GMG FOB In Oahu Seeks Owner Od GLOSTA Plate In Oahu

Aloha Joey,

For the last couple of years I have been spending the spring/fall in Gloucester and the summer/winter on Oahu (though I always come back annually though the times are sporadic)where I have been hiding since I left Gloucester in ’75 J

I was going to a function @ a client’s office this past Friday when I pulled up to park and lo & behold in front of me is a vehicle with Hawaii plates that say “Glosta”….also had military stickers on there as well! I left my business card on the windshield wiper but have not got a call back! It was more out of curiousity but was hoping to hear from someone!!! If you post in the blog if anyone knows who it may belong to, I’d grateful though because I’ve been gone so long, I wouldn’t have a clue who it is! (I lived summers near Long Beach thru High School and then year round til I left in 11/75)…still have the house in Long Beach though my sis & hubby live there year round!

Your blog is the bomb and is a part of my daily routine!!!!


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8 thoughts on “GMG FOB In Oahu Seeks Owner Od GLOSTA Plate In Oahu

  1. It is only a wild guess but it could be Stan Worthley who I think retired from the Navy a few years ago and is living in Hawaii. He grew up in Gloucester, joined the Navy and still has ties to Cape Ann I am sure. Let us know if this is correct!


  2. I spend part of the year in San Diego and part in Gloucester. I saw a Glosta personalized California art plate, with the sunset and palm trees, on a recent drive to Los Angeles.


  3. I to am in Honolulu now for college at HPU and have noticed the car in question at the Ala Moana Center at some point maybe a month or so ago. I went to take a picture on my way back to the bus stop and it was gone! Cool to know so many Gloucester people are out here though!


  4. We have the Pennsylvania “GLOSTA” plate. Has anyone ever tried to compile a complete list of the “GLOSTA” plates around the country? We should have a meeting of all of us in Gloucester some summer.



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