200 Days until the Blackburn Challenge

The timer is set. You’re sitting there on your butt thinking of a New Year’s Resolution today. How about joining the Cape Ann Rowing Club Blackburn Challenge in a paddle around the island on July 23rd? That butt a little too big for the kayak? Divide the lard you need to drop by the 29 weeks until the paddle. You can lose a half pound a week can’t you? You get a great sense of accomplishment and a wicked cool T-Shirt. The Essex River Race on May 11th is only 130 days away. Put down that Nacho. The Cape Ann Rowing Club puts on a great event. If Rubber Duck can do it the last three years, you can too.

Blackburn Challenge

Put down the Nacho, Beat the Duck; Paddle!

4 thoughts on “200 Days until the Blackburn Challenge

    1. Just save this post and links to the Blackburn Challenge registration. It says registration is closed but that is leftover from the 2012 paddle. Check it in March or so. Register early and you get a low number. Any questions about how to measure your boat for filling out the registration just ask Rubber Duck (or leave a question in the comments and she’ll get back to you.)


  1. Paul, you have done this 3 years! I understand this to be an elete world class challenge event. Rowing in Calm water, channel, Ocean chop, etc. Not for everyone. People do come from far & Wide to do this. Congratulations to you.


    1. Bob, you’re right in your description, there are elite rowers and paddlers who are 3% body fat all sinew who put up a bow wake you could surf on. But there are also the, well, Joey once described me in a kayak, “we’re not exactly talking about a specimen of an athlete here.” There are more than a few of us crossing under the greasy pole in the afternoon. It is a bit of a hike but what better day to try to go all the way around the island than the day that has 300 other boats doing the same thing? And it’s sort of like the Rocky Neck Polar dip. It sure feels great when it’s over.


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