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Dinner Dealer The Interview

If you have some type of organization that does an annual fundraiser having your kids sell Dinner Dealer Decks is a total no-brainer.

Think about this-  Instead of your kid selling raffle tickets for $25 a pop and the person they sell them to begrudgingly holds it against you and hates you for putting you on the spot by sending their bratty kid to hit you up for $25 which they will probably never win anything from, the kid sells them a Dinner Dealer Deck.  The supporter pays $25 but after just a couple uses they guaranteed get their money back and then after that they continue to make money from the savings in the deck.   Out of the sale of the deck the organization keeps $10.  The restaurant that offers the great savings gets the business from you coming into their restaurant.

Wins all the way around and best of all your kid is selling something that is actually going to make the supporter money in savings!

Total, complete no-brainer!

Over $300 Savings In Each Deck

What’s more fun than shuffling through a deck of cards full of great discounts to local restaurants? Brand new to the North Shore, Dinner Dealer is dishing out deals to residents in and around the region. Not only will diners get great savings — over $300 — with these cards, they will enjoy dining at a great variety of local restaurants. Retailing for only $25, Dinner Dealer is designed to stimulate commerce within the community and inspire consumers to dine out, dine local, and dine often. It’s a win-win for both the diners and these delicious establishments. Additionally, $1 will be donated back to a local food pantry for each deck sold.

Decks can be purchased online at Don’t forget to get mom a deck for Mother’s Day! And, be sure to tell them Joey sent you.


Love the small discreet size of the decks, easy to slip in your pocket or keep in your glove box or for the ladies inside your purse.

DinnerDealer_Infographic (1)

Open Table Dinner With Beach Gourmet and Wine Tasting Machines At Savour Wine and Cheese

Check out for more information on the Open Table Concept

Welcome to the Beach Gourmet and Savour Wine and Cheese Chef’s Table

The Chef’s Table is a great way to extend our hospitality to clients for private tastings and classes. Our antique, hand-crafted table seats up to twelve people comfortably and is uniquely located inside Savour Wine and Cheese, adjacent to the Beach Gourmet exhibition kitchen. Guests at the table experience an exclusive private dining experience with a menu that is designed specifically to compliment the wine pairing.

These events are typically booked for private parties and are not open to the public; however we periodically open the table to reservation on a first-come, first-served basis. The Community Chef’s Table is a great way to meet new people who share a love of good food and wine or who simply want a change from the fast paced restaurant scene.

Your personal dining experience begins when you arrive at Savour Wine and Cheese for hors d’oeuvre and wine tasting using the Napa Technologies dispensing system. Dinner follows shortly afterward, when you join your dining companions at the table for a four-course meal, each course paired with complimentary tasting-portion of wines selected by our in-house expert, Kathleen Erickson.


Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.

Hors d’oeuvre

Cheddar and Gruyere Shortbread

Sausage Stuffed Mushroom Cap

Wine: Marc Hebrart Premier Cru

Blanc de Blanc Champagne

(Tasting at Wine Machines)


New England Crab Cake with Spring Greens Julienne Vegetables and House Dressing

Wine: Hirsch Heligenstein Gruner Veltliner

Kammern/ Kamptal


Grilled Lamb Chop with Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Pan-Fried Red Bliss Potato and Jus

Wine: Prado Enea Gran Reserva

2005 Muga Rioja


Grand Marnier Bavarian Cream Tart

Wine: Tre Monti Casa Lola

Albana di Romana Passito

Watch the website and Facebook for announcements of future Community Chef’s Table events. Or, sign up for our newsletter to be one of the first to know about these exciting evenings.

Do not delay in making your reservations. Community Chef’s Table events tend to sell-out very quickly.

The price range is typically $75 to $90 per guest (MA Meals Tax and gratuity not included). A credit card or check is needed to hold your place, but will not be processed until the day of the event. As this is such a small gathering, we must charge for no-shows or cancellations within the 24 hours prior to the event. Just call and let us know prior to the 24-hour deadline if your plans change.

We look forward to sharing a great evening with you!

Owner Kathleen Erickson Gives Us a Demonstration Of The Wine Tasting Machines-

While at The Beach Gourmet Open Table Dinner Sunday night Kathleen Erickson Paired Incredible wines with the equally delicious dinner served by Chef Matthew Beach.

When they hold their next Open Table Dinner do not hesitate to sign up.  It’s such a hit there’s no way these don’t sell out every time.

Don’t Be Shocked But That is a Wolf at Your Door.

Everyone knows that coyotes have moved onto Cape Ann and Cape Cod but did you know they are actually a new hybrid with the eastern wolf? The DNA typing of this new species is just in its infancy. Mostly using mitochondrial DNA to get a rough understanding but now that genomic sequencing is much cheaper a more detailed picture is forming. Some coyotes trapped have come up as 90% eastern wolf DNA! These hybrids, I’ll call them coywolf from now on, are bigger than coyotes. They are very sociable, live in family packs and can have a range of ten square miles. That is a decent chunk of Cape Ann. I would guess though if the food is plentiful they would hang in one region near their den.

Should you be fearful of these coywolves? You shouldn’t. In fact we should be happy they are here. They fill the niche that the wolf filled here for centuries and now she is back. They eat deer, mice, rabbits, all those small animals. The deer and mice are key. Lyme disease has a life cycle that explodes when deer and mice populations increase. Knocking down both of these populations will keep Lyme disease in check.

Yes, the coywolves will eat your cat but your cat should not be out there anyway. Feral and outdoor cats eat more than 3 billion birds in the US annually. You can’t blame them. They have been trained to do this since ancient egyptian times protecting granaries from vermin. They don’t even eat them just killing one bird after another. Keep your cat inside and let these coywolves keep the population of Lyme disease plagued vermin like deer and mice down to tolerable levels. They are a perfect fit for Cape Ann. They don’t like to eat birds. And if you find a dead coywolf I need just a very small blood sample to run a genetic haplotype test to see how much of a wolf she was. But please do not hunt them. They are doing us all a big favor. Imagine going for a hike in Dogtown and having no fear of being covered by disease ridden deer ticks. If you’ve had Lyme disease you should kiss a wolf on the lips for moving into your neighborhood. They might even take out a fishercat or two.

If the genetic testing of the coywolves on Cape Ann come up as over 80% wolf DNA we can drop the hybrid coywolf name. That is a wolf.

[3/26/13 edit] Lots of great comments on this article. For some local information on wolves go to Wolf Hollow in Ipswich:

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