What’s missing from this video?

All you guitar players out there, answer me this: What’s missing from this video of Savoy Brown @ the Bull Run last Saturday night (12/1)?

Answer: Pedals.  Kim Simmonds and his excellent band rocked the place for over 2 hours and he never once stepped on a pedal.  In these days of more and more gadgets (all of which have to be carted around to each gig, unpacked, hooked up, tested … well you get the idea) I found it refreshing to hear a tremendous variety of sound coming from a virtuoso who lets himself go and just plays like he’s loving every single note.

BTW: His rhythm section, Pat DeSalvo on bass and Garnet Grimm on drums were every bit as good as he was, so perfectly musically tuned to each other you’d think it was a single guy playing both instruments at the same time.

Yes, folk.  Once in a while it’s worth crossing the bridge for excellent music — and it broadens your horizons too.  Plus, as soon as you return to Gloucester, you realize what an unusually rich music scene we’ve got, right here in our own back yard.

Do you really think there was anything else happening anywhere near Shirley MA last Saturday?  Nope.  Bull Run was it.

Want proof?  Google “Live music in Shirley MA” and see what you get.
Then google “Live music in Gloucester MA”.

As Joey would say, #Boom!

If you don’t feel like googling, just go here and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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