Ristorante & Piano Bar

2 Main Street, Gloucester



Gallery Talk at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck

This Sunday, July 7, is the last day of the “Griffin Museum’s Photography Atelier 17” show at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck.   I twill close with a special event: form 5-6PM, the director of the Griffin Museum will give a free gallery talk! The photos are remarkable, so I am sure the gallery talk will be well worth attending.

Matthew Green

Much Progress on Adventure From Bruce Slifer

Dear Joey,

Spars and sails on deck, rigging in progress, engine room looking good, bulk heads completed except for finish work.


Bruce Slifer

Horribles Parade 1890

Submitted by Fred Bodin

Horribles Old

The Riverdale Horribles Parade originated in the agricultural Riverdale section of Gloucester in the late 1800’s. Riverdale farmers would bring their animals to march along with children dressed in strange costumes. The parade evolved over the past century to one of floats, fire engines, marching bands, and dignitaries waving from open convertibles. This photo was made from an 8×10 inch glass negative. It was probably taken about 1890, and the location is Washington Street and Cherry Reynard Street in Riverdale. The drum says “Riverdale” on top, and the second man from the left appears to be holding a horn instrument. The parade went from Riverdale Mills (Captain Hook’s and Richdale’s today) to the Fire Station on Stanwood Street. It now starts at Gloucester High School, loops thru Downtown, and ends back at the high school. It’s wildly popular, with scores of floats and thousands of cheering spectators along the route. I know, I marched the Horribles with the GMG crew last year. See for more information.

Community Stuff 7/6/13

Presentation for Photographers by the Griffin Museum of Photography in Rocky Neck, Sunday, July 7, 5-6pm

SUN July 7, 5-6pm : Gallery Talk by Paula Tognarelli,
Executive Director, Griffin Museum of Photography and
Meg Birnbaum, Photography Altelier Instructor

at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street, Rocky Neck, Gloucester

Paula Tognarelli, the Executive Director of the Griffin Museum of Photography and Meg Birnbaum, Photography Atlelier Instructor, will talk about how the Photography Altelier Program has helped launch the careers of dozens of photographers over the last 13 years.  Photography Atelier is a unique portfolio-building course for emerging to advanced photographers. In addition to guidance and support in the creation of a body of work, the class prepares artists to market, exhibit and present their work to professionals.

Paula and Meg will also answer questions from the audience about jurying, sequencing, group critiques and other photography-related issues.


n the Atelier, students may choose to photograph with digital media or film; use SLRs, plastic cameras, cell phones, and other methods for image capture and select from the range of options for image presentation. Instruction in the Atelier includes slide presentations and discussions which consider contemporary trends in photography as well as the history of photography. Assignments are designed to encourage experimentation in both subject matter and approach. Supportive group critiques help each participant create strong images as well as edit and sequence their work to produce cohesive portfolios. In addition, final formats such as photobooks, mixed and multi-media works and installations are encouraged.

Joe Ciolino writes-

Joe, just want to pass along to you The Weathervane’s featured clothing line for the July 4 week. 

As we all know the best live lobsters in town can be found at Captain Joe and Sons. The Weathervane is featuring a different type of lobsters for the July 4 week.  Shown in the photo is our line of lobster clothing for children, we have bibs, socks, tees, onesie, PJ sets, and of course lobsters plush, and for a sweet treat barley flavored lobster pops.

So start the day with a real lobster feast, and then bring some Weathervane Lobster Clothing home as a reminder of the week.  Remember “Butter Me Up!” Gloucester

Joseph A. Ciolino

The Weathervane

153 Main Street

Lobster Gear Children