Cape Ann Cleanup in Dogtown: Roger Davis Reporting

As part of Earth Day Clean Up Cape Ann Trail Stewards organized a clean up along the trails around Goose Cove Resevoir. 

For Today and the upcoming week’s Earth day Schedule around Cape Ann Click Here-

Here Is Your Point Of Reference For All Things Gloucester Earth Day/Week 2013

Click map for interactive information and send in your Earth Day Clean Up Pictures And I’ll attach them to the map and the blog!


Roger Davis reports:

On Sunday, the Cape Ann Trails Stewards organized a cleanup along the trails around and above the Goose Cove Reservoir.  A number of people worked at cleaning up the service road around the reservoir (including at least a couple of dads with young sons).  Patti Amaral reported collecting several bags of trash around the parking area at the entrance to Dogtown.  These photos show the cleanup at an apparent party spot near the city’s compost area in Dogtown.  A group of  a dozen volunteers collected a dozen bags full of empty cans, bottles and litter.  This area borders a sensitive vernal wetland, so it was good to see it cleaned up.  It was good to see so many people stepping up to return our woodlands to its beautiful natural state.
Kudos to volunteers. Kudos for Cape Ann Trails Stewards.  Keep your eyes open for future activities of this newly organized volunteer group.

The scene upon arrival.
The fire ring was still smoldering.
Clean up begins.
Trash in the wetlands.IMG_2363
Cape Ann Trail Stewards and friends.  Count the bags and buckets!


The scene after clean up.

6 thoughts on “Cape Ann Cleanup in Dogtown: Roger Davis Reporting

  1. Of course, I was angry seeing the state of this area before the clean up, but so happy with the outcome! Thank you all for such a great job! It looks wonderful! This is a good reminder to all of us that we should leave an area cleaner than when we arrived. Thank you again!


  2. So So Sad that this area is abused like this, thanks to CATS for a great job I was so happy to see all the wonderful volunteers I was going to tackle this myself…..


  3. It was a good day, and a lot of fun. Ticked to see the place like it was when we first arrived. Great to meet all of you and hang with good friends in the woods. Looking forward to the next clean up.
    ~Nate G.


  4. Wow, what a mess. The other side over at Greenbelt Goose Cove was pristine in comparison. My haul there were a couple of beer cans, a few wrappers and a really cool skull of some kind of animal. I just walked the path to the cove swinging my battery operated shears knocking back the Cat Briar.


  5. Thanks to my former co-chair of the old CLEAN CITY COMMISSION Patty Amaral and all the volunteers for a wonderful job and more importantly the fact they see it, they took action, they did it! Wish more would see the lesson and follow.
    Best, Deej


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