Can this tiny thing of heavy cream really cost $3.69????

This isnt a quart or a gallon. This is like the really small size. $3.69 ????? If there’s anyone at Market Basket get me a price check STAT. This one was at Shaws

2012-12-14 19.13.54

11 thoughts on “Can this tiny thing of heavy cream really cost $3.69????

  1. Good for you, Joey, for pointing out these highway robbery places. And good for you for also reminding those nay-sayers that one must think of the greater good for our community before obstructing progress. I loved seeing those wind turbines as I rode up the 128 extension to Blackburn Circle. Thanks!


  2. I wonder how long the prices would stay that low at Market Basket if they had no more competition. I’d rather see lots of shipping options. Shaws has stuff Market Basket doesn’t and the staff is much friendlier. I shop at both depending on what’s on sale and if I don’t feel like dealing with the crush of people at Market Basket on any given Saturday morning. Just my opinion.


  3. I know I’m going on a tangent here, but if we’re talking about price gouging could we please seriously speak to the issue of gas prices on “The Island”. I find it criminal that we are paying over $3.55/gallon of gasoline at any given station, while in Ipwich, Beverly, Salem, all the prices are in the $3.35ish range. I should haven’t drive miles out of town to find more “affordable” gas. That is not being very green, but being on a stringent budget I have little option. Let’s blow the whistle and make some noise about this, c’mon you know this bugs all of you too!


  4. Shaws and Stop and Shop I believe are owned by the same company in England. I’ve noticed that just before a holiday repricing occurs. I watched a box of hot dogs go from $7.00 to $11.00 in a week around the fourth of July. Shopping for these holidays are like a bell curve in sales. I overheard them projecting their profits and when I saw the price increase, I left the store and went down the line and got my dogs for $7.00. That was a few years ago.


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