Tonight~Dave Sag’s Blues Party~Cheryl Arena~The Rhumb Line~9:00 pm.

Dave SaginarioDave says,

Ah, the holidaze are here and So am I, and, being the musical Santa who’s ready to stuff your tympanic stocking with myriad treats and feats of joy. So, listen up: this Thursday at the Rummie let’s welcome back  the  honking harpist of Houston, Ms. Cheryl Arena. She ventures forth  to these parts bi-annually from a secret base under the Rio Grande to thrill you with her fab vocals and stinging harmonica sorties. It’s always a blast.
She’ll be backed up  by the one and only Billy “Blitzkrieg” Loosigian, one of my favorite  Glitarists, the man with the golden fingernails. This cat knows all the chords. Paying attention behind piles of sandbags and keyboard amps will be one of my oldest friends, Mr. Paul “Chopsaw” Foss, just down from Bangor, Me. to visit the DaveSag Museum of Psychic Shocks and hotdog stand. Systolic pressure will be applied by that Irish Ace of Pace: Mr. Benny Benson. Bring your codpiece!


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