Dinner Dealer The Interview

If you have some type of organization that does an annual fundraiser having your kids sell Dinner Dealer Decks is a total no-brainer.


Think about this-  Instead of your kid selling raffle tickets for $25 a pop and the person they sell them to begrudgingly holds it against you and hates you for putting you on the spot by sending their bratty kid to hit you up for $25 which they will probably never win anything from, the kid sells them a Dinner Dealer Deck.  The supporter pays $25 but after just a couple uses they guaranteed get their money back and then after that they continue to make money from the savings in the deck.   Out of the sale of the deck the organization keeps $10.  The restaurant that offers the great savings gets the business from you coming into their restaurant.

Wins all the way around and best of all your kid is selling something that is actually going to make the supporter money in savings!

Total, complete no-brainer!

Over $300 Savings In Each Deck

What’s more fun than shuffling through a deck of cards full of great discounts to local restaurants? Brand new to the North Shore, Dinner Dealer is dishing out deals to residents in and around the region. Not only will diners get great savings — over $300 — with these cards, they will enjoy dining at a great variety of local restaurants. Retailing for only $25, Dinner Dealer is designed to stimulate commerce within the community and inspire consumers to dine out, dine local, and dine often. It’s a win-win for both the diners and these delicious establishments. Additionally, $1 will be donated back to a local food pantry for each deck sold.

Decks can be purchased online at www.DinnerDealer.com. Don’t forget to get mom a deck for Mother’s Day! And, be sure to tell them Joey sent you.


Love the small discreet size of the decks, easy to slip in your pocket or keep in your glove box or for the ladies inside your purse.

DinnerDealer_Infographic (1)

7 thoughts on “Dinner Dealer The Interview

  1. We bought one of these decks several weeks ago and have really enjoyed trying new places as a family. Very fun, great value


  2. I got my deck as a gift just in time for Christmas. My wife and I have really enjoying using this deck. We have a fun time shuffling through trying to figure out where we’d like to go. We live in Hamilton, but this deck has encouraged us to explore our community here on the North Shore. We’ve been to Rolly’s Tavern in Lynn, Scratch Kitchen in Salem, Marino’s Café in Beverly, The Landing in Manchester, Cape Ann Brewing in Gloucester, American BBQ in Rowley, Brown Sugar by the Sea in Newburyport etc. the restaurants are all great places, with great food and well worth the trip. Great idea, great product and the perfect gift.


  3. Great interview and great info! Like Eric I have been using my cards from christmas time! we gathered around the table with family that is from all over the northshore and we fought over the discount cards! I got my way and got alllll my gloucester favs!


  4. Before I grab them on line, does anybody know of any retail shops in Gloucester selling the decks, or better yet, any Gloucester groups using them for fundraising?


    1. Hey J! You can grab a deck at Mamie’s Kitchen in Gloucester. The Rockport DECA students are doing a fundraiser too. Enjoy and tell your friends all about it. 🙂


  5. We received a deck for Christmas. Not only do we enjoy the savings, but we’ve also given a few of the cards away to friends so they, too, can enjoy a discounted dinner out. It’s nice seeing the interview with the actual designers of Dinner Dealer!


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