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Note To Sandwich Makers Everywhere (Rant)


If you go and pile all the meat in the middle of the sandwich so you can cut it in half and make it look like you use all that large amount of meat throughout the sandwich but leave the edges devoid of meat I’m gonna find out you freakin dumbass.

…and I’m gonna feel like you were trying to pull one over on me. 

…and is that really the message you want to send to your customers?

Yeah, you got me to buy your sandwich because it looked all loaded up with meat where you cut it down the center and displayed it wrapped in cellophane.  Once.

Who the hell wants to eat three quarters of a sandwich that’s all dry because it’s all bread and then get to the center where they cut it and not even be able to stuff it in your mouth?

It’s insulting.  Spread the goddamn meat out and make the best sandwich all the way through, first bite to last.

That’s just being honest. 

What, do we all look like that big of idiots that we’re not going to realize what you did there?

(don’t answer that question)

Rough Cut Rubber Duck Rocket Tour of Cape Ann

[Rubber Duck edit] We are inserting a more sedate video since the incidence of nausea and sea sickness is reaching epic proportions. Watch the second video at your own risk.

Rubber Duck’s sister came for a visit. So RD drank a quart of coffee then took her on a round trip tour of Cape Ann. From Andrews Point, Rockport Center, Motif #1, Bearskin Neck, back road to Rocky Neck, a dip in the water where we have to go swimming on January 1st, Eastern Point, stop inside Capt Joe and Sons dock, a visit with Homie having crab lunch on the state pier, Main Street Gloucester (did you see Fred Bodin do a double take?) Man at the wheel, Joanie on a pony, Annisquam Center, Lanesville, Save Our Shack, Folly Cove, Fire Trucks at Halibut Point (this is the only place where I got a “what the hell” chortle from a volunteer Rockport Fireman and back out to Andrews Point. All in barely three minutes.

Go wide screen, crank it up and finger on the spacebar to pause.

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