Thursday Night Blues Party to host A Train Quartet ~ What a way to start out the New Year!

a trainDave says,

Let’s break in the new year with a bang. Please welcome the debut of the remnants of “A” Train, that Rockport powerhouse of swing and rhythm. Featuring the father/son pairing of Rik and Alec Razdan,both saxophone swamis and scientific ubermenches. They’ll be dragging along their longtime piano jackhammer, Mr. John Hyde and dedicated drumbler, Mr. David “Doc” Vincent kicking and screaming to the stage to regale you with rhythm and honk, honk, honk. It’ll be like 4000 geese flying thru your head. Be prepared to shake your tootsies as  we jump into the  cesspool of swing without holding our breath. EMTs will be standing by.
And, don’t forget, next  Thu. the10th, we’ll be cerebrating The  80th birthday of that magnificent maestro of surf mayhem: Mr. Johnny Carwash (aka Bob Davis). To beef up the festivities, we’ve added Mr. Dave Brown and Mr. David Mattacks to the fire. This is going to be a first. You might have to change your underwear, so, bring a spare.
But wait! There’s more! Following in the footsteps of aural gore, The17th sees the annual return  of Mr. Gordon “Sax” Beadle Like the winter solstice , we’ll be sacrificing on the altar of the great muddy boot, asking forgiveness and taking no prisoners. Stretchers will bring in First time guitarist, Mr. Matt Stubbs, wanted for murdering ear cells , and Mr. Chris Ravelli, drummer for Roomful of Blooze. This is the greatest night of the year. If  you’ve never seen Gordie, you should be ashamed of yourself. You won’t wanna eat after hearing this guy.
And, thanks to  all you groovy kate and kittens for supporting live music thru out the year. Not just at the Rhumb Line on Thursdays but all over town, every night, everywhere. We all thank you and wish you  all the very best for the coming year.

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