Blizzicane Nemo Porch Photos for Saint707

Aloha New Dawn ©KIm Smith 2011 copy

Hello Saint707–I don’t have the same view in all four seasons as the Blizzicane Nemo wintry porch view that was posted this morning, but found these from June 2011–same porch, same rose bushes.  As I am not planning to venture further than my porch this afternoon, I thought we may all benefit from a glimpse today of spring yet to come.

Gloucester©Kim Smith 2011

Rosa Aloha ©KIm Smith 2011 copy

Rosa ‘Aloha’

12 thoughts on “Blizzicane Nemo Porch Photos for Saint707

  1. Oh wow! It is even prettier than I anticipated! What great pics to post on a snowy day (especially for all of you in the northeast). It is a reminder of things to come. I can see a montage of snowy/summer pics juxtaposed in a frame. Thanks Kim for sharing. I am amazed by the Gloucester flowers.


  2. Thanks, Kim, for such a beautiful photo. I love all four seasons but in mid February those roses are a beautiful reminder of what’s ahead!


    1. Many thanks Kathy–the door i found at a selvage yard in Boston, but have since seen it on several homes that were built around 1920. The porch light is a vintage lucky find and is called a Moravian star–and it is identical to the one my grandparents had on their porch. There are reproductions available.


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