Rockport’s Harbor of Refuge from Fred Bodin


Proposed “Submerged Enrockment” of the proposed breakwater, 1888. Enrockment is the granite rubble dumped into the ocean for breakwater’s foundation. It was conveniently supplied by nearby the Rockport Granite Company and Pigeon Hill Granite Company.


Great White Fleet, Sandy Bay, Rockport, circa 1900. The three coal powered battleships are the (L-R) USS Alabama, USS Indiana, and an unidentified battleship. Beginnings of the breakwater appear in the background. Photo by Charles H. Cleaves.

Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930
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E.J. Lefavour

6 thoughts on “Rockport’s Harbor of Refuge from Fred Bodin

    1. I’m sure the Great White Fleet went to all the foreign ports you mentioned, but this photo was taken in Rockport, and the map was also of Sandy Bay in Rockport.


  1. Teddy Roosevelt “Muscle Flexing” and displaying to the world our brand new deep water Navy. Do not mistake Cape Ann’s role in world politics by comparing to today. It is rumored the Treaty of Versailles was brokered on Misery Island. It is worth a “Google” Great White Fleet to look at the images tab. Also do not confuse this with the White Fleet from Portugal. A Brave group which often visited Gloucester even up til the 60’s. I would like to learn more of them myself.


    1. It was also touted as America’s new “Steel Navy.” The first of this new generation of steel ships was the USS Dolphin, which fought in the Spanish American War and World War I. She transported three US Presidents, cabinet members, and hosted the United States Congress on deck in 1909 during welcoming ceremonies for the homecoming of Theodore Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet. Incredibly, in 1888 Dolphin took an 18 month 58,000 mile cruise around the world, demonstrating our new steel ship technology to the world. During this entire voyage, the engine was shut down for less than two hours for maintenance. Can I get a car like that?


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