suitcase full of lobsters


Woman’s missing suitcase full of lobsters has been found

1 hr ago

What’s black, has wheels and is stuffed to the gills? Why, a suitcase filled with frozen lobsters, of course. Police in Halifax, Nova Scotia, put out a call for a “suitcase full of lobster and gifts,” which a bus driver found lying in the street. Krista Nash was alerted to the bulletin, and was overjoyed — it belonged to her sister-in-law, Stacey Nash, and had fallen from a pickup while taking Stacey to the airport on New Year’s Eve. But, ew, who wants to eat a bunch of spoiled lobsters? Fortunately, an alert cop had placed the suitcase in a freezer. “They’re going to be able to have lobster,” a police spokesman said. [Source]

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