How many mangled lobster traps are in this photo?

Mangles Lobster Traps
Mangles Mess of Lobster Traps near Magnolia Beach

I figure this jumble looks like about 3 traps.  John thinks it’s 9.  So we settled on 6 and based on that we counted 36 mangled traps on a small stretch of rocky Magnolia coastline today (see map here).

Joey, maybe you and some of your suppliers can estimate the number of lobster traps in this mangled mess more accurately and we’ll adjust our count accordingly.

Anyone else wanna take a shot at guessing?

5 thoughts on “How many mangled lobster traps are in this photo?

  1. Who is responsible for cleaning that kind of thing up? The photo makes it look kind of beautiful but I’m sure most people would become less fascinated seeing it everyday.


    1. Mother nature already turned this into art. And yes, tremendous power. These traps are made of metal and were weighted down at the bottom of the ocean. If you’ve ever tried to pull one up, you’ll know what I mean.


  2. They are called ghost lobster traps, old and abandoned. Yet more pollution plaguing the sea. In US waters alone, millions of dollars of marketable seafood is lost per year in this mess. Crabs, fish, and lobsters get trapped inside and or starve and drown. They are not art, they are derelict fishing gear.


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