Same Love Marriage

This week the Supreme Court begins reviewing laws that ban same-sex marriage. Beautiful video by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, inspired by Macklemore’s two uncles.

Music for Marriage

The Heist

18 thoughts on “Same Love Marriage

  1. About gay marriage, both David Letterman and Chris Rock said the same thing,
    “Let them be miserable like everyone else.”
    I think all the ‘commotion’ about gay marriage is to keep the people distracted from the REAL Problem which is the Economy.
    I don’t care if gay folks want to marry. Makes no difference to me.


  2. as a 55 year old gay man who lived thru the horrors of the first wave of the AIDS epidemic, I wish more of the well to do, overwhelmingly white, gay men and lesbians of my generation were even remotely as concerned about the resurgent, drug resistant, HIV epidemic that is occurring among young gay men under 30 and gay men of color, as they are “marriage equality”. I wholleheartedly support marriage equality, but it is not the only issue, by far, confronting the gay community, esepcially the gay men’s community, today – not by a long shot!


  3. Yesterday, I had an old friend come into the gallery, who I hadn’t seen in many years. She announced to me that she was getting divorced. Whether you are straight or gay, my thoughts are with you in any difficult time.


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