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A handful of tickets left 2013 GMG / Ryan and Wood Distillery/ Cuban Cigar Rum Cruise Aboard The Thomas E Lannon July 11th

Tickets Won’t Last.

Two Killer Cigars From the Cuban Cigar Co., Rum From Ryan and Wood Distillery and a sail on the Thomas E Lannon.  If you add all those up at full price it’s Like $80 but since we’re all friends everybody took some off and made it a killer diller deal.  No better way to see Gloucester Harbor and Celebrate with friends.

Call Kay at the Lannon office 978-281-6634 to reserve your spot


Ladies- Don’t Buy into The High Rise Shorts Thing

They’re mom-jean cut offs.

Saw these at Nordstrom the other day.

What do they think you’re stupid or something?  They have huge cargo container after huge cargo container ships loaded with excess Mom-jeans that noone will buy because they’re just so unflattering so they figure they’ll just lop off the bottoms and call them high-rise shorts thinking that you’ll fall for that?  It’s felt out insulting.

Nordstrom- be better than this.

2013-06-29 14.50.30

North Coast Angler Fishing Report 7/5/13

Fishing Report: 7-5-2013

I only got out fishing just one morning this past week (at Plum Island) so I don’t have a whole lot of intel to pass along. This is what I do know;
The Cape Ann fishing is settling in to its usual summer pattern with the best bite happening in the mornings. Gloucester Harbor continues to fish fairly good along the various beaches and a few anglers are taking some big fish outside the harbor at the Woe and groaner. Best bait continues to be live mac’s. Some big blues are also in the mix here and there but not big numbers as yet. Steve P and Brianmoc reported spotty action around fishtown and at Rockport, however Brian and buds had a few good mornings at Crane with one big striper pushing the tape beyond 45 inches. So plan on shifting gears to full on summer pattern; mornings with live bait or tossing plugs at the beaches.

The Merrimack and Joppa are running really stained and foul as last week’s torrents are flowing brown on the flats and at the mouth. We did manage a few dinks on the flats Tuesday but had our best luck running and gunning the beachfront with topwaters. A few guys were taking some quality fish drifting live or dead mac’s on the dropping tide at the mouth. I have also heard that the night shift anglers are starting to get some action at the tide top drifting eels on Joppa. So indeed the summer pattern is taking shape there as well. That’s all I got!

Dave B with a quality striper taken using a topwater

Matching the hatch with the abundant sandeels

To book a fishing guide expedition with Captain Skip-

Capt. Skip Montello
(508)395-5871 Rockport

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No, you can’t see every live show on Cape Ann this weekend

We’re here to help you choose.  And we just added a couple more shows.  You can always get the latest live music listings here.

Aren’t you glad you live in such a culturally rich area that you have to make choices?

Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays

This week we visit Gloucester lobstermen (father and son) Jim and Scott Rowe. Jim is pictured first and Scott stands on his boat the Miss Kelly. After a test run, Scott deems his new Cummins engine in working order for Saturday. He’s been waiting a frustrating four weeks for parts.





Photos © Kathy Chapman 2013

Mug Up this Sunday at Aquatro Gallery

mug up sailboat

Gigi Mederos has again agreed to host Mug Up at her beautiful space, Aquatro Gallery at 77 Rocky Neck Ave., G4.  9:30 am Sunday, July 7.  Join us for a nice new tradition this year – moveable mug ups.  All are welcome.  Feel free to bring along something to share.  Can anyone guess what I’m bringing?  

E.J. Lefavour

Rubber Duck Says, “Happy Aphelion Day!”

At 11 AM this morning the earth moved the furthest away from the sun all year. Sure doesn’t feel like it. But 3 million miles further away than in the middle of winter is no big deal when the average is 93 million miles from the closet star we call the sun.

Aphelion: we are furthest from the sun.

Aphelion: we are furthest from the sun.

But we do get one good benny from aphelion being in the middle of the summer. The earth moves slower while it is swinging out there in the distance so our summer is longer than our winter. Australia gets screwed on that one.

And Rubber Duck needs those long days since there are so many seagulls to sell.

Selling seagulls down by the seashore.

Selling seagulls down by the seashore.

RD: “And don’t call me Sally!”

EJ and Karen Ristuben Get Their SUP On!

EJ and Karen swung by the dock on their SUP vehicles.  When I asked them if they had ever fallen they both replied only once or twice which amazes me and shows just how stable these things are.

To date I still haven’t tried it but I’m really looking forward to the back feeling like it’s not hanging on by a thread so I can get out there.

In the meantime check out the latest from Cape Ann SUP

2013-07-03 09.24.412013-07-03 09.36.29


Critics say Gloucester Stage’s “Spring Awakening” is Better than Broadway

Eric Engel photo: GDT

The thing about risk is that when it pays off, you end up with something far better than what you would have gotten had you gone the safe route and avoided the risk altogether.  But risk is scary and losing really sucks, so most people avoid it.

Last week, in this post, I congratulated Eric Engel and the Gloucester Stage Board for taking the risk to open their season with the controversial Broadway musical, Spring Awakening (the original play was banned), by saying that Eric had brought Broadway to Gloucester.

Well, as it turns out, Eric’s direction and the cast’s performances are so good that reviewers are proclaiming Gloucester Stage’s production BETTER THAN BROADWAY!  Check these out:

Now you can reap the reward of Eric’s risk without having to take any risk yourself!  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that you only have another week to see this groundbreaking show.  So don’t delay.  Get tickets NOW, before anybody else reads these reviews and the rest of the shows sell out out and all you can do is kick yourself.

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The Cripple Cove Quartet on the deck at Mile Marker One – Sunday, July 7th at 5pm

cripple cove mile marker goddessesSam and Tony Goddess

The Cripple Cove Quartet will be on the deck at Mile Marker One on Sunday, July 7th starting at 5pm for three acoustic sets. Come enjoy the breeze on the deck, some drinks, and some tunes. Squeeze our baby while we’re on stage and otherwise occupied.

75 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: 978-283-2122
CAM Front Desk: 978-283-2116

HOURS: Dining Room & River Deck: Mon-Sun 7am-10pm
Bridge Deck: Fri 4pm-12am Sat & Sun 12pm-12am

Video – 2013 Sunday Greasy Pole Walking for Loved Ones and Former Champs

Nicky Avelis Walking for Loved Ones

Nicky Avelis captures the flag for the third year in a row. Avelis dedicated his win to family friend and St. Peter’s Fiesta legend Sleepy Pallazolla.

Congratulations Nicky!

I love filming this event for several reasons; to capture the camaraderie and the hilarity, and mostly because of the the true grit and determined spirits of the Greasy Pole Walkers. It takes tremendous courage to walk and to keep trying. To all the Greasy Pole Walkers–may you all experience the glory of a win!

Rockport Legion Band this Sunday


The Rockport Legion Band opens its 80th season of free summer concerts at the Back Beach Bandstand on Sunday, July 7, at 7:00 PM.

Kids are welcome, bring chairs or sit on the grass,

and popcorn and cold drinks are available.

Concert July 7, 2013

Rockport, Back Beach Bandstand, 7:00 P.M.

Jason Howard conducts the opening concert of our eightieth consecutive summer concert series.

Duck Tour Question

Jonathan Olly asks-

Greetings Joey,

I have a minor photographic mystery for you.  I recently came across this postcard on eBay, showing a WWII DUKW emerging onto Pavilion Beach, with Ten Pound Island Light in the background.  Do you or any of your readers remember when these tours operated in Gloucester?  The caption on the back of the card reads "Amphibious duck ride from land to sea on a guided tour of Gloucester Harbor.  Leaving every half hour from Pavilion Beach, Gloucester, Massachusetts."
Best regards,


Gloucester duck harbor ride postcard