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Show Prep Timelapse Video Created By Charlie Carroll Here and Live Streaming Video Below That.

They will be working through the night.

Hope to see y’all at Cape Ann Giclee Friday Night the 29th for some wine, beer, refreshments, laughs, camaraderie, and fun. Smile In the meantime you can watch us set up on the streaming webcam we set up and will be running through the show-


Click the start broadcast button above to watch live!

Joey C, Alice Gardner, Carol McKenna, Craig Kimberley, David Stozer. Eileen Oliver, Elizabeth Gauthier, Kathy Chapman, Len Burgess, Thom Falzarano, Brianmoc, Charlie Carroll, David Cox, Donna Ardizzoni, EJ LeFavour, Father Green, Kim Smith, Skip Montello and Trudy J Allen will be in attendance.

Sometime Last Month We Passed 30 Million Views. No Biggie…


We’ve been averaging between 55,000 and 68,000 a day now.

About six months ago I think we were averaging around 48,000 a day.  Now we are almost consistently doing double the number of Gloucester Residents according to the last Census (28,789)source wikipedia census data

 June 20, 2011 was the first day we ever surpassed the number of Gloucester residents.  Now we’re averaging double that on a consistent basis with some days bumping up against 80 and 90,000.

Yesterday’s Numbers and Top Twenty Posts-


Doodads and Gadgets

doodads and gadgets

There was a boat at the Railways yesterday sporting all these strange looking doodads and gadgets.  Does anyone have any idea what kind of boat it might be and what all those doodads and gadgets are for?  I assume they are navigational things, but I don’t recall seeing anything looking quite like this before.

E.J. Lefavour

Jimmy T on TV again starting tomorrow (FRIDAY)

Jimmy T. is this week’s guest on Cape Ann Profiles on Cape Ann TV.

Host Rich Sagall interviews Jimmy T. about his experience on “Survivor” in this clip from Cape Ann Profiles that airs this week and next week on Cape Ann TV Channel 12. Cape Ann Profiles airs on Fridays at 10:30am & 7pm and on Sundays at 2pm.

Get ready for Jimmy T’s TV reprise tomorrow by checking out all the excellent live music tonight starting at 7 with Giuseppe’s Singer Songwriter Shuffle.   See full live music lineup here.

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