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More From Tugster (Gloucester From A New Yorkah’s Perspective)


Road Fotos 26

November 28, 2012 in arts, gallivant, Massachusetts, photos | Tags: Cape Ann, Fitz Henry Lane, Good Morning gloucester, Gordon W. Thomas, tugster

Three years ago when I visited Cape Ann, I returned obsessed with ideas about edifices and erections . . .  no no not what you think.  For a spell I toyed with efforts to grow ideas of erecting lights in the sixth boro like this . . . until I concluded–at the time–that our fair harbor already has its light. . . yet I’m ambivalent about the finality of that answer.

I like Gloucester’s unique reinvention of the tradition of a tree with lights, a genuine community effort, building the tree while building a community.

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The New Cell Phone- Samsung Galaxy S3

Just picked up the relatively new flagship Android phone The Samsung Galaxy S3.  Had the original HTC EVO 4G for 2.5 years and it was a little long in the tooth.


If anyone would have asked me before I had this phone what kind of cell phone one should buy I would have told you an iPhone for anyone that does what 95% of cell phone users will ask a cell phone to do and do well.

This was based on more than a few hiccups I had with the original EVO.  This Galaxy absolutely SCREAMS it is so fast, the screen is so beautiful.  There is zero lag.  It has a removable back for which you can buy a larger extended battery which will last you several days under constant heavy duty use as opposed to being stuck with a solid case which doesn’t allow you to snap on an extended battery.

The stock Samsung Galaxy s3 is so lightweight that I actually prefer a little extra size and heft with the extended battery.  It comes with 16gb of on board memory for your music and movies and to save podcasts with a slot for a micro SD card which can handle up to another 64 GB of on board storage space for photos. music, files.

So far I have no reservations about recommending this phone.  The top online tech sites routinely compare it to the iPhone and other top end phones.

It gets my highly recommended nod.

Ron Beckley of Gloucester, who specializes in disaster services technology, has been deployed to New Jersey To Aid In disaster relief after Hurricane Sandy

Red Cross volunteers deployed after Hurricane Sandy

Ron Beckley

From the American Red Cross-

American Red Cross volunteers from Eastern Massachusetts, after working in our communities during Hurricane Sandy, are accepting deployments to states devastated by the superstorm.
Ron Beckley of Gloucester, who specializes in disaster services technology, has been deployed to New Jersey.
Disaster Services Technology specialists are responsible for all the technology that is deployed on disaster relief operations. DST volunteers set up satellites where all phone and internet services have been disrupted, they set up computer services in remote locations for Red Cross caseworkers and often have to repair equipment in crisis situations.
The American Red Cross has mobilized more than 14,900 disaster workers from all over the country who have supported relief efforts. Volunteers have served more than 7.6 million meals and snacks so far, and have handed out more than 5.5 million relief items.
Ron Beckley, in accepting this deployment, is gaining more experience working with Red Cross experts throughout the U.S. When he returns to Massachusetts, his knowledge will help better inform our efforts, and help make our local region stronger.

Many in your community want to know how to help. They could train to become disaster volunteers, or fund this long-term relief effort by calling 1-800-REDCROSS or visiting RedCross.Org.

The Real Santa Claus by Lobster Boat this Saturday December 1 at 3:45PM in Rockport

As an annual tradition dating back centuries, Santa Claus rides into Rockport Harbor on a fishing boat, and then makes his way to Dock Square to light the tree. This is no mall Santa but the real thing!!

The day we have all been waiting for!

This Saturday, December 1st. Santa arrives at 3:45PM and the tree lighting is at 4PM in Dock Square.

The 2010 tree:

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