We Lose A Good Morning Gloucester Favorite To The Navy

Sean retires from lobstering to enlist in the Navy

A little bit of sunshine will be leaving along with Sean.  Always positive always funny. 

We will miss you buddy.

Remember-  The Backbone of this country is….. 

Long before there were run-ins with Buddhists there was jock strap diving.


Always willing to try new things, Sean takes on a new look.

What’s next on Sean’s hit parade?  Stay Tuned.

Here’s a video we took  a while back in which Sean wins a bet

clcik picture to play video
clcik picture to play video

Youth and Energy With A Dash Of Crazy.

Sean Is A Sick Monkey, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

9 thoughts on “We Lose A Good Morning Gloucester Favorite To The Navy

  1. Holy cow, the gay fan base is about 35% of the clicks here. GMG is going to take a hit with Sean gone. But this could be great. He can send in reports from the field as long as he is not saying where he is. And the flipside is there could be a greenhead series of who thinks they are going to replace Sean on the Degelyse. It’s a coin flip as to the funniest videos ever on GMG, Sean diving off the roof in his jockstrap or the greenhead trials and tribulations with Tuffy. “You going to eat that?”


  2. So much good wishes and very best of luck with your new career in the Navy. I know you’ll work hard and smart and be a great success. We’re all going to miss you and your great sense of humor. I hope to see you soon down at the dock in your Navy uniform. Very best wishes and take care Sean.


  3. Sean will certainly be missed on Degelyse and the Gloucester waterfront. I can’t imagine him in the Navy really, but wish him the best of luck. I can see him more as a diplomat, making people laugh and forgetting all about what they were fighting over.


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