Snoop Maddie Mad Is 250th Percentile For Loving Soccer

Running joke in our house is that our kids are 250th percentile at this or that.  A joke making fun of obnoxious parents that claim their kids are this percentile or that percentile at some skill set.  You’re only supposed to be able to go up to 100% but I like to say back to those folks when they say their kid is 85th percentile at something that my kid is 250th percentile and stare back at the quizzical looks on their faces.

Snoop Mad is 250th percentile at loving soccer.  And that’s a higher percentile than your kid.  Deal with it.

The whole paying attention during practice part maybe negative 250th percentile.  Like when she was tending the net as the goalie and giving me the thumbs up on the sidelines when another six year old drilled a shot right past her for a goal.  Oopsies.

and would you look at those rags we’ve got her in?  She looks like a homeless soccer kid. Her parents get a negative 300th percentile for rolling their kid out in that get-up. Need to go to the sporting goods store stat and pick up some umbro soccer shorts.

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5 thoughts on “Snoop Maddie Mad Is 250th Percentile For Loving Soccer

  1. Dads’ words to us growing up…. especially after losing a tennis match or softball game…” more importantly then winning or losing is how you look while you are winning or losing”…he always wanted us to look our best and try our best … and was always equally interested in how we looked and how we played! Whether you lost, won or totally screwed up, knowing you looked good while doing it always made it seem so much better…and still does ❤


    1. Maybe that explains why we were both horrible athletes. and as for me looking good, that’s laughable as You know I was the most awkward,skrawny, braces wearing. glasses wearing adolescent ever.


  2. Love my rags for sports, my cleats from Jim Riley (he’s in the service now), my found batting gloves, my boys baseball pants, won’t have it any other way.


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