P&V’s LOL #7: You’re freezing when it’s colder than your age

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

Of course, this LOL is only true for those of us who use the temperature scale developed by the inventor of the mercury thermometer, Mr. Fahrenheit.

This Law of Life, was inspired by Kevin Ricci of The Village Restaurant in Essex, whose answer to my question about why he always vacations in warm climates was, “I just don’t like when it’s colder than my age.”

It didn’t take me long to realize that Kevin was on to something.  You can easily test this law by asking yourself at what temperature do you feel like you’re freezing.  As predicted, that temperature (for me) is right about my age, which is considerably warmer than either the air or water will be tomorrow, hence the reason I will NOT be taking the plunge.  (There’s part 1 of your answer to this post, Joey.)

Last year Vickie took the plunge, but she’s a year older now.  More importantly, she’s a lot wiser, so she will not be taking the plunge either (part 2 of the answer).  Now the Zip Line Kid, is certainly young enough not to feel freezing in 45 degree water, but his commentary in yesterday’s video was so good that he’ll be filming instead of plunging (part 3 of the answer).  So we’ll bring donations to the Open Door, a camera, a commentator and plenty of enthusiasm for those young enough and/or crazy enough to plunge tomorrow.

But before we even think about tomorrow, we just have to point out just how much music is available tonight MORE THAN 70 SHOWS TO CHOOSE FROM!   See the full NYE schedule here.

Here’s a wintry video from 25 years ago to get you into the NYE and plunge spirit:

These girls ROCK, but their version omits the 2nd half of the bridge from Simon & Garfunkel’s original.  Does anybody know what those lyrics are?  Here’s some help:


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