Red Sox Going to Trade Lester?

So I was listening to Toucher and Rich this morning on the Sports Hub 98.5 (because Dennis and Callahan on WEEI suck so bad), and they were talking about a possible Red Sox trade of John Lester.

What? Trade John Lester? So I went over to Fenway Park to find out if they really mean to do something as drastic as trading John Lester and found two feet of snow in the park.

I guess we are back to the good old Red Sox we grew up with. You know, the one where it would be a cold day in hell before they won the World Series? That one.

9 thoughts on “Red Sox Going to Trade Lester?

    1. Still trying to figure out who the hell is Stan Papi? (That was spray painted on the back of the green monster in 1978. I do not know who did it although I do know who repainted it each time after Fenway workers painted over it.)


  1. Stanley Gerard Papi (born February 4, 1951 in Fresno, California) was a major league baseball player perhaps most remembered for being traded by the Montreal Expos to the Boston Red Sox for Bill Lee during the 1978-79 off-season.

    Papi was drafted by the Houston Astros in the 2nd round of the 1969 amateur draft but was traded to St. Louis and then Montreal, where he played part of 1977 and 1978 with the Expos.

    The Red Sox had a Gold Glove-caliber shortstop in Rick Burleson, and the trade for a light-hitting utility shortstop (Papi) for a left-handed pitcher of some quality was denounced by fans and even questioned by Red Sox team captain Carl Yastrzemski, the future Hall of Famer.[citation needed] Shortly after the Bill Lee for Stan Papi trade was announced, “Who the hell is Stan Papi?” was painted on the exterior wall of the Green Monster at Fenway Park.[1] Although Fenway Park staff painted over the graffiti many times, the sentence continued to re-appear until Bill Lee retired in 1982.[2]

    In Montreal, Lee went on to win 16 games in 1979 while Papi proved a bust in Boston. Lee was instrumental to the Expos achieving their first winning record (95–65) under manager Dick Williams, Lee’s first manager. With a 16–10 won loss record, 3.04 earned run average and three shutouts, Lee proved very valuable to Montreal. Papi appeared in 50 games and hit .188 with one home run and six runs batted in 117 at bats. After appearing in one game in 1980, he was sent to the Philadelphia Phillies to complete an earlier trade for catcher Dave Rader. He was sent to the Phillies’ minor league affiliate in Oklahoma City, and never appeared with the major league club. Just over two weeks later, he was sold to the Detroit Tigers, where he ended his career in 1981.

    In his six major league seasons, Papi hit .218 with 7 home runs and 51 RBIs in 225 games


    1. As I am reading this I know it is Stan Papi’s wiki page but I forgot that I wrote the part about “Who the hell is Stan Papi” and a few other things on that page. Go to the “history” tab on top and look for “MBCF”. That is my wiki editor name. It took me several tries before I got that to stick. But I know it happened because I helped re-spray paint the sentence onto the green monster. Technically, it was not on the back of the green monster but over to the left but “onto the back of the centerfield bleacher” didn’t have the same ring.

      I was a left handed pitcher. I may have sprinkled pot on my cereal. I got cut from the high school team for conduct unbecoming. So Spaceman was my favorite Red Sock. Even when I played softball in college I took #37.


  2. AFTER GOING TO SOME 1000+ GAMES AT FENWAY GOOD! Its the most over priced ticket in baseball! I have left a link below for you Paul.its for a new 46″ sharp T.V? with tickets, food, parking and god forbid beer! ($8.25 EACH) for two games you can buy a new T.V… It WAS FUN WHY IT LASTED! be happy you got see the 1983-1986 sox’s the 1988-1991 sox’s and the 1999-2007 sox! Not a bad run? AVG PRICE OF TICKET CHEEP! Now who knows but its not worth it for any team. Plus in the past you where most likely setting next to a baseball fan now your sitting next to some one that just got a plane from K.C or worse! a smug, elitist with an attitude in a pink hat! I wounder if you call that number they give out i.e the security hotline and tell them your being robbed in your seats you will get your money back or they will arrest the owners?

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    1. Started work at Dana-Farber in 1980 and it seemed I gravitated to girlfriends who had to go to a game a week and it was a cheap date at 12 bucks for a bleacher seat. Sue and I went to plenty after walking out of the lab and seeing the lights.

      My lab is now 400 feet from home plate and the plus side of them sucking is that tickets are pretty easy to come by. But after Pedroia shot his mouth off April 18 I didn’t go to one game last year. They need to rot in purgatory for a few years. It will be a cold day in hell before I pay full ticket price.


  3. Debridement is the first step to healing. Let’s get rid of the rest of the dead flesh on this team (front office included) so we can start playing ball again.


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