Who Remembers This?

rocky neck

and have you been to Rocky Neck recently to see what has gone up in its place?

E.J. Lefavour

10 thoughts on “Who Remembers This?

  1. I do miss that old building. I remember when the spent all day shooting a scene for the tv show Route 66 there. George Maharishi and Marty Milner carrying suitcases up and down those stairs a zillion times only to have that scene cut from the final movie. The new house looks lovely and I’m sure it will be more comfortable.

    Pat Conant 207.239.4403


    1. They did do a nice job on the new place. It is larger, but not overwhelming, and it doesn’t look out of place or like it doesn’t belong there. Before long though, people will forget, or never have known, what stood there before it and the stories and history it held.


  2. I rented the upstairs apartment in the early 60’s- at that time there was an “English Tea Room” operated by Mr. Cross…on a weekly basis, “Tourists” would walk up the stairs and just walk right into the apartment….thinking it was also open to the public. Great memories that summer living on Rocky Neck…


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