Community Photos 11/30/12

The Pioneer Club did a wonderful job creating wreaths for the church fair on Saturday Dec 1st at Trinity Congregational Church. 9-2 pm. Looking forward to seeing Santa too!


Ten Pound Island Light photo by Anthony Marks

Ten Pound Island Light

HMS Bounty In Gloucester Mist

C. Mac Images wants to share ~

In the very early light of September 3rd 2012, we piloted our dingy out into Gloucester’s inner harbor.   Our hope was to see the HMS Bounty before she left our waters.   We were in luck.  From a distance her outline was visible.  The Bounty was still tethered to the dock.  She cast a grand silhouette that rose out of safe harbor.   She was stunning with three masts, and her distinctive figurehead of a woman in riding habit.    As we drew near we viewed her crew making ready to leave port.   Crew danced upon the rigging unfurling her square sails one by one.   Her sails were of a warm hue with stains and patches that revealed the miles of wind she had traveled.

On that morning our harbor was serene and the atmosphere was thick with mist.   We were low in our dingy.   Shooting 8" above water line I wiped the soupy Gloucester mist off my lens. Armed with my trusty Nikon and zoom we floated ever closer.   A higher ISO was dialed in so I was able to shoot sharp and fast enough to "still" the waters. . . but long enough to expose the fog.   It was magical out there as ethereal clumps of mist rolled upon the waters surface and bounced along the Bounty’s hull.   She rested there in the pale morning light.   The sleepy sea mixed a ever moving reflective art exhibition ~ a impressionistic watercolor painting composed of her black yellow-stripped hull, her amber sails, and her three gold masts.   The entire ship was draped in Gloucester Harbor Mist.   Then a breath of wind parted the misty veil and the Bounty and the waters she commanded clearly emerged.  All her colors were saturated in dew.  We found ourselves at water line and side-by-side with this vessel. Looking up at her tall masts was dizzying. At a low vantage point one may appreciate the enormity of this 30′ beam and 180′ length square rigger.   I clapped her wooden hull with my hand and we received a friendly wave from the deck above.   On this day we were truly gifted to be drawn to the right place at the right time.   Who would know that this would be "The last farewell from the HMS Bounty to our Gloucester Harbor".

May this photographic study help heal hearts of all those affected, and it is especially dedicated to the family friends of Capt. Walbridge, and deckhand Claudene Christian.  On my SmugMug posting there resides a collection of fifty (50) "HMS Bounty In Gloucester Mist" photographs and may be viewed in the link below.  Captain Walbridge’s Sister Lucille comments: "A gorgeous series thank you."  That simple thanks means so very much.

The images also reside on the Bounty’s FB.

In Memoriam:HMS Bounty ~ For Lucille Walbridge Jansen. As promised, photographic study of

HMS Bounty leaving Gloucester Harbor Mist, September 3rd, 2012.!i=2192666510&k=s5JJtGb

HMS Bounty, Gloucester Schooner Regatta Races, dock, water, Sails, boats,HMS Bounty, Gloucester Schooner Regatta Races, dock, water, Sails, boats,

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