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Shewsberry Has An Idea For The Next Version of The Sticka Color- Ask The Readers For Nominations And Put It To A Vote!

So we are now accepting nominations for colors for the next GMG Sticka!

Enter your idea below in the comments to this post and after tomorrow I will create a poll.

If you don’t see the word comment below this post click the title of this post and then all the sharing options including pinterest, print this, Facebook, twitter, ect should appear.

What color scheme would you like to see?

At Most It can Be Two Colors.  Yellows and the like don’t show up.



Special thanks to GMG logo designer Beth Swan, and our producers Frank Ciolino and Shewsberry

Stuff I Don’t Get- Why People Stay In Places

There are certain things that I just don’t get.

One of these things is why anyone stays in a horrible ghetto-like neighborhood where there is a ton of drugs and gangs and crime.

What is it that keeps people there?  Like after the first stabbing on my block I’d gather up the belongings and family and hit the road.  Hitchhike or work for food down to Florida and work doubles or triples washing dishes or whatever I had to do to keep food on the table for my family.

The same goes for these war torn countries in the middle east. 

Bomb goes off a block away- “Honey pack up the kids, we outtie!”  It would be that simple a decision for me.

What in the world keeps people hanging around waiting to get their ass blown up?

Not my idea of Home-


Uhmmmm, Yeah, No.


Fratelli Onofri

I think I love our new range. It is a little scary purchasing a new oven, especially a floor model, the week before Thanksgiving, but the heating element in our old range died; cost to repair, 800.00. A thirty-six inch range (the standard size seems to be thirty inches) is not easy to locate, but after finding several models to chose from I called a dozen or so local distributors to look at floor models. Frankly, most seemed completely disinterested in making a sale if it wasn’t something they had in stock and their choices seemed impossibly narrow–either entirely unsuitable crummy cheap ranges or deluxe models, beginning upwards of 4,000. I had set a budget and was determined to stay within.

Heading further afield and next on my list was Appliance Warehouse in Seabrook, New Hampshire. I was fortunate to get Angie on the phone and our conversation went something like–are you sure you want a Fisher Paykal? They are nearly impossible to repair. What is it you are looking for? I said no, that I was not glued to a Fisher Paykal and then described what I was looking for: a no bells and whistles clean-lined 36″ double oven, without computer, and with legs. And that the bigger of the two ovens had to be large enough to cook a turkey. She said, “Do you want to make a deal?” as they are in the midst of remodeling. Angie described her Fratelli and I thought it sounded interesting enough to go see. I googled the model number and felt the range was a little more classically styled than I had imagined, nonetheless worth going to see.

What I liked about Angie is she understood that I had set a budget, that she genuinely thought highly of the product she was offering, and that she was interested in imparting information and her personal opinion about the quality and ease in repair of various range manufacturers. And the fact that she had on hand a large rubber turkey to test the size of the oven!

I could not find much information online about our little oven and what I did read has proved to be inaccurate, such as the fan of the convection oven is extremely loud, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I adore the ease in which the shelves glide in and out, the different size burners for different heating needs, the cute legs for ease in cleaning, having both a large and small oven, and the overall very sturdy feel of the Fratelli.  My one complaint is that the oven temperature settings are difficult to read as the steel is so highly polished, although as you rotate the dial, it clicks into each increment so over time you would become familiar with the feel of each.  I practiced with lasagna last night and it came out perfectly–creamy, cheesy, tomatoey within, and golden crispy brown on top, just how my family likes it! I’ll let you know what I think about the Fratelli Onofri after all the pie- and turkey-making of this upcoming week

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