USS Lark (AM-21) operated out of Gloucester

Hi, Joey,
I discovered something recently while doing some geneology research on my Uncle, Navy Commander Wm. Winfield Dyer, late of Gloucester.  Bill dyer enlisted in the navy in 1916, fought in WW-I and WW-2.  He was a deepwater sailor serving in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans on vessels ranging from Navy Tugs to the Battleship Louisiana,
In 1930 he was a Lt.Cmdr. and was assigned to the 189′ Minesweeper "Lark" AM-21 and surprise of surprises, she was stationed in Gloucester until 1938 when she deployed to the Pacific.  While in Gloucester she conducted mapping and hydrographic studies.  During the cold NE winters, she was stationed in St.Thomas, Virgin Islands.  Following Bill Dyers’ 18 Mos. on the "Lark" the was given a dual assignement.  In 1930 he became assistant to the Captain of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine with specific duties to oversee the rebuilding of the Frigate USS Constitution.
On 12 Jul.1931 Greebe took Old Ironsides in tow and spent the next three years visiting every major port on the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Pacific coasts and back to her permanent station at the Boston Navy Yard.  Bill Dyer and the officers and crew of the Greebe were also officially listed as officers and crew of USS Constitution.  That was all just a part of an amazing navy career terminating with Bill’s retirement at the Boston Navy Yard in 1946 after reaching full Commanders’ rank.
USS Lark-AM21
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5 thoughts on “USS Lark (AM-21) operated out of Gloucester

  1. My grandfather Gerald Hipes was on the USS Lark during WWII. Not sure of the year right off hand but he was very proud of his service. He just passed away on 11/5/13 and recieved military honors at his service yesterday.


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