Chickity Check It!- Extract(s) Daily dose of lit.


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Extract(s) features bite-sized literature in surprising forms. We don’t want to be your everything, but we do want to be one thing that makes your day more interesting. Drop by for a few minutes every day. We’ll give you something to think about.

Who We Are

Christopher J. Anderson, Founder & Executive Creative Director

Jenn Monroe, Founder & Executive Producer

Meg Cameron, Media & Communications Manager & Producer, “In Place”

Kyle Petty, Director, “In Place”

We fully support the right to free speech and artistic license. This does not mean we agree with all of the viewpoints expressed in the work we publish here. And, as a literary project, unless told otherwise by the contributor, we assume all characters depicted in these works are fictional (yes, even in the poetry), and any similarities between those mentioned and anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

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