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Niles Pond and Braces Cove From Larry Davis

Hi Joey,

You have had a number of posts about the strip of land separating Niles Pond and Braces Cove.  In the late 50s, we could (and did) drive cars over that strip of land from Braces to the road in back of Gonzaga (or Blighty’s Estate as it was known as then).  It was no problem.  There was a dirt road that was easily navigated as long as no one decided to come over from the other side at the same time.  You could also drive down to Braces Cove from the Back Shore where there is just a foot path now.

GMG is a nice connection to what will always be home for us that are lucky enough to spend our retirement winters in Florida.  Keep up the good work.

Larry Davis

Resilience of People Who Live Near the Sea

Lido Beach and Long Beach are communities on one of the barrier islands on Long Island’s south shore in Nassau County, NY.  They were devastated by super storm Sandy last October. Property damage was extensive, businesses were destroyed and disrupted and some island residents,more than four months after the storm, are still living in public shelters. Relief agencies such as  All Hands Volunteers are still hard at work helping to restore and rebuild the area.

Barbara and I spent the weekend visiting my sister whose home was substantially damaged by the storm. We were awed by the extent of the damage to the community, but more impressed by the resilience of the local residents. They, understanding the dangers, have chosen to live by the sea and have directed their energy to rebuilding and restoring what the have lost.



Much of the beach was lost to Sandy, but surfers and dreamers still visit on a  late Winter day.

DSCF1562The world famous Long Beach boardwalk was destroyed by Sandy. Here, the new boardwalk is under construction.


And, always, music.

P1030863 Al Hands volunteers, including Karen Sherman and Brian Luster (R), prepare to enter a mold filled home in Long Beach.

Comet Panstarrs this month

This week and until the end of March if you get an unobstructed view of sunset you may be able to pick out Comet Panstarrs. panstarrsAs comets go this one is not going to blow your socks off but don’t you want to be able to say you saw Panstarrs? It will not be back for 100 million years so this may be your only chance.

Panstarrs is just a warmup for Comet ISON which should be brightening Cape Ann skies in late October. ISON is a “sun grazer” which will do a sharp button hook around the sun. If her water laden self boils furiously the resulting tail may outshine the moon.

So get some comet viewing practice this month and click the link for Lanes Cove web cam. If the sky is cloudless right before sunset get on down there next to the fish shack and bring your binocs.  Rubber Duck might be there.

Rubber Duck in Lanes Cove

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