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Check Out The @Joey_C Cape Ann Retailer List For Local Black Friday Deals

Check Out The @Joey_C Cape Ann Retailer List For Local Black Friday

@Joey_C Cape Ann Twitter List

There are some crazy good deals to be had without even having to go over the bridge.

Toodles toy store for example is having 30% off from 6AM-8AM

You don’t need to have a twitter account to benefit, anyone can view it.  Below is a snapshot of what the list looked like this morning at 4:30AM while I type this but it gets updated as the people that are on the list update their twitter feed.  So if you are a retailer, update your feed and be seen.  You can also check out my Gloucester and Cape Ann Restaurant twitter list here

Check the @Joey_C Cape Ann Retailer twitter list for more crazy local Black Friday Deals!


Please Welcome Brooke & Tristan Welty- New Gloucester Residents Long Time GMG FOB’s


Tristan and I finally made the move this month after much planning and apartment hunting. We absolutely love it here. We’ve only been in town less than a month, but already we feel at home. Everyone we’ve met has been nice. Literally, everyone. We haven’t met an a-hole yet (though I’m sure they’re around.) As Tristan says, living by the sea makes people saner and more reasonable. I think it’s true. There’s a bit of magic in hearing seagulls when you wake in the morning.

Since we’re still both looking for jobs, we’ve had plenty of time to explore the area. We had a pleasant surprise when we came across a smattering of Cornish road names (Penryn, Penzance, Camborne, Tregony) and stopped to explore Loblolly cove. It looks so much like the Cornish coastline where Tristan grew up that he felt even better about our new home.  We’re looking forward to settling in and getting to know the town and our new neighbors. We’re lucky to have found this place, with all it’s music, culture, history and oh yeah..the FOOD. I haven’t yet worked up the nerve to cook a whole lobster though. I feel bad about plopping the poor thing into boiling water.

And special thanks to Joey, number one because without GMG we probably would have passed Gloucester on by and number two being our unwitting tour guide!

Brooke & Tristan


You may want to read how it all began back in May here-

Brooke and Tristan Welty Enjoyed Their Stay In Gloucester

Posted on May 17, 2012 by Joey C

Joey, Just wanted to write a note to let you know how much Tristan and I enjoyed our trip. It was perfect! The people in Gloucester were warm and welcoming, the food was amazing and the town is beautiful. It’s … Continue reading →

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